May 28 2018
Atlanta, GA, US / Infinite Energy Arena

'The house shakes…'


'Dinosaur, wonders why it still walks the earth, yeah 
A meteor, promises it's not gonna hurt, yeah
Earth quakes always happen when you're in bed Fred 
The house shakes maybe it was something I said Ned…'

When & Where
Monday May 28th 2018, Infinity Energy Arena, Atlanta, GA. Show 13, halfway point of leg 1 of U2eiTour.  Exhale… (a little)

Set List
'Mike Mills, right in front of You' shoutout in 'Beautiful Day' and an impassioned few lines from 'It's the End of the World As We Know It [And I Feel Fine]' at the end of 'Vertigo', paying dues to Athens, Georgia local legends, REM.

Here's the full set list from the show.

Social Posts
As fans noted, it was great to get real-time behind-the-scenes insights as @U2 Instagram stories highlighted the U2 crew at work as the show went along in Atlanta : 

@atu2 (via Twitter) 'U2's Instagram stories... good tonight with a lot of behind the scenes stuff of crew doin' their job'.

@ifilmbands (via Instagram) 'Ridiculous @U2 show last night! Insanely produced, more like a full on theatrical show-part magic, part mind blowing video, full on rock and roll, kudos to the riggers!'

Fans had plenty to say on the socials on the overall show experience, comparisons made to past U2 tours they have attended :

@bpierznik (via Twitter) : After reflecting for a day following ATL show, I can say that this #U2eiTour was the most authentic and meaningful U2 show in the past 15+ years. Only shows post 9/11 and their early shows (War, Joshua Tree) were as honest and relevant. If you can, go see it.

@CultureNthrills (via multiple Twitter posts) Last night was the 20th time I have seen @U2 in concert. I definitely had some trepidation going into this show… All of U2's tours are unique but this one really is about telling a story about their journey.  It was worth every penny to… finally after 27 years see "Acrobat" from Achtung Baby performed live. Such an awesome performance.  To sum it up. The #U2eiTour is a beautiful show unlike any other #U2 show I've seen. If you're willing to go on the journey of this show with them it is a pretty incredible one and one that I think will stick with me & make me think about it for a long time to come.

@jeffreyslatton (via Twitter) Great U2 show in Atlanta tonight. We saw an entirely different perspective from the seats and it did not disappoint. One of my favorites of the many I've seen. And added Gloria to my heard songs list.

@tomsmarch (via Twitter) That may be the greatest U2 show I have ever seen. Truly a spiritual experience! 

In The Press

Melissa Ruggieri / AJC Music Scene :

If you recall the last time U2 played Atlanta – Georgia Dome, 2009 – you remember the grandiosity of their "360" tour. The city has waited nearly a decade for the band to return, and the reward for this U2 deprivation was a two-hour-plus zinger of a concert at the most intimate venue that could also hold the quartet's eye-popping stage setup, the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth. The 100-foot-long catwalk shrouded by a "barricage" projecting high-resolution images connected the end stage – clean and open-backed – to the small, circular "E" stage at the opposite end of the arena. The Irish superstars – aka Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. – marched back and forth on the rising catwalk, performed "The Blackout" as shadows behind the screen and, a dozen songs into the set, unwrapped the most sweaty, fiery segment of the show while crammed together on that circle ("Elevation," "Vertigo" and "Desire").  The setup is an artistic marvel, and even though a version of the screen was used on 2015's "Innocence + Experience" tour (not to be confused with this one, "Experience + Innocence"), it's been enhanced for greater clarity. Few artists can get away with opening a concert with a trio of new songs ("Love is All We Have Left," "The Blackout," "Lights of Home"). But when you're a band with still so much to say, it's not only OK, but welcomed.  But, it was the Edge's opening chime of a guitar riff for "I Will Follow" that sent a surge through the packed, sold-out venue Monday night. Bono introduced the song as if they were a new band from Dublin and U2 somehow still played it with the same verve and punch as they did decades ago. Although the show was bookended with material from the current "Songs of Experience" album – U2's strongest since 2000's "All That You Can't Leave Behind" – the band adroitly seesawed with thematic pockets of old and new.  Bono shoehorned a shout-out to R.E.M.'s Mike Mills – who was spotted in the crowd – during the eternally inspirational "Beautiful Day" (later, during a face-melting "Vertigo," Bono tossed in a snippet of "It's the End of the World As We Know It [And I Feel Fine]," for an added dose of R.E.M. love) before shifting tone and paying tribute to his mother and his upbringing with "Iris (Hold Me Close") and "Cedarwood Road" as he walked the catwalk to an animated rush of images from his childhood home. 

Through it all,  Mullen's crisp workout on the high hat and snare drum, Edge's skyrocketing guitar riffs and Clayton's unwavering bass lines were steadfast accompaniments to Bono's robust voice, which still soars with passion and escalates to reach notes you know he'll hit (and he does…every time).  Much of U2's story has been shaped by politics, and the band concentrated on communicating messages of peace. A subdued version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," with Mullen holding the audience rapt by stoically smacking his marching band snare drum on the catwalk, was imbued with messages such as "End Internment" and "Remember the Victims" on the screen.  Bono's devilish "MacPhisto" also made a return – with red horns and jagged teeth superimposed on his pasty-white face – to sneer the lyrics of The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" before the band kicked into the "Achtung Baby" deep cut, "Acrobat."  "When you don't believe I exist, that's when I do my best work," 'MacPhisto" reminded. As Bono and the Edge stood alone on the back stage for a stirring acoustic version of "Staring at the Sun" – an appreciated reference to the unfairly maligned 1997 "Pop" album – footage of white supremacists in Charlottesville blanketed the screens. The video continued to roll as the Edge defiantly broke into the sunburst opening of "Pride (In the Name of Love"), which resonated even more deeply given the Atlanta roots of Martin Luther King Jr.  "I think of the Reverend, down the road, who 50 years ago gave his life up so we might (realize) his dream," Bono said as the Edge and Clayton stood on small platforms amid the crowd, locked into their respective grooves as the galvanizing anthem rang through the arena.  The foursome returned to the main stage for a closing, pre-encore pack of songs that included the rousing new "Get Out of Your Own Way" and fuzz-drenched, Kendrick Lamar-cameoing "American Soul."  "We thank you for letting us in… into your hearts, into your country," Bono said, with a giant American flag unfurled behind him.  And while "Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own" would have been a tender inclusion from 2004's "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb," the album's other gem (aside from "Vertigo"), the melodically lush "City of Blinding Lights," was more than a suitable consolation as the show headed into its final stretch. In Vertigo," Bono so powerfully cries, "You give me something I can feel." On this night, the audience could relate.

Experience Of The Day
Kristin - (self-styled 'frizz on the left" & @KOLU2lover on Twitter :  https://twitter.com/KOLU2lover/status/1001239664295071744) had a brief moment with the singer on the way into the venue… they connected.

Me: "Thank you for 13, that changed my life."

Bono: "That's a special song. Hold onto it so tightly."

What did Bono Say?
"Show us your lights, Atlanta. Show us your light." (before 'Lights Of Home').

"What's it like on a Saturday night? This is MONDAY night!.. Muchos Gracias!" (after a stonkingly well-received version of Vertigo).

"I'm in Atlanta, it's raining but its Summer rain… it's beautiful here.  I think its 32 years we been coming here… Its 50 years since the (Martin Luther) King Centre opened.. 50 years.. wow… did you see the thing on the news with the African guy saving that baby.. wow…" (during intro to You're The Best thing About me).

"This might be a moment to meditate on the American Dream… when we think of a Reverend from down the road… who 50 years ago gave up his life up that we might wake up in this dream… 50 years ago, April 4…"

Review On U2.com / Zootopia
danknapp / mich40 

Such an amazing show last night!  SMALL Arena + crowd that hasn't seen the band in almost a decade = LOUD! Hopefully that translates to Atlanta not getting skipped again anytime in the near future! (You wait 30 years for one live Gloria, and 2 come along in a row!).

If you were at the show, add your photos and reviews here.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    The best concert ever!
    It was my 5th U2 concert and for sure, the best of my life! They rocked Atlanta after 9 years of waiting! People were delighted and the band was absolutely amazing! Also, I got a chance to hold Bono’s hand and tell how much I love him and this band! I will never forget this moment! Thank you guys for being here and give us an unforgettable evening!
    Thank you for playing Gloria!
    I cannot thank you guys enough for playing Gloria in Atlanta. Finally hearing that song live and meeting Dallas was truly the highlight of my night. I am taking it easy by only going to one gig this tour and this was it. You made my night and year and probably my entire U2 concert experience! Thanks for always being there in the right time for me and many of your fans. You are truly my best therapy. Wishing you and your staff safe travels as you continue on this tour. Thank you again! Much Love! Iris S.
    Vegas 1 and Vegas 2
    Thank you for the 2 special nights that you shared your music with us in Vegas. The shows were amazing. It was great to see the U2 family again and I look forward to the next time we meet. #Dreamoutloud #Loveisallwehaveleft #Womenoftheworld #U2family
    Great Show in HOTlanta!
    Great show in hotlanta. They sounded great and gave a knockout performance. Bono was on his game and I loved the set list. I would have preferred more recent material such as Landlady, Red Flag Day and a Song for Someone rather than Pride and some of the other older material. Great show...always energizing. Looking forward to 2 more shows on this tour in DC!!!
    U2 ‘till the end of the world
    Great as ever! They have come a long way since “I will follow”
    THANK YOU U2 :)
    Amazing night with the boys!
    In the midst of so much...a light shines... ..."Ambassadors BOLDLY making known the mysteries"... Truth is love. Love is truth. When you believe in Love/ Truth, Truth/ Love does His best work. Love is all we have left... Thank you for doing the work to love each other and hold each other accountable through the years and for loving your families so loudly! My heart overflows with hope restored...a weakened faith renewed. Thank you so much for your testimony.
    Travel from Costa Rica to experience thi
    I have no words to explain this concert. It was awesome
    Bono signing Boy for my boy in ATL
    Back in June of 1986, I saw U2 in ATL for the first time on their War tour. I was lucky enough to meet Bono and Adam and get my Boy album signed. Then after many apartment moves and more parties, I somehow misplaced Boy. A regret I have been living with ever since. Then ATL Take 2. I brought Boy and my 7 and 8-year-old boys and Bono was once again there. He was kind enough to sign our record. Day made. We all loved the show. Saw Nashville and had to go to ATL cause it was so awesome. Thanks, Bono!
    A Wonderful 40th Birthday Celebration
    “I can’t believe the news today” as “LOVE IS ALL WE HAVE LEFT” with “LIGHTS OF HOME” as it felt like a “SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY.” So we came together as “ONE” to a “CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS” because we had a “DESIRE” for “AMERICAN SOUL.” We wanted to be a part of “THE BLACKOUT” and they knew, “I WILL FOLLOW” to meet “IRIS” at “CEDAR WOOD ROAD” “UNITL THE END OF THE WORLD” and along the way I felt “VERTIGO.” This was the best day ever! *All song titles are credit to @U2* I have to say, out of the last four tours that I’ve seen U2 in concert. This was by far the best EXPERIENCE ever, and an amazing journey channeling the INNOCENCE of our youth, to celebrate turning 40 and share the intimate stories of the music with the woman ‘I Love!’
    Stunning and Artistic
    U2 did what only U2 can do, turn a concert into Rock-n-Art! Words fail me in trying to describe how much fun I had at the show. Bono during Elevation, Vertigo and Desire was on fire, a fire within a fire, so passionate, electric and stellar and I wanted more and that's exactly what I got! Thank you, Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam, y'all outdid yourselves!!
    I have been flying this flag at U2 concerts since the Joshua Tree tour, hoping to one day get close enough to the stage that Bono would grab it and put it around his neck.... On May 28th I had a little help from my new friend Jack -- it was such a thrill to see Bono sing to the flag as Jack held it high. And it was the only flag in the arena -- could not have been more magical! Keep an eye out for Jack in the future Bono -- be sure to grab that flag next time you see him! Thank you Jack, thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry!!! It was your best show yet!
    Great Intimate Show
    The reality of this tour is they are going to play the majority of songs from their new album. If your a Joshua Tree fan only than your going to be disappointed because they just did that. So if your complaining about the new album than maybe your not really a true fan and this tour is not for you. They opened the concert in Atlanta with the slow “Love Is All We Have Left” proceeding into the bass driven heart pounding scorching song of “The Blackout”. My god U2 fans you have to hear this song live. It is now my new favorite U2 song. I’ve had not had goosebumps like that from their concert opening since 1987’s Joshua Tree concert with “The Streets Have No Name”. To hear and witness them perform “The Blackout” was worth the price of admission for me. Now if anyone has went to their previous tour Innocence + Experience Tour in 2015 it is basically the same set design. However I would say the current Experience + Innocence Tour is much lower key and a majority of the new album. So keep that in mind.
    No kidding ... the house really did shak
    There's just something about U2 in a 13,000 seat arena. Their stadium shows are awesome, but there was Infinite Energy like no other in Duluth on Sunday. My favorite one on this tour. Thanks Lads! No, nothing makes sense Nothing seems to fit I know you'd hit out If you only knew who to hit #U2 #U2eiTour #U2eiTourAtlanta
    Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horse
    i U2 I love you so much! I'm from Brazil and I'll be at all shows in New York. I would be very happy if they would play. I saw the video of the rehearsal and saw the video on Tusa. Wonderful. Every show I run on the set list, check it out. Do not disappoint me in NY. This song means a lot to me as well as a lot of fans. Please!
    Here for all generations - Atlanta Rocke
    We drove 5 hrs (+ 1 day) from Gainesville, FL to get banded early for GA (#139/140). I had taken my 16 yo son to Joshua Tree (his 1st U2 show) in Tampa where we were #431. One of his comments after the show: "Let's camp out next time so we can be like #7". Amazing is an understatement! Ready for the next time around! Also, Thanks to ? for post-show happiness pic. #RocknRollYear2018 #U2Experience
    Amazing Night Back in Atlanta!
    After two amazing tours in the previous three years, could the band POSSIBLY top themselves? Yep! To paraphrase the man - this was a "Different Kind of Rock n' Roll show," with a more cohesive story to tell from start to finish - and the amazing tech and staging from 2015 turned up another notch - or maybe another 15 notches! We got 8 song off of SoE - and they definitely held their own with the classic stuff! The Blackout and American Soul rock as hard as anything the band's ever done, and Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way and 13 make for a beautiful and emotional end to the show. Other notes 1) Acrobat IS is awesome live as everyone has been saying - believe the hype... (Believe The Hype!!!) 2) Adam and Edge play Pride from INSIDE the Red Zone! Adam was DIRECTLY behind us! This...was...unreal! 3) The band hadn't been to Atlanta in 9 years...many people here were waiting a LONG time to see U2 again...and it showed!!! This crowd was LOUD!!! The Infinite Energy Center is also one of the smaller arenas the band is playing this tour...made the energy in the crowd and the closeness to the band EVEN MORE palpable than normal. Photo Album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/IM9uSGj2SWVs4SYc2
    incredible show, very worthwhile after a 7 hour stand in line for the first 200 or so in the GA area. Center of the stage, hands on the security rail
    Taking the kids to church...
    What a show. What a spectacle... They Showmen gave us front row to their hearts... and the Atlanta crowd responded. Please don't stay away so long again... They just continue to out-do themselves...
    Surprise the fans. Change sometimes the
    It should be a big surprise if you start with Streets with a long intro as Edge did with Rattle and Hum. Fans will love this.
    I am going to to miss U2
    For the last 4 years off and on I have looked forward to seeing The Boys from Dublin. It’s been so awesome to know that they are coming to my city and cities where friends are. They bring us together. They bring us closer, there is a focus on love, on justice and on the unity only music can invoke. The music of U2 invokes this in me, every time, longlasting, unforgettable fire. Please don’t stay away too long!
    Atlanta Show
    “The Blackout” is the baddest song live on the planet right now....freaking amazing!!!!
    2 generations of u2 lovers
    Awesome night. Band sounded tight and Bono's voice sounded excellent. 40 years of absolutely loving this band.
    Excited in Atlanta, GA
    Saw my first U2 concert in Tampa 2018. Bucket list check this one off! I can say without a doubt, it was literally the best night of my life. OneRepublic opened for them and they were awesome! Bought tickets for Duluth, GA May 28, 2018 show.
    Next stop Atlamta
    Dear Lord this is going to be fun . So far I'm making close to the whole tour . I can sleep when it's over !
    Denver please!
    HEY!! This will be two tours in a row without a Denver stop! Please honor Barry Fey, Red Rocks and your 80's roots at the Rainbow Music Hall :)
    Can't wait
    No better way to celebrate Memorial Day than seeing the best band in the world. My only hope is that the focus stays on the music with minimal political ranting which was the only downside of the Joshua Tree tour (in my opinion).
    50th Show
    This will be my 50th show going back quite a few years. Will also catch both shows in DC. New material and a small venue will make for a great show!!!!
    Gonna be an intimate show
    This arena holds 13k with no obstructions. Judging from the layout, we'll be seeing this with maybe 11k other people. Very close.
    onto the show
    All over the country....Josuha Tree in Miami was amazing...just as good as the first time at orange bowl 1987. Looking forward to seeing them again. Want to see them in Ireland then i am done.
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