Jun 22 2018
Boston, MA, US / TD Garden

'Love Is All We Have Left'

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'Nothing to stop this being the best day ever 
Nothing to keep us from where we should be 
I wanted the world but you knew better 
And that all we have is immortality ...'

When & Where
Friday June 22nd 2018, TD Garden, Boston, MA. Second and final night in this city on a hill, show 23 of #U2eiTour.

Set List
All Because Of You returns to 5th spot, back after missing one show. Here's the full set list

U2.com / Zootopia Reviews
Andrew William Smith was at both nights in Boston and he sent us his take of the U2eiTour experience x 2 :
'U2's two-night stand at the TD Garden brought two beautiful days of intense love and liberty, adding a rock and roll revival to the already beautiful beginning of summer in the American northeast.The band more than surpasses any lack of surprise (in the setlist) with reliable surges of polish and passion. The opening and closing tracks of the 2017 album Songs of Experience provide the brackets and bookends of the night, from the prayerful lure of "Love Is All We Have Left" to the powerful lullaby of "13," the concert is a complete concept, rooted in the new record, with highlights across the catalogue, minus The Joshua Tree, which gets a rest after last year's victory lap.  After rocking hard from inside the screen on Blackout and making Boston home with "Lights Of Home," after blistering and blazing through "I Will Follow," "All Because Of You," and "Beautiful Day," the "innocence" portion of the journey took us back to Dublin in the 1970s with "Iris" and "Cedarwood Road."  
Because Boston got two shows, it got two sizzling shots of "Elevation" and "Vertigo," it got two days in the circus tent with a disco ball, that strange place of the small stage as clown car, that place with "experience" gone wrong. Boston also got assaulted by two different MacPhisto speeches and two different attacks of the "Acrobat," a kind of holy grail for hardcore fans that does not get close to old after multiple listenings live. With the Jagger references at Boston 1, we are tempted to rename this character Mick Phisto. The devil disguise continues to warn us about a world that cages children and spies on itself. Living in this world is like putting the cold war in a microwave, we were warned. As playful banter between Bono and Edge blurs into the psychedelic folk of "Staring At The Sun," this still cannot prepare the crowd for the shocking images of angry racists from Charlottesville. Three decades ago in a conversation with Rolling Stone, Bono warned Americans that their beautiful vulnerability had a potential problem, making us "vulnerable to manipulation, vulnerable to what I call the new fascism," before concluding "this is not just a sign of our times but a warning for times to come." As we in the USA are on the cusp of that nightmare prophecy coming true, U2 continues to turn up the volume on "Pride," saying this vision of America must overcome. Always the lyrical master, Bono slips in slight word changes to "Pride" to fit the times. The speech in the middle of the song has become one of the best parts of the entire show. Bono reminding the crowd of the Georgia preacher's doctoral studies at Boston University. The American dream is for people who dream awake, with eyes open, he said on night two. But on night one, he pleaded with dreams, "Let's just get something right. Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me, not make the little children suffer. Okay!" By the time the set returned to the newer songs like "Get Out of Your Own Way" and "American Soul," we were an arena-sized choir ready for the actions of inclusion that this diverse church of American U2 fandom implies. "City of Blinding Lights" has people singing along, because by this point, we all look beautiful. Some people even sing during an emergency bathroom break, not losing a beat from the show as it winds down. "One" remains a unifying encore, as Bono resists being on either side of the current debates, begging us to find one thing on one side of love and unity. "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" gets bigger and stronger as the tour continues, one of the many hopeful gems from the new album that translates incredibly live. And then another show comes full circle, as the first leg of this tour closes in on its conclusion. Fans sing into the streets outside the TD Garden as a cooler air has settled over beautiful Boston after a beautiful day. 

On The Socials 
@k_now_waite. 'My 11 yr old thinks YTBTAM is about a son and his mom. I kinda agree. My kids are the best thing about me and the kind of trouble I enjoy.'

@sloves90_615. 'First ever @U2 concert for me last night. Great story tellers. Every aspect of the show was incredible. An unbelievable amount of passion was put into their show. Ears are still ringing, that means it was a good show.' 

@BosFriend_4u. 'Tonight's @U2 concert in Boston was a tour de force of dramatic visual art, music and uplifting politics. Go see this show!'

@BackoftheHead. 'Thank you @U2 for #U2eiTour #Boston. It was deeply joyful and meaningful to hear your music, especially Pride, Elevation, Sunday Bloody Sunday, City of Blinding Lights, and One again. Soundtrack of my life, as they say.'

Experience(s) Of The Day
saraspillane (via Instagram). 'Thank you, @U2 for an unforgettable night! "I have been affected directly by something #Bono did!" @meeshy_82 said proudly, after he took a sip from his water bottle and spit it all over us. We squealed, hugged, cried... there is nothing like GA at a U2 concert.'

What did Bono Say?
For anyone here from across the border 'Vamos a la fiesta' (intro to Vertigo)

(as Macphisto) '...lunatics on the left and the right have and lunatics from a whole other category .. warehousing children… putting children in cages...very Hansel and Gretal, huh?'

'God Bless America. The country that brought us both Donna Summer and the Pixies.' 

And if you were at the show, your own photos and reviews below. 

And don’t forget -  #WomenoftheWorldTakeOver.
Ahead of the show, why not... SING IT. RECORD IT. POST IT.
Sing the song, share it online. Join the movement. 

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Bono was at his best..boys from Dublin r
    This is my 4th concert in Boston. This surpassed my wildest expectations. The energy was unbelievable.!!!! Can't believe they played so long and were so awesome, loved the song mix. I know why I have been. a fan since the 70's. This band takes me to a place where I have never been and enters the depth of my soul. The music just keeps getting better and the Bono inspires me to look at the world and see that so much needs to change but there is hope..reaffirmation of the human spirit. I listen U2 almost every day...love songs of experience, especially Song for Some (go glad this was part of show), Landlady, Love is Bigger.... Just can't wait for next year.
    U2 rock the night in Boston
    Flew 3,349 Km just to see you guys, so proud to be a U2 FAN.
    Boston Friday night on the floor
    Had a great time, brought a friend that wasn't the biggest U2 fan (not hating, just not as familiar) He was very impressed. Here are some pics I took from the show. Highlight for me was "Until the End of the World" I can't get enough of the Edge on that song. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dude80cool/albums/72157696670134901
    U2 Boston Friday Night!!!`
    I had my daughter in tow with me for her first U2 Show! We had just arrived from the Bruins Draft Party and got your tickets last minute and they were great seats! We sat next to a first timer as well. She loved the show! The playlist was what the show was, start off new and then go retro and then go on an adventure.! The sound was great and the band was in great form. I just got glasses myself to match Larry Mullen Jr!
    Thursday was great, Friday even better!
    U2 was fabulous as always...I was disappointed, but only with the crowd, esp Thursday...a bit low energy...and seriously...some of the comments... "why do they have to be so political?". Conscience of a generation that is inspiring generations to come. See you in Dublin!
    Loved the show & music - disappointed in
    The setlist and show were, as always, great. Getting to hear Acrobat? Damn! Played for almost 2.5 hours - and put on a great show. However, the Red Zone situation really took away from the enjoyment of the total experience. Simply put - there were way too many people confined to such a small space. What made it worse - there was a green tape line the length of the Red Zone the made everyone move inside of when the show started - probably took up 20-30% of the available space. All of this was so that Adam could walk down to a temporary platform and play one song "amongst" the crowd. Cool - yes. Worth being jammed in like sardines and unable to really move for 2+ hours - nope. For the premium price - it really wasn't worth it on this tour. Cramped. Couldn't see the band when they went out to the "E" stage at all - due to all the photographers getting to stand on the platform mid stage in the line of sight. Actually looked like the folks in GA had more room. Just some honest and candid feedback from a long time fan and concert goer who next time will choose other less expensive seats that offer a better view of the show. Really wasn't any benefit to going RED this time other than the cool lanyard ticket and knowing some of the near $400 for the ticket goest to help people.
    The world needs U2.
    There are not enough words to express what it meant to finally hear Acrobat live .. I was shedding joyful tears throughout the entire song!! I truly believe that music feeds the soul and all night long my soul feasted on the songs!! It was my first GA experience and WOW - how easy it was to arrive the afternoon of the show, get my number, and then arrive back for the line up and stroll in and find myself, with my daughter, just feet away from the E stage in the exact spot I was hoping to get. On the last I and E tour, I has in seats just off from the E stage and seeing the amount interaction from the band those folks had, I knew I had to go for it during this tour. With the massive catalog of songs you could have played, I'm thrilled with the set list you put together for night 1 in Boston!! Really, just so thrilled to be there and FEEL the music at every level!! u2, you continue to amaze, inspire, bring me hope, expand my thinking, and experience pure joy -- thank you - thank you - thank you!!
    Boston night 2
    The Edge
    This tour is solid and very well executed.Brillant .Each city U2 played brought an amazing journey performed in a way we have never seen before.A personal storey stripped down for everyone to experience No holding back exposing ones most sensitivity and vulnerabilty. The new album songs live are alive touching our souls unexpectedly within each of us Magnificent .Thank you U2 for giving us a great life.
    One Life, you got to do what you should
    One life, you got to do what you should Sadly after 30 years of being a fan and 15 plus shows I can’t in good conscience show up tonight and sing with the boys about love. Reality check : abortion is not love. Instead I’ll offer up what could have been another magical night seeing my lifelong favorite band and my untransferable tickets for the untold number of innocent souls from Ireland who will never get to listen to your music or know love in this life. And I’ll pray for you.
    All the way from Denmark
    Finally got tickets, last show I saw was in Copenhagen 4th of august 1997. If going to Boston is what it takes, then I go and here I come.... Any chance that "Where the streets have no name" could be on the setlist? Would love that. Looking foreward :-).
    Dream come true (AGAIN)
    I'm Flying with my wife all the way from HONDURAS just to see the greatest band in the history. I saw you in MIAMI in 2011 and it was dream come true. Can't wait to see you LIVE again and if it's possible MEET YOU IN PERSON.......................U2 RULES!!!!
    Opening band?
    Hope it is Mumford & Sons...
    You don't even know how special this is!
    after not being able to do this when we lived in Boston in 1992 ( we were young and too poor) and ended up going to the littlest bar instead , listening to Van Morrison , we are meeting in Boston for both shows . GA the first night and what look like great seats the second night ! See you soon ! Lisa P. Kevin O'
    4 Irish Lads in Boston
    I'll be there with my twin boys (their first concert!!) It should be a memorable experience! Friday night party in Boston!!
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