May 12 2018
Las Vegas, NV, US / T-Mobile Arena

The name is MacPhisto.

Greed, lust, deceit, vanity… second night in Las Vegas.

'Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my na
The name is MacPhisto…
I sometimes dress up as Mick Jagger
Oh Las Vegas, when you don't believe I exist
That's when I do my best work…'

When & Where
Macphisto, Jagger.. even Elvis (L.A. Dodgers version) was in the building for this, Show 6 of U2eiTour. Second and final night at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Saturday May 12th 2018.

Set List
Act 1 was shuffled around a little this evening, with Beautiful Day moving later to follow Gloria in tonight's set (that's four shows in a row now ‘in te domine'). 

Social Posts 
@hringman (via Twitter)
‘U2 was amazing, and the show was maybe the coolest one I've ever seen. Visually stunning, it seemed very appropriate to see them in Vegas'

@harrykantas (via Twitter)
‘MUCH better having Beautiful Day later in the set today, my feet barely touched the ground until Gloria was over'.

@summatime69 (Via Twitter)
‘Two nights of brilliance in Las Vegas!  Thanks, gentlemen'.

In The Press 
Jason Bracelin / Las Vegas Review-Journal
‘Star-spangled bullhorn pressed to his lips, his voice boomed as torches blazed. “This is not America,” Bono declared as footage of white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, last August aired on the football-field-long video screen, displayed with a crispness that captured their anger down to their pores. “This is America,” the U2 frontman said, then pivoted as the scene shifted to an equal rights gathering, the faces changed, the passions similarly palpable. A couple of numbers later, a three-story American flag was unfurled from the rafters of T-Mobile Arena as Bono brandished his bullhorn once more, this time in the service of “American Soul,” a propulsive rallying cry with a bullying bass line and flecks of wah-wah guitar. During the song's verses, Bono sought to articulate what America means to him. “It's not a place,” he sang. “This country is, to me, a sound.” “It's not a place,” he elaborated. “This country is, to me, a thought.” Defining America as an intangible — a sound, a thought — means that it signifies something more than a nation with clear, established borders, something capable of resonating with an Irishman as much as a native. His point: America is an ideal as much as a broad swath of land, and sometimes that ideal needs defending….
…All of this added an air of tumult, equivocation and emotional turbulence to a band whose catalog is, more often than not, meant to uplift.
That spirit was present on this night as well: The difference this time around was that it was tempered by uncertainty. There were moments of doubt here, and the clear sense that if there is any hope to be had, it's something that has to be fought for.
It's not a given. “I know the world is done,” Bono sang on show-closing ballad “13 (There is a Light),” underscoring this sentiment. “But you don't have to be.” “There is a light. Don't let it go out,” he implored as the song reached its conclusion, plucking a light bulb out of a model of his childhood home on stage. Then, in a flash, he was gone. And on came the lights'.

If You Had To Pick One Song 
"This is a song about stubbornness, political blindness… the kind that could tear up a home, or tear up a nation…, it's from quite a cool album called Pop” 
A cool acoustic version of Staring at the Sun. As stats demons @U2gigs noted : ‘These two nights are the first time it has been played in Las Vegas since its ‘shambling' live debut here on 25 April 1997' Indeed. Sometimes stubbornness pays off.

What did Bono Say?
“Where's those lights Las Vegas, turn on those lights”. “Lets see you.. out in the desert… look what you built.“ (Lights of Home & I Will Follow)

"Anybody here from Mexico? What a great country you've built here in the United States of America! Are you ready? Uno, dos, tres, catorce!" (Vertigo intro)

“What do you desire tonight Las Vegas? A quiet night in? I don't think so.. no, you're looking for the company of thunder!… Of Larry Mullen Jr!.. You're looking for a man who shakes the very ground he walks upon.. the best looking earthquake this side of the San Andreas Fault.. on the bass Adam Clayton!… You desire.. an intensity of light so white hot he could black out the Strip outside… also.. quite a good guitar guitar player..  You desire The Edge! Am I right? AM I RIGHT? Have I got an Amen?”

Shout-outs to local (RED) Warriors Brandon Flowers and Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan & Cindy (Poverty is Sexist)

“Unity feels impossible to reach sometimes whether it's within yourself, inside your home or even within a country, but we do need each other, there's no us and them, there's no them, there's only us” (Please join us for ‘One')”

Review on U2.com / Zootopia 
Noriluche : 'Viva Mexico at Las Vegas!! Made my day! Nothing better than hear a powerfull Viva Mexico from u!! What an amazing night full of energy and emotions whit a key message around: LOVE IS BiGGER THAN ANYTHING IN ITS WAY!!'

If you were at the show in Las Vegas add your own review and upload your photos below.

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    All the way across to the USA
    Amazing show and Brilliant day from seeing Adam signing autographs, meeting other U2 fans to the show itself. Memory bank is full of a great concert cant wait till October at the O2
    Epic Show
    What A Great Experience Las Vegas Baby
    Amazing Show
    The show was stellar. Bono's voice sounded better than ever. The band was tight and slayed it!
    Just Amazing
    Took my 2 daughter's 15 16 and they were just in ahhh! Great show, great macphisto horns and spooky laugh from Bono. U2 just kicks ass! Great set list, great continuation from SOI. See you lads in Los Angeles. Amazing show, and great pounding of Drums and Adams's deep Bass. Edge keeps it electrified.
    The Good and The Needs Improvement
    Las Vegas 2 was our third show of the tour, and probably the last unless I see the set list changing. Further explanation is: The Good: Eliminated some of the show standards that have been overplayed over the years such as Bullet the Blue Sky, Where the Streets Have No Name, With or Without You, etc. GA Floor continues to be a great feature, especially for fans. We showed up each night less than 30 minutes before show and were within two people of either e-stage rail or main stage rail. Unless you absolutely have to be on the rail, there is no need to wait in line unless you just want to hang out with other fans. It made complete sense to eliminate "Song for Someone" if closing with "13." The songs are so similar that I believe non-fans thought they were repeating songs. Being near the e-stage makes for an intimate collection of songs played there. I prefer it to being by the main stage. The Needs Improvement: Change up the set list a bit more each night - some proposals that would still fit with the overall them. Switch out Acrobat and The Fly (yet to be played). Tulsa was a great opener and keep the longer set. Use a GA lottery like some other bands do to eliminate the line-up and increase the chances of rail spots for folks who do not have 24 hours or longer to wait in line. I'd most likely still show up at the same time of 30 minutes before show as the floor has lots of space and great views. "13" is a bit of a weird closing. Many non-fans, and even some fans, were puzzled by this closing song. Lots of "is that it?" comments. The whole AR experience was kind of a dud. Plus if you're on the floor it's difficult to make it work. You have to step back almost to the seats to get it started. Don't play an identical setlist two nights in a row. Vegas #1 and #2 were exactly the same set list except for the omission of Red Flag Day and shuffling the placement of Beautiful Day. The band knows there will be a fair percentage of fans at both shows. Chang it up! Having seen the band over 35 years, I realize they like consistency each night, but come on, the catalog is so large and they're capable musicians.
    What an Experience
    I was fortunate to have tickets that included the pre-party for Vegas night 1. What an amazing surprise when we all walked into the party lounge to find our music was being supplied by the band's sound check. Sort of torture because we were not allowed to watch (But we all got a peek) but exciting and certainly a unique experience. Of course the night got a whole lot better once the concert actually started. Red Flag Day, for me, was the best performance of the night, but Iris was extremely emotional, much more so than when I saw the band on the Innocence Tour, and I noticed I was not the only one who shed a tear during that. Overall it was one of the best sounding U2 concerts I've been too, but in the seats the crowd was disappointing. The row of people behind me was chatting the whole time and so many people were sitting. I think I'm going back on the floor from now on. Thanks guys for continuing to give us everything and more.
    Just want to add to my last post Happy Mother's Day to the wives of the band .
    First and foremost Happy belated birthday.U2 you are the epitimy of mankind.Bono,Larry,Adam,and the Edge...a marriage .Unbelievably , incomprehensible, such bonding together that projects undeniably hypmotizing music visuals that touch so deep it hurts.Cant wait to see you in Montreal RZ both nights. Magnificent xoxo
    What gives?
    CHANGE THE SETLIST, playing the same songs on consectutive nights in the same city is NOT ACCEPTABLE !
    AMAZING - We got Married During ONE LA2
    Thank you to Mark, the T-Mobile security and the Band's crew for letting us get married during One at Vegas 2. Love is bigger in anything in this way. And Larry, Bono, Adam and Mr The Edge... just... thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bless Up. Photo by the amazing Justin Kent
    Vegas baby
    What a great two nights in Vegas watching the greatest band. Looking forward to seeing you again in Europe.
    Powerful show
    If I stop to think, I start to cry, so I won’t try to hard to think, I won’t think at all. The showman gave us front row to his heart. Making a spectacle of falling apart, was just the start of the show. I’ve been lucky enough to see every tour since the outdoor broadcast, and this one, to me, is one of the best. If I think about the underlying messages I get a bit choked up but, it’s still is a fun rock and roll show on the surface. You’ve given so much to your fans and the world. We love you.
    The Showman
    Thank you U2...a perfect place and message to show Rock and Roll Daddy’s are the real news,. Another memorable time with the boys !
    Having seen Joshua tree in 2017- which was great!,I would have thought this was the time to play both I and E back to back. The back list of anthems could have stood down for a year I feel! But on the other hand I’m pleased about Pop and War tracks
    Viva Mexico at Las Vegas!!
    Made my day! Nothing better than hear a powerfull Viva Mexico from u!! What an amazing night full of energy and emotions whit a key message around: LOVE IS BiGGER THAN ANYTHING IN ITS WAY!!
    Book Of Your HEart
    Please U2.... Play BOOK of Your Heart at the next concert !!!!!
    Summer of Love
    Can't believe they have not played Summer of Love in any of their concerts so far. Please consider playing this Saturday, I love the song!! And how about All I Want is You instead of One? I Love you, thank you for all you give, a constant in my life since I was 13.
    Night 2 awaits
    Psyched after reading dispatches from Tulsa. Doubled down; will attend both Friday and Saturday night! After watching Bono climb the scaffolding in 1983 in Norfolk, Virginia on a Sunday afternoon (wild show), that was it. Followed the boys all over the country over the 35 years since. Bring it on!
    35 years on from unforgettable to experi
    after 35 years of watching this great band live on British soil now a 50th birthday treat to watch them in Vegas and then at then back on home soil at the O2 in October :-)
    21st B-Day Celebration
    I am looking forward to celebrating my daughter's 21st B-Day w/ my wife and son @ the show. Should be a very festive evening w/ U2 as the Main Course!!!
    couldn't get my tickets. I'm sad
    After beeing mutliple time to each of their show since 2005, even with presale, I couldn't get any ticket on GA. Very sad
    Red Zone
    Red Zone here i come, scratch it off the bucket list, just off two VIP packages in dallas and kc but this one will top them all, second vegas show and cannot wait for the day, bringing lots of cash so the people of Nevada can buy some more pencils and paper for the schools via the slot machines and tables
    U2 Thank You
    Finally got my tickets!!! been with you since Propaganda Days. With Fan Club tickets thanks for letting us True Die Hard Fans get to the show!! Las Vegas here we come Saturday Night May 12th... GA its a Beautiful Day..
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