Nov 10 2018
Dublin, IE / 3Arena

'This is where we live…'

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When & Where
Final Night of 4 at the 3Arena, Dublin, Saturday 10th November 2018

'This is where we live. This is Dublin. And even in the rain we think it's the greatest place on earth…Thank you for coming out tonight.
The last of our four shows in our home town, the last show in our home town till God knows when. Yeah.. It's a Beautiful Day alright.'

Did the fourth night in Dub top the lot? If you were there you can tell us. 

Gloria stayed in the show along with Dirty Day, but the night's surprise was Landlady, only the third live performance.
Dublin was blessed. In fact, Dublin is blessed as Bono explained at the end of Get Out Of Your Own Way.

'Blessed is Dublin for she is a broadsheet ballad.
Blessed is the Rocky Road to Dublin
Blessed is Raglan Road, where old ghosts meet
Blessed is the Auld Triangle and the Royal Canal.
Blessed is the corner of Beggars Bush
Blessed is Waxie's Dargle.
Blessed is the Foggy Dew.
Blessed is the city of Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew
Blessed is the blue above the Europe we share and may the yellows stars never fall upon our heads
Blessed is Dublin a great European city
The Dublin of Shane McGowan, Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan, Glen Hansard, Robbie Keane, Paul McGrath, Brian O'Driscoll, Katie Taylor, Mannix Flynn, and the Queen of Ireland Panti Bliss….'

Here's the set list from Dublin 4. 

On The Socials
@bethandbono (via Twitter) 'Wild Horses live is the purest thing in this world. I'm 39 and 13 at the same time. They are absolutely amazing with it… The Liffey is a little higher tonight with the number of tears shed in 3Arena. Oof. Top @U2 show for me.'

joni - @jzcanuck via Twitter DM. "As I walk to 3arena for the 4th show of the U2eiTour in Dublin I see the famous red and white chimneys in the distant harbour and hear the seagulls' call. The opening notes of Pride immediately enter my mind and I remember watching this video so many decades ago from a small town in Canada as a young teenager. At that time it was a distant dream that I could visit Dublin let alone to see you U2 live. Yet here I am dreaming out loud and my heart is bursting with gratitude and joy. Like so many fans my life journey has taken me from the innocence of watching U2 through a TV set in a far away place to the experience of feeling the powerful force of the band, the music and the fans, right in front of me." This U2 band of four extraordinary men is about big ideas and big dreams catalyzed by the fire of youthful innocence and re-fueled continuously by the wisdom and determination of experience contained within something even bigger- love.'

@u2gigs (via twitter). 'Get Out of Your Own Way. Bono, in transition from Pride: "We have a dream too... a European dream, a French dream, a Danish dream, a Polish dream, a Dutch dream, an Italian dream, an Irish dream... we're not going back.'

@_bigwave_ (via Twitter). '#U2eiTour Dublin... it the end? Is it bollocks. Berlin bound... Dublin felt historic however. Blessed indeed.'

Experience Of The Day
#pinkadam really does not need an explanation, it has fast become one of the fan iconic images of the #U2eiTour… and today the lady behind it all got to meet its' inspiration and his bro.
'These gentlemen are a full on class act'. 

What Did Macphisto Say?
"Bye bye, Dublin. MacPhisto's disappearing for a while. Not gone, mind. Just slipping out of sight ..."

U2.com / Zootopia Reviews
valeriafoschi. 'I'm weightless when U2 are there. Thank you for this final show of this tour at home. Been blessed that I could be at all 6 (incl. Belfast). U2 don't just write songs, they become part of your life and touch so many people across our planet it's incredible. Tonight the audience was magnificent and gave them back so much love and appreciation. Bono, again, has such acumen in his words, I do hope his message about remaining as One will inspire our people to not wreck the good work done so far on this island. Thank you U2 for accompanying my life and giving it a soundtrack. And thanks for The Landlady and Dirty Day, one for my mum, and one for my dad, wherever they are now. Thank you for great entertainment tonight. I do hope you'll be back soon!'

redpanda27 'Saw all 4 Dublin shows and although each one was epic, this last home show was truly something magical. What a night, what a crowd, and what a joy to get Landlady. Such a special treat. Thanks lads, it's been top class, as always!'

What did you think? Were you at the show ? Post your reviews and add your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    "Nothing to stop this being the best day
    Thank you U2 for this tour! Great memories from these concerts, and Joshua Tree last year! Sure would love to hear some more of our favorites in concert before you end the tour.....songs such as A Sort of Homecoming, The Unforgettable Fire, or An Cat Dubh! Jean & Paul Lynch
    dream outloud
    Hi guys... from my post on 26 September hoping for the miracle to get the ticket.... and I got it!! you can dream, so dream outloud!! Looking forward for my trip! see you there! xxx
    Best birthday present ever
    So excited!!! Best birthday present and husband ever. My husband bought me U2 tickets for their last show in Dublin on my actual birthday, November 10th. Flying from Detroit to Dublin for the concert. I get to check off my bucket list.
    No little things....
    Get the finger out lads and include this classic in the set.....
    going to Dublin albeit without tix, hopi
    As an Italian, I still feel like U2 are part of my identity, growing up listening to them, and having a special connection to Ireland, where my mother used to teach Italian in the 1960's, where I lived in the mid 1990´s ... now I live in Vienna and I have booked my plane and hotel and will be hoping for a miracle to find tickets...Dublin is a sort of homecoming! love and light!
    Disappointed in Berlin
    Please let there be some production hold tickets released for your Dublin concerts as we were in the audience in Berlin for the cancelled concert. Very happy that that voice is fine and tour continued but cannot return to Berlin for rescheduled concert so would love to see U2 in Dublin in November. Always optimistic Phil
    take this heart
    Always us...from Italy
    Hi, If you wait until the week of the concert try phoning the 3Arena's box office. They always release more tickets closer to the show. You can thank me by buying me a pint of Guinness on the 10th while watching the show :-)
    dream.... to be continued
    sorry....i'll come back !!!!
    I need tickets!!
    I have seen every U2 tour since 1982. I actually saw them at a small club in NJ when they first toured America. I saw them at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic NJ (sadly now gone) and met Bono who walked out the side door came up to me, shook my hand and said Hi I'm Bono. Like he needed an introduction! I saw their show last week. My best friend and I just booked a trip to Dublin and didn't realize until today that U2 was playing the exact time we will be there! Please how do I get tickets? Can you scalp at the show? We can go the 9th or 10th.
    Next stop Austrailia!!
    It's going to be summer down here. Time to chase the sun boys.
    Missed out getting tixs. Will be in Dublin Nov 10th is there a reliable website to check and see if someone is selling tixs?
    Dublin Shows
    So wanted to see the last show in Dublin. Bummed. Got my Tattoo their and needed a touch up. LOL. I will see my boys in Nashville. If anyone can't make the Dublin show, My wife & I will take them. Peace & let's all enjoy the shows. /Users/U2FootSoldier/Desktop/tat.jpg
    See you
    First time travel to Ireland!
    Hey Guys
    See you here and in Milan.... :)
    Dublin Bound Again
    Going to Dublin from Glasgow for the show on Saturday 10th November (Also Manchester Friday 19th October). I was at Croke Park last year and am so looking forward to seeing the boys indoors in Ireland..
    It's a Beautiful Day!
    Can't believe I got my tickets to see the lads on the last night (or is it?) in Dublin. To me it's like getting the golden ticket for Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.........but even better than the real thing. Rock n roll here we go!
    Happy...going to Dublin
    So happy, got tickets for Dublin , never been there, can't wait to see this city and the show
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