Jun 14 2018
Philadelphia, PA, US / Wells Fargo Center

'It's a sound, look around…'

American Soul on second night in Philly.

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'It's not a place 
This country is to me a sound 
Of drum and bass 
You close your eyes to look around 
Look around, around, look around,
It's a sound, look around, look around, it's a sound…'

American Soul on the second night in Philadelphia. 

When & Where
Thursday June 14th 2018, Wells Fargo Centre, Second and final night for U2eiTour in Philadelphia, PA.

Set List
A few tour-first snippets showed up in tonight's set - including riffs from The Killers 'I got soul, but I'm not a soldier' at the end of Elevation and a rare few lines from 'Drowning Man' echoed in 'Beautiful Day' (only the 39th time ever as a snippet according to @U2 stats fan @rossgperry on twitter!)

On The Socials 
stephbondhus (via Instagram): 'Are you tough enough to be kind? Do you know your heart has its own mind? Darkness gathers around the light, so hold, hold on" U2 night Philly night 2, what a day for a daydream. What a personal story to tell tonight, bringing it back home to the beginning, to the heart. Tonight for our 5th GA front row experience, we felt most connected to the band, with Traci being personally serenaded by Bono during Until the End of the World...'

U2start.com 'We'd love if after this tour we can have a graphic novel based on the visuals of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me…'

arihalbkram (via Instagram) 'At a time in our history when everything is outrage, anger, division, and it's often easiest to see our worst traits in the news dumps and social media feeds of our families, friends and neighbors, we need every reminder that the world still has a great abundance of intelligence, light, music and love. Receiving that message from a band that has spent 40 years repeating it should feel like an exercise in futility, but these men have seen this story before. They've lived it at home, and their music has taken them around the world to see it first hand at all extremes. They should be cynical, and lord knows so many of the folks out there are, but instead, they have assembled a production that has quite a lot to say: screens can unite us as much as they divide us, love is all we have left, we can get out of our own way, there's immense strength to be found in mindfully walking back and forth across the thin line of innocence and experience, and the American Dream - the only dream we can have while awake - is owned by the whole world. So many people in my life have told me they could do what this band does, but it's a facile argument. No one else can do what this band does. Rock shows around the world are full of audiences facing the band, screaming lyrics back at the stage. U2 is the only rock band that inverts this; theirs is a bright, colorful, loud message faced at every corner of the audience, reminding us that we're still one, even if we're not the same. I've spent half my life around live music, and the rest of my days trying to find meaning and understanding in a meaningless and confusing world. Last night, I sang and laughed and screamed and cried. It was the best show I've ever seen. This is no time not to be alive.'

Experience(s) Of the Day
@paatkinson (via Twitter) 'Sitting on a hard cement floor with a bunch of new friends. Eating granola bar for dinner. Listening to David Bowie.  At least an hour longer to wait. But what else would I be doing?'

@proBono33 (via Twitter) '#U2 Philly shows were amazing! First Edge handed my son his pick after Pride on night one. Night two met Edge and Adam with my other son!'

What did Bono Say?
"Almost the definition of Rock'n'Roll: Larry Mullen on the drums."

'Summer seems to have returned to Philadelphia… everybody's been so happy here... all our people have been out doing tours type stuff… and I heard Adam jogged up the Rocky steps!'

'The country that brought us Dr Luther King, The country that brought us the dream in the first place… America, thank you for letting us into your life.' (GOOYOW intro)

If you were at the show in Philly, add your own photos and reviews here

And don’t forget -  #WomenoftheWorldTakeOver.  
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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    The Edge of Beauty
    What a beautiful moment. My daughter and the Edge. She was over the moon (and so was her father
    My Daughter and Edge
    One of the best days of our lives.
    Meeting Edge - Classy All the Way
    My daughter and I met Edge for the first time. What a class act. He signed my Joshua Tree tattoo and let me hug him twice!!! Thanks Edge and good luck with your Malibu housing construction. My prayers are with you - you'll beat City Hall !!!
    Bono playing the tart in Philadelphia
    For my 10th U2 show, I got a last minute GA ticket. So glad I did.
    New songs sound great live
    The new songs work really nice live - and good to have some old tunes in the set list. Only thing I would change is to close the show with "little things" instead of "13."
    Reluctant fan going through the motions the last few tours but both nights in Philly rejuvenated the flame! Glad I never left!
    Matt Wund
    On bass guitar...
    Awesome show in Philly on 13 June!
    A magic night in Philly!
    Roadtripped it down to Philly from T.O. and wasn't disappointed! Well except by the omission of Red Flag Day!
    Set list
    Is this the set list?? really?? Where is rare songs? Where is the bigger set list? Why still paying B. Day... STREETS must na there!
    Philly, both nights
    So...on night #1 we were in GA up against the rail. Epic, great show. At the risk of saying too much, though, songs like "Love is All We Have Left" and "Lights of Home" take on an epic extra punch if you're in the audience and facing looming medical issues ("One more road you can't travel with a friend"). Was able to snag a ticket for the second night at the last minute, and...all I can do is thank the band in ways that are hard to articulate. Philly loves you, and please don't wait _too_ long to come back...
    Philly show
    Came to see the boys again in my home town. Amazing as always. Thanks. See you guys next tour. Fan since 1980.
    Acoustics sounded off
    Love U2 - I think this was the 10th time I have seen them since 1985. Thought the set list was outstanding (so good to hear Gloria and I Will Follow again), and the staging was excellent. However the acoustics in the Wells Fargo Center sounded off. There was some reverb in most songs and Bono's voice on many stories was too loud, making a lot of what he said unintelligible.
    Went Both Nites!
    I do hope it's not too long until you all come back. I had a fabulous time both nites!
    Lots of energy tonight (unlike last year’s JT Tour show in Philly) but devastated at no Streets...
    I'll tell you a secret
    It upholds the truth from a long time ago to say I've always wanted them to play: A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel
    No Streets.
    Been following tour and disappointed that Streets hasn't been played. Seen them Live every concert in Philly since JFK stadium in "87. They always have fans rocking to Streets with no Name
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