Oct 8 2018
Amsterdam, NL / Ziggo Dome

'Green Light, Seven Eleven…'

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'Let's do this Amsterdam! We can do this…'

And we could and Amsterdam did, from the opening chords of The Blackout to the final notes of (13) There Is A Light.

When & Where
Night 2 in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Monday 8th October 2018.

Set List
Let's do this Amsterdam! We can do this…'
And we could and Amsterdam did, from the opening chords of The Blackout to the final notes of (13) There Is A Light. Told the story of innocence and experience all over again and remembered those days in Berlin when east and west were being united but the band... less so. ‘We'd come to find the spirit of David Bowie, Iggy Pop,  Conny Plank… but all  we found were the ghosts of Hansa Studio...'

'Green light, Seven Eleven,
You stop in for a pack of cigarettes.
You don't smoke, don't even want to.
Hey now, check your change.
Dressed up like a car crash
Your wheels are turnin' but you're upside down.
You say when he hits you, you don't mind
Because when he hurts you, you feel alive.
Oh, is that what it is?…'

Here's the full set list from Amsterdam 2.

U2.com / Zootopia Review
Gogme United for Zootopia 
'Since 1981 I haven't missed a single U2 Tour in The Netherlands and with all European gigs the Experience & Innocence concerts in Amsterdam were number 39 and 40 on my list. The first night was great, I managed to avoid a lot of spoilers and was quite surprised with the new screen, the visuals and the sound of course. That day brought my both long-life loves together as the famous Ajax football club played a home game in the Johan Cruijff Arena after which it was just a few steps to the Ziggo Dome to see my favorite band. On Monday I felt a bit worn out, it's not just the band that's getting older, and dragged myself to the venue to get a decent spot on the floor. When we entered the railing outside of the Red Zone was still available, so that mission was accomplished and I could see the second night from a whole other perspective. Since the beginning of the European leg of this tour the band was quite consistent in the setlist, a few minor changes from the first to the second night, but some new songs were added and they're great. Especially the less famous Achtung Baby songs like ‘Who's gonna ride your wild horses', ‘Zoo Station' a full band 'Stay' and off course ‘Acrobat' were a delight to hear again. The songs of the last album blended in perfectly and other highlight like ‘Elevation', ‘Beautiful Day' and ‘Vertigo' are always great. ‘Pride' was another highlight, because a small stage was setup in both Red Zones and I was just a meter away from my favorite band member Adam Clayton! Another highlight is the new arrangement of ‘New Years' Day' where a long forgotten lyric came back: ‘Maybe the time is right, maybe tonight?' And the answer to that question is yes, these were great nights and hopefully the last words of Bono aren't another ‘we have to dream it all up again' message... 

Experience Of The Day
Some fans put together a book of stories about U2 fans from all over the world, with the hope of presenting a copy of it to the band this week… and fan @u2_panama captured the moment on camera when that actually happened, via instagram, along with these words : 'I am so happy! I've cried tears of joy with this pics !! Really did (love it) for what it meant: (these) ladies have worked on a book of stories from #U2 fans all around the world about how we all became U2 fans and what the band means to us, I am so glad I am included in this book !! And soooo happy to see this pics of the moment they gave the book to Bono and how he reacted ! Kissing and holding them … they really deserve this moments and so much! For all the nice work they have done on behalf of all os us : U2 fans from all over the world! Panama is present on that book!'

On The Socials 
Michel Pas (via Facebook) 'Perfect catwalkrail spot for another great night in Amsterdam. Thanks from the guy in the orange custom made U2 t-shirt (yeah you pointed at me Bono :)) . Thanks for a great very long weekend in Amsterdam…'

@febottini (via Twitter) 'Bono, thank you for mentioning Brazil during 'The Best Thing'. We need positives vibes more than ever.'

Adline Lewuillon (via Facebook) 'Thank you for an amazing show, full of emotions and nuances, and a breathtaking ending… Songs of Experience truly is the album of the maturity.'

What Did Macphisto Say?
"Oh… it's you again! Power to the people… power to my kind of people… Macphisto's kind of people"

(Macphistos's alter-ego Bono) : "How's that for a Monday night?"

Were you in the house tonight ? Post your reviews and add your photos below.

More on the second night  in Amsterdam coming up, meantime here's the set list.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Video of hand over the books to Bono.
    I thought it would be nice to show the video that we hand over the book to Bono. It was a great expirience that I will not forget. In this way I want to thank everyone who was involved in this project. All the reactions and presents I got from so many fans worldwide was heart warming. Making the book has bring me a lot of beautiful and amazing things and very dear friendships...Thank you, thank you all❤
    Hand over the books to The Edge and Bono
    We made a book for U2 with around 700 personal stories from fans worldwide why U2 and their music has such a impact on their fans lives. We worked 3 years at the book.
    Do Brasil até a Holanda!✌
    O U2 me levou até Amsterdam na minha primeira viagem internacional!
    so far so close
    The concert was awesome. and we had. very good places. I hope that they come back soon But I am afraid it takes a While. Tanks for the fantastic evening
    11th time for me, 9th time for my wife
    What a ride it was, this first show in my favourite town in the Netherlands. Home of Ajax, which is the home of Johan Cruijff, finally propourly honoured by adding his name to the ArenA. Sadly, 2 years after his death. Which is consider te be a terrible mistake. Should have been done earlier. But mistakes are made and lessons are learned, i hope. The Johan Cruijff ArenA, where you guys played the Joshua Tree's 30th anniversary show, one year ago. On my wife 50th birthday that was. Fantastic night. I remember the early days, I was there at Rock Torhout, 1985, when the Unforgettable Fire was decorated with the setting sun. And the magic of Love overwhelmed all of us spectators. Our song is 'one', my wife Nieske's and mine, i mean. But we are there since 1987. In the Rotterdam football stadium, The Bath Tub it's nicknamed, in Dutch 'de Kuip'. Home of Ajax lifelong competitor, Feijenoord. I am Ajacied, but my best friend is Feijenoord fan. The two need eachother more than they realise. Maybe they do. Wim van Hanegem, Feijenoord legend, cried over Cruijff's death. But this might not be relevant for you guys. For me it is. The thing I like best about U2 is the fact that you have dared to challenge yourself again and again. this morning I watched the famous Rockumentary that was made for you by MTV in 1989 or so. Fantastic to see these boys turn to men, to rockstars, and finally you have turned into men again, I don't know when that happened. You are now We see all stages of 'style', haircut and clothing development and you've always been brave in your choices. And the music came always first. There are no bad U2 songs, as far as I'm concerned. Because you put so much effort in every song you design. I think many of them fall from the sky. You just open your ears, hands and hearts. I've said it before. U2 is the best band there will ever be. Music to be played in the churches and in pubs, and all our other homes. Music to be played in Syria, Bangkok, Sarajevo, Skopje, Amsterdam, Dublin, Rotterdam, and God knows where else they've got their tape recorders turned on. Tune in to the best that music has got to offer. Praise life, and praise His name. This is Gloria! Thanks you for your first Amsterdam show and thanks for giving me and my wife a song or two (3, 14) to cry and dance to.
    koen van damme
    When the lights go out..
    Didn't want to raise my smartphone all the time. I gave myself 5 moments. This is one of them. ps. I enjoyed every minute of this magnificent concert.
    Love is bigger
    One of the best nights this tour.
    Just a few yards away... Close to The Ed
    This was my second U2-show, the first being in the early 1990's during the Zooropa Tour. A great gig, great set-list. I actually got reconnected to some songs that I'd sort of forgotten about". 'Stay (Faraway So Close)' struck a chord. And when The Edge turned up on a small stage quite near to us, we freaked out... I have no photos, just a few short videos but apparently these can't be uploaded here...
    24 Songs
    I love this Tour, please U2 come to Latin America, but especially to Mexico City. It will also be great if you play 24 songs, I do not know something like this: The Blackout (SE) Lights of Home (SE) Out Of Control (BOY) Gloria (GL) Magnificent (NLH) Red Flag Day (SE) Zoo Station (AB) Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (ZOO) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (AB) Walk On(AYCLB) Intermission Zooropa (ZOO) Love and Peace or Else (HDAB) Fly (AB) Lucifer Hands (SI) Acrobat (AB) Landlady (SE) Summer of Love (SE) Unforgettable Fire (UF) Get Out of Your Own Way (SE) New Year's Day (WAR) Please (POP) ENCORE Book Of Your Heart (SE) Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way (SE) 13 (There Is The Light) (SE)
    What an impressive 2 days we had at The
    The first day we're at the Redzone right in front of The Edge (best spot ever) and the second day at the seats right in front big LED zeppelin, so impresive! What a particularly beautiful musical lesson from Bono, U2 and many of us about our innocence and experiences in life. Great words in very nice sensitive emotional and bombastic songs of high level. I was rather septic about the songs from the album Songs of Experience in combination with the live show, but U2 has swept it off quite brutally. From the opening chords of The Blackout to the final notes of (13) There Is A Light there was lots of emotions, dancing, jumping and enjoying the live experience of the band. The voice of Bono was good, fragile beautiful in combination with the bombastic beats of Larry, the solid groovy bass beats of Adam and the fantastic guitar lines of The Edge. The setlist was well-known in granite, with only a switch from Gloria to All Because of You on the second day of the show. Since Copenhagen, the whole Innocence segment has happily disappeared from the show. Iris, Cedarwood Road, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Until The End Of The World cleared the field for a block with Zoo Station, Stay and Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, all from the ZOO era, and from the album Achtung Baby. Fortunately also in Amsterdam both nights. I unfortunately still missed So Cruel & The Fly (also Achtung Baby). But the with the openers The Blackout and Lights Of Home the band did a great job. Especially in combination with the LED Zeppelin screen and the use of the platform. For me the following songs were really fantastic: I Will Follow, Gloria, Zoo Station, Stay (Faraway, so close) Acrobat, New Year's Day, You're the Best thing about me, Summer of Love and of course Lights of Home. Also the sheet of encounters with many known and unknown new U2 virnds was very special. What does U2 release in people? So cool to enjoy music together. Striking was also the international diversity in Amsterdam! We met many Dutch, American, French, Belgian, Argentine, Italian, Irish, Canadian and Latin American U2 fans. In short, it was a warm home in the ZiggoDome Amsterdam. Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge, thank you so much for your music and life
    Fantastic as always, for so many years n
    Since my first U2 concert, ZOOTV in Nijmegen back in '93, I haven't missed a single tour. From Popmart on, my brother is joining me up to this day and we love to share this common passion! After Cologne, September 5th, it was wonderful to see them playing another setlist in Amsterdam! I loved to hear #iwillfollow, #zoostation and #wildhorses. #pride and #13 where from another level, fantastic!
    I was not at this show (sadly...bills, kids, etc.) BUT I WAS THE VERY AUDIBLE SCREAMER During this song from the live from Boston DVD. U, Mr. Bono, turned and waved in my general direction. - MP I know it's a bit odd...but I want to sing. I think it's been a loooooooong time coming to this realization. I think you said something about, when your father died, you found your voice. I think the same thing happened to me. My Dad love to sing more than anything, ANYTHING, bar his family. He would never be one to even "entertain" this notion. But we heard it every day of our lives. And my brother, and my niece and myself are cut from the same cloth. So when you put posted you "Ordinary Love" post on your site, I felt it ignited... and I can't put it out. PLEASE HELP! (Also, I sang HELP on the radio with Carter Alan at your very last outside ZOO SHOW in Boston. I might have chops (?)
    Thank you, U2
    I have loved and followed you from age 13 when you came to Denver and played Red Rocks. As I drive home to Germany after such an amazing night, I realize that I have grown up with you four boys from Dublin too. You shaped my adolescence and made me conscious of this big, wide, crazy world we live in. And the only words I can find are, thank you. Thank you for shaping the strong, independent woman I am today through your poetry, brilliant music, and passion. It IS up to women, and you, as a band, have raised millions of women who are paying attention. With all my love to you, thank you!
    Geweldige show
    Geweldige avond weer, beter dan keuken 1 en 2, zoostation wild horses en Stay waren weer geweldig, net zo als de rest van de show!
    Great show lads!
    Loved the messages on the screen and macphisto’s statement. During New Years Day, Looking at us , the crowd consisting mainly of 1950’ s to the 1980’ it is sad to determine that nothing changes on New Years Day ! We R no Acrobats! CU .... Soon! @ziggodome @u2
    I Hope for a new show date
    I will travel from Mexico to Europe between october 4 to 16, I wish I can see the show in netherland. so please open a new show date.
    martin van der veen
    In the pocket
    GA tickets for 7 AND 8 october!!!
    2 redzone tickets for me and my daughter! Will going to have a great (mother and daughter moment) evening in Amsterdam with our favourite music band! Something will never forget .
    Second change
    For the first time in nearly 40 years I have no tickets for the first show in Holland. Now I have a new experience this wil be my second show for the first time.
    Surprise surprise!
    Nice, another show, another chance to see U2. Love it.
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