Sep 13 2018
Paris, FR / AccorHotels Arena

New Year's Day in Paris

Final night of a great week in France. How was it for you?

When & Where
Final night of a great week in France, AccordHotels Arena, Paris, Wednesday, September 13th, 2018.

Set List
Before the final song of the night, Bono recited a verse from 'Streets Of Surrender', written for a friend, and dedicated to the time the band were here after The Bataclan in 2015 :

"Every man has got two cities he needs to be
The one he can touch and the one he can't see
The one where a stranger's a friend
Everyman has got one city of liberty
For me it's Paris…"

Here's the full set list from the final night in Paris. 

On The Socials 
@lennykravitz (via Instagram) 'When you run into the president backstage at the @U2 show in Paris. @emmanuelmacron'

@anais08 'The come back to reality is difficult after these amazing shows with @U2 at @AccorH_Arena! Thanks guys you are the best! Take care and come back soon! '

@amubalt 'I'm completely ok with ABOY rotating with RFD.'

Elec Tricco (via Facebook)  'NYD bring me back to 1983 .... Still 15 when you see your favourite Band LIVE .... 4 Great Paris shows (thank to U2.com i'm a member since 1985 ....) Got Adam's & Bono's Autographs plus lots of Photos & videos Thank you U2 for coming...'

@AccorH_Arena 'Merci infiniment à U2 pour ces 4 superbes dates à l'AccorHotels Arena. Des artistes complets et humbles, des chansons cultes, une scénographie à couper le souffle et surtout un public fidèle!'
(translated :) Thank you very much to U2 for these 4 great dates at the AccorHotels Arena. Complete and humble artists, cult songs, a breathtaking scenography and especially a loyal audience!

What Did Bono Say?
(as Macphisto) "It's not good evening… it's goodbye. But as i leave Paris, my melancholy is tempered by the knowledge that my people are arriving all over Europe… they go by many names, my people… In Sweden they call themselves 'Democrats; Sweden Democrats.' In France, they keep changing their names. In Italy they have too many names. In Poland they have names even I can't pronounce. So many names, my little cabbages… But they all have one face. And its' mine!'

U2.com / Zootopia review 
electricco 'THANK U2 Great Show again ... we've got 40 euros tickets and we have A Great Great nice view on the E stage ... no screens tonight but its been our 4th show so no problemo Got Bono's Autograph today (me : Bonjour Mr MacPhisto ... BONO : i am not Mr MacPhisto !)'

If you were at the fourth and final show in Paris, post your reviews and add your photos here

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    ACROBAT ............ Mac Phisto !!!!!!!!
    Cela faisait longtemps que je voulais voir U2 en concert....et je ne suis pas déçue! Ce concert était magique: l'histoire, la mise en scène, votre musique dont je suis fan depuis toujours...Bravo et surtout merci !
    4 Stars out of 5
    I just LOVE the lyric / poetry set to sound. (I am referencing u2 here) The voice is compelling. I have been compelled since I walked into the room and MTV when I was 11 and heard it.I have been to Paris 3 times...….would love to experience u2 there. Or anywhere in Europe or / over there. Or just sit down and have a chat, I don't really like 4 stars out of 5. I Think they exploded in the beginning, but lack there after.
    j'ai vu les 4 concerts à Paris ... c'était "Magnificent" évidemment ... et les 2 derniers j'étais juste derrière eux, jamais je n'aurais pensé les voir d'aussi prêt ... à seulement quelques mètres ..."Beautiful Day(s)"...
    I love you but...
    Well done brando1123! I agree! Please U2 change the setlist...just a little bit, for your older fans! I'm an old fan and I've enough of Beautiful Day, Elevation and Vertigo. just one or two songs...gloria, 40, horses, the fly, two hearts... I love POP (and you cut staring at the sun :( ) and my dream would be listening to PLEASE live! can you realize my dream? I love you, Chiara PS: thank you for acrobat <3
    Allez les Bleus Allez U2 Paris 4 ....
    THANK U2 Great Show again ... we've got 40 euros tickets and we have A Great Great nice view on the E stage ... no screens tonight but its been our 4th show so no problemo Got Bono's Autograph today (me : Bonjour Mr MacPhisto ... BONO : i am not Mr MacPhisto !)
    What a night !
    And I am half a fan without them !
    I was at the first concert in Paris last saturday, I loved it. I felt many different emotions..I went to the last concert tonight, and, with the same setlist ( except one song),I felt new emotions. Beautiful emotions. That's U2! Never comfortable, never boring, you guys always surprise me. This gig is a great , great one, and I won't ever forget it. Just feel sad cause I don't know when you gonna come back ....but...thank you so much Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry. Lots of love, and all the best ( please take care of you MacBono!!)
    Please U2
    I love the new album and the tour is amazing, but Come on you're U2 one of the biggest band in history... Please change a Little bit the setlist beatween one day and another, I don't know for example: 1.- The Blackout 2.- Lights of Home 3.-I Will Follow/Electric Co./Out of Control/Twilling 4.- All Because Of You 5.- Beautiful Day (Not)/Red Flag Day 6.-The Ocean 7.- Iris (Hold Me Close) 8.- Cedarwood Road/California/Volcano 9.-Sunday Bloody Sunday/Raised by Wolves 10.-Until The End Of The World 11.- Elevation(Not)/Zooropa/Zoo Station 12.-Vertigo(Not)/Fly/Hold Me Trill Me 13.-Even Better Than The Real Thing 14.- Acrobat 15.- You're the Best Thing About Me/ Landlady/ Magnificent 16.- Summer of Love 17.- Pride (In The Name Of Love)/ Unforgettable Fire 18.- Get Out of Your Own Way 19.- New Year's Day/Please/whos gonna ride your wild horses 20.- City Of Blinding Lights/Miracle Drug/ Love Rescue Me/Mercy ENCORE One/Book of your Heart/The Little things Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way 13 (There is a Light) You're Amazing Band but really changes a Little bit the setlist sometimes.
    I got my tickets !!!!!!
    I am a happy fan !!!!!!!!
    A 4th (!) date in a row in Paris and sti
    I hope we can expect some good news in the coming days... ;-)
    Electricco & Chrissie
    Chrissie & Electricco Bercy IV
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