The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Sep 19 2017
Phoenix, AZ, US / Univ. of Phoenix Stadium
with Beck


When & Where
Tuesday, September 19th 2017, University of Phoenix Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona; the 39th show of the #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Set List
‘Is there a time to turn to Mecca, is there a time to be a beauty queen…’ The band’s return to Phoenix marked the penultimate show of the second North American leg of The Joshua Tree 2017 tour and saw the return of Omaima and ‘Miss Sarajevo’ (aka ‘Miss Syria’) to the Third Act - the first time the song has been performed on this leg. Filmmaker Bill Carter, director of the 1995 documentary Miss Sarajevo, was in the house Tuesday night. Carter, who teaches journalism and film at Northern Arizona University, became acquainted with Bono as a humanitarian aid worker in Bosnia during the Balkan conflict, and provided video segments beamed to concerts around the world from war-torn Bosnia during the Zoo TV tour. Carter was instrumental in bringing the band to Sarajevo for their historic performance on September 23, 1997 during the PopMart Tour. The band’s eponymous song ‘Miss Sarajevo’ was written for the soundtrack to Carter’s film. ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me,’ the first single off of the forthcoming album ‘Songs of Experience’, also joined the encore, making its fourth appearance of the tour.
Here's the complete set list from Phoenix

Social Posts
@HerzensSonne22: ‘I know we’re not a hopeless case. Beautiful day. Beautiful people. Beautiful hearts. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #U2 @U2’

@cvizzer99: ’30 years since U2 began The Joshua Tree tour in AZ. They’re still delivering the best. What a great show, #25. #U2TheJoshuaTree2017’

If You Had To Pick One Song
Vertigo. ‘It’s everything I wish I didn’t know/Except you give me something I can feel, feel…’ @myottername: ‘My fave part of #U2 concert in Phoenix tonight: Larry Mullin Jr turns around, looks at the camera and mouths the words, “I BELIEVE in YOU.”’

During ‘Vertigo’ Bono asked the packed arena to sing for one of Phoenix’s hometown heroes, Jerry Mele - U2’s former security chief who passed away in April 2016. Mele was the band’s security lead from 1989 to 1997.

What (else) did Bono Say?
During the introduction to ‘One’, Bono extolled the virtues of America, reminding the audience that it’s not just a country, but an idea: ‘It’s an idea that needs encouragement sometimes, that needs protection sometimes,’ he said. ‘Because a country built on hope cannot be driven by fear, am I right? And a country founded on equality cannot allow hate to pull it apart, are we right? We all have a stake in this beautiful idea of America. And we have a responsibility to work for that promise.’

Bono ended ‘One’, which closed the show, with a snippet from the band’s ‘Drowning Man,’ tweaking the lyrics a bit in tribute to Mexico City, which endured a 7.4 magnitude earthquake Tuesday afternoon. ‘Don’t let go, Mexico! Viva Mexico!’ he sang, and added, ‘Our prayers are with Mexico City tonight!’ The band are scheduled to play two shows in Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium on Oct. 3–4.

Also Noteworthy
Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords, the Congresswoman from Arizona who survived an assassination attempt six years ago in Tucson; and Reyna Montoya, the founder and executive director of Aliento, an Arizona organization that advocates on behalf of undocumented immigrants, both were included among the local SHE-roes of the HERSTORY installation that accompanied ‘Ultraviolet’ in Phoenix.

Shout Outs: To photographer Anton Corbijn (who was in the house Tuesday), as well as to Bill Carter, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, and Arizona’s own Senator John McCain and his wife, Cindy McCain.

Review on
From lipo65: 'Second time this tour. How do you not fall in love, every time, with this band, life, your friends and all that is good in the world? That's what this concert represents. My sister in law (who saw this show on this tour six times, including taking the pilgrimage to Dublin this summer) flew into Phoenix, from LA, to join me and several others to see this show. You can't not smile during this show. Thanks for all that you do and all that you give!'

Were you at the show in the University of Phoenix Stadium? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below.

    Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by
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    One year later........
    This concert was so special for me, a belgian fan. I still enjoy every day my memories of this night in Glendale and a few days later by the Joshua Tree near Death Valley. Last weeks I've been in Paris and Amsterdam for U2 concerts, but for me, the tour last year was much better.
    O Dia Do Sonho Realizado, Ver Nossa Best
    #ASagaDe33AnosDeUmSonho #U2 .#TheJoshuaTree2017 #TJT2017 #TheJoshuaTreeSãoPaulo. Primeiramente #ObrigadoSenhor; #ObrigadoAosMeusFilhos Que não entenderam antes mais agora sim. Sete Horas de Viagem, Transito em São Paulo ( pior que o do rio), chegamos as 14 hs e pouco ao #hosteldiamantina #bairrodaLiberdade no centro de #SP. Se arrumamos e 15 hs e pouco fizemos um pf numa quentinha e pegamos um uber comemos a comida no carro do mano (kkkk, ele falou que já viu coisa pior), chegamos na entrada com 20 minutos a abrir o portão acho que era o 16, e entramos No #Templo #Utwoniano. Ansiedade a Mil nota: desde o inicio da viagem até o fim do show Helton perguntou a mim se eu estava bem kkkkk(Pois acho que era latente o meu nervosismo).Umas 7 vezes acho, rs. #ObrigadoAmigo!! Entramos no Estadio e a cada minuto que passava a ansiedade ia aumentando. Quando Márcio e Eu descobrimos que os portões dos anéis da arquibancada estavam abertos; ai demos um role em todo o #Estádio Foi O #Remédio que prescisava, ai encontrei a #MinhaAmiga do meu primeiro #GpdeZapEFoiDoU2 Andreza, Lisbeth Thaíss estava no palco da Joshua e Junior Luiz no principal não consegui encontrar (todos do meu 1 gp), sem contar os Muitos Irmãos que não consegui encontrar neste Dia. Voltamos quase na hora do #NoelGalagher #Detonar num #SHow Pesado e com Uma Qualidade Musical e de Volume , nunca visto por mim em um show de Abertura. Ai, Ai Eles Chegaram Quase pontualmente as 21 e pouco. #SundayBloodySunday... Os olhos ah os #Olhos..., xinguei bem alto dois palavrões ( que coisa feia), e acho que Tinha Outro Ser gritando mais que Eu? Será Ketlin? A Bateria Do #Boss #LarryMullenJr. (que com um anúncio na Universidade , criou #ISSOTUDO), O Gênio o Sobrenatural #TheEdge descendo o palco da #JOSHUA junto com o Nosso #JazzMan #AdamClayton e O Nosso #PaulDavidHewson :e todos saindo do escuro Para A Claridade Que Era #Noixx Seu #Púlblico sedento e Eu só pensava aonde tinha uma pausa Para Aquela #Magia não acabar .... #Mais NãoAcabou #aumentou #FaloSério. Ai duas paradas de no máximo 5 minutos (como Pode Que Saúde destes meninos, AMÉM) . Quase 2 Horas e Vinte Minutos de #EXTASE #ALEGRIAs #OLHOSCHEIODELÁGRIMAS E #TAILZ... . #U2BYU2. Ficamos no Estadio até as vinte para 00:00 quando fomos expulsos, e em um trajeto de no máximo meia hora chegamos ao hostel as 02:10 (ahh trânsito de SP, o único ponto negativo da SAGA). #OBRIGADO. DIA MÁGICO COM PESSOAS MÁGICAS. OBS. Não vou fazer crítica e nem darei nota A Esse Espetáculo, pois As Mídias Musicais Do Gênero Já O fazem Da melhor forma possível.
    Even better than the Real Thing -1997
    Almost. The 1997 concert at Tampa Stadium was such a joyful event for me. Sleeping on the sidewalk in front of a RECORD store to get tickets...yes I'm that old. I think their casual walk onto the stage with the bright red background and Bono's distinctive cowboy hat is one of the coolest rock bad entrances ever! I will forever get a chill when I hear the symphonic opening to "Streets" and The Edge's dagger like guitar making my heart race. I've been to at least one concert of every tour since they played Compton Terrace in Phoenix in 1985. The music of U2 is the soundtrack of my life. And it's been a stupendous life at that. Thank you!!
    Second time this tour
    How do you not fall in love, every time, with this band, life, your friends and all that is good in the world? That's what this concert represents. My sister in law (who saw this show on this tour six times, including taking the pilgrimage to Dublin this summer) flew into Phoenix, from LA, to join me and several others to see this show. You can't not smile during this show. Thanks for all that you do and all that you give!
    Great gig
    Special gig for a fan from belgium. 2 days after we have visited the joshua tree near 190 death valley. My dad was playing anton corbijn by the tree and zabriskie point. We stood on the right spot for making the same pictures like the album cover. Special day and feelings
    It was amazing
    Great gig. 2 days after we have visited the joshua tree near 190 death valley. My dad was playing anton corbijn. He has made nice pictures by tree and zabriskie point. We stood there at the same place for shooting picture album cover. Special moments.
    Awesome Concert checked of my Bucket lis
    I live in Mexico and back in June I called my brother who lives in DC. He told me he was taking his family to see u2 at the FedEx areana. I mentioned that i wanted to go and see them in Mexico City, but couldn't because of expenses. A week later he called me and said, "Hey just want to tell you we aregoing to se U2 in Phoenix September 19" speechless over the phone i mumbled "you are? ". He Replied "we are you and I." He paided everything airfare, hotel everything. Awesome show, and chanted. "Viva Mexico Viva." Thanks for helping me check this off my Bucket List.
    Kisses to Bono
    Yeah Desert sky Dream beneath a desert sky The rivers run but soon run dry We need new dreams tonight Desert rose Dreamed I saw a desert rose Dress torn in ribbons and in bows Like a siren she calls to me Sleep comes like a drug In God's country Sad eyes, crooked crosses In God's country
    One Tree Hill Phx
    I'll see you again When the stars fall from the sky
    Great show!!!
    Took my 14yr old son to see the show in Phoenix for his first concert, and it was his birthday. Epic night of music and visuals on that crazy screen!!! Our only complaint is that the sound bounced around so much that it just blasted our ears out and we couldn't distinguish the words or music very well at times. Other than that, beautifully done and so glad they say what they want to say without making the whole experience about politics etc. Will never see Roger Waters again because of that. A night my son and I will never forget!
    Sisters from the east and west coast together for this Epic show
    Late Gift from U2's Last Concert in Phoe
    Thanks to your last concert in Phoenix (May 22, 2015), we have a beautiful 19 month old daughter!
    19th Wedding Anniversary!
    Happy anniversary to the Ferrufinos!
    Any Helpful Hints for University Phoenix
    Hey does anyone have any recommendations/advice on navigating University of Phoenix stadium? Specifically looking for advice on: - parking -restaurants nearby -what is the deal with GA wristbands --saw something on UofP website, but it was unclear - what is traffic like to stadium that time of night? Staying in Mesa. So looking forward to this!
    Any Helpful Hints for University Phoenix
    Not been to this stadium before, does anyone have any suggestions for parking, restaurants, what time to get there, and how to do the GA thing?
    1st and 1st
    Dec 19th 1987 was my first u2 concert I was 13 years old. This year my son is 13 and I will be taking him to his first concert ever, and it is U2 of course. FULL CIRCLE!!!!! Never disappoint.
    30 years ago in Tempe
    To see the last two shows of the Joshua tree tour 30 years ago was special and now to go back and see it all over again in the same city is going to bring back some special memories. I had some serious nosebleeders too (might have tried to sneak down a bit closer the second night). Could barely see the stage, but $5.00 seats and the best band on the planet it was worth it. I remember the massive cameras on tracks all over the place as they filmed for Rattle and Hum.
    30 years of Thank You's
    I first heard U2 play on KROQ in Los Angeles California in the late 70's. Electric Co...I Will Follow; those were my miracles which spoke to my soul after my parents just divorced at a preteen age. U2 was my favorite forever band thereafter, always earning a spot penciled on notebooks throughout school. My U2 cassette tapes, always the soundtrack for drives in my car. My first concert, I remember still as if it were yesterday. Bono, he had a cold that day in Los Angeles during the Unforgettable Fire tour and he asked forgiveness from the audience. The band and his voice cast their magic spell on the crowd that night though - we all held hands and all became one that night. Bad became my favorite song there and still gives me tingles to this day. My story turned darker after high school leading me to the streets... some thirty years ago. A turbulent and troubled time in Los Angeles too. Thankfully, so long ago another MIRACLE; The Joshua Tree was released. The shiny compact disc bought at the local Wherehouse spoke to my soul and literally saved my life. The power of One Tree Hill and the eternal love we all share made my heart feel hope again. I couldn't listen to just one song either, it always had to be the whole album. Life got better from there on and I welcomed life's challenges. Going back to school, raising my hand, becoming a veteran, to finally settling down with my wife and family. During this time, U2 has always been there, and seemingly served as a soundtrack to my life. U2 has also guided my moral compass along the way - no walls, supporting RED, standing for what is right. Considering my history and the fact I have not seen the band since that first concert so long ago, I very much look forward to the show. Traveling hundreds of miles to the middle of Joshua Tree country also makes it that much more meaningful. U2 is the family that always supported me from afar and I am certain this venue will become yet another concrete temple of love, miracles and magic! PEACE!
    Can't wait
    I will be there
    This will be the night before my son's t
    I'm so excited to share this with him. I became a U2 fan after The Unforgettable Fire, and my first show was in October, 1987, in Kansas City. I saw them twice more in '92 and '97. Every show was unforgettable. Now, the band and I get to create a lifelong memory for my young man, who has been a fan for several years. We are beside ourselves with anticipation, especially with Beck opening (what a bonus!). It's a fourteen hour roundtrip drive for us to Phoenix, but it will be worth it!
    You saved my life
    I lost my husband in a tragic accident in 2004, two weeks before Christmas. I would sit for hours contemplating the worth of my life without him. I would listen to your cd's for hours, and through the words of your songs and the feel of your music, I found reasons to go on living. Your music literally saved my life. Anytime I felt sad, lonely, despondent...I would throw in a U2 cd and remember the couple of your shows that we took in together before his death. They're wonderful memories and the heart and soul of your songs worked their magic in keeping me from going into that dark abyss. Thank you. I will always love you guys and will always take in one of your shows when your close by. My "bucket-list" dream would be to see you in Ireland. Until I can make that happen, I'll settle for Phoenix. I can't wait till Sept 19th to see you again and feel your wonderful energy fill my heart.
    RED ROCKS Amphitheater
    Would love to see U2 near my home state~Red Rocks amphitheater
    From Atlanta
    Bono, I miss you. See you in Phoenix. Take good care. Baby
    Concert with my love
    The U2 Joshua Tree 1987 concert was my high school sweetheart and my first concert together (which we went to 30 years ago in Tucson, AZ!) We then went and saw Rattle and Hum when U2 was filming in Phoenix. We are excited to be celebrating our 31 years together and our 22nd year Wedding Anniversary at the U2 concert in Phx! Cant wait! Excited beyond belief! Thank you for extending your tour!!!!
    Thank you for coming back to Arizona!!!!
    Long time fan of U2 - always wanted to see them and finally did in 2015: BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE. Now they are going to be a few miles from my house... I am thrilled beyond belief!
    So so SO happy!! All the way to Miami just to see you and now just a 2 drive away! What a sweet bonus! 2017 is the best so far! See you Sept 19th!!
    Was at Sun Devil 30yrs ago. Went to the LA last month on the floor it was great. If you are a U2 fan make an effort to see this show it will be worth it.
    I was so bummed that I missed them in LA. I now get to see them within a few miles from where I live!!
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