May 19 2018
Omaha, NE, US / CenturyLink Center

13 (There Is A Light) in Omaha.

‘Guard you innocence…’ 


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When & Where
Saturday May 19th 2018. Show 9 of U2eiTour at the CenturyLink Centre, Omaha. Only the second ever full U2 show in Nebraska.

Set List
Gloria is back in the set after a break of one show to become the most played live song from the 'October' album (stat spotted earlier by eagle-eyed @U2gigs and who are we to argue!).

Social Posts 
@brettatlas (via Twitter)

Not gonna lie, this augmented reality for U2 concert is pretty nuts.

@HerzensSonne22 (via Twitter)
Always amazing and wonderful to see: U2 creates the best shows ever seen…and then we see: All it really is about are these four friends, brothers, making music together

@ErinOmaha (via Twitter)
U2 nights are some of my life's best nights. Still buzzing from yesterday's #Omaha show. Faves: Until the End of the World, Iris, Gloria, Elevation. Amazing stuff, always. And a great workout as well!

In The Press
Kevin Coffey for World Herald - @owhmusicguy on Twitter

‘That was not a concert. That was an experience. U2 brought more than 15,000 together Saturday night for a musical journey through two hours of its biggest hits and a healthy sampling of its latest two albums. A unifying experience, the show was marked by an epic and clever production that put the band — a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame act considered one of the best rock bands ever — nearly everywhere in the arena all at once. With two stages connected by a long catwalk and an absolutely massive idea screen, part of the show was always playing for you no matter where you were in the arena. U2 played quite a few songs from that small stage, and Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. made the cavernous CenturyLink Center feel much, much more intimate.
Being in the audience brought a connection to everyone else there even if you were what felt like miles away from one another. Just take "Elevation." When the lights went up during the chorus, it seemed every member of the audience was jumping on their feet, shouting the words and throwing their fists in the air. During "One," Bono pointed his mic to the crowd, and we all sang the chorus together like old friends singing a favorite at the pub. During "Pride," the four members stood in four corners of the arena surrounded by the audience and clanging out the classic song. In my years, I've seen a few hundred arena shows, but I've never seen anything like that.Every moment was crafted to engage, entertain and tell a story… it was sensory overload… …It all came together as U2 closed with a series of unifying songs including "American Soul," "City of Blinding Lights," "One" and "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" as the thousands of us gathered there stood and sang with them. "Wow," Bono said. "Wow. Wow. Thank you. … Thank you for giving us a great night.c'

Fansite Coverage 
Beth Nabi - @bethandbono on twitter heads up the @U2TattooProject which she is presenting at the upcoming fan-led U2 Conference in Belfast next month  - Beth has been following the U2eiTour all around the West Coast over the past few weeks, and now as things shift eastwards, we asked her for her take on the show tonight.
‘Places like L.A. and Vegas are exciting and sexy and star-studded, but the smaller floor and smaller crowd of Omaha's CenturyLink Center made for a more intimate-feeling show. I like to roam about the GA during the show and get as much of a thrill out of the audience response to the amazing theatrics and staging as I do the performances themselves. Some of my favourite moments were hearing the Omaha crowd roar as the screen split open to reveal solo Bono singing "Love Is All We Have Left" in the middle of the arena; seeing fans at the e-stage lose it at hearing "Acrobat"; watching unsuspecting people at the back of GA react in disbelief that they're now front row for an Edge performance during "Pride"; seeing Bono so moved at the Omaha crowd singing "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" back to him. It already feels like a U2 anthem, and the response speaks to how great Songs of Experience is.
I was excited to meet Bono's best friend and collaborator Gavin Friday during a Starbucks run (Omaha's a small town!) and have the opportunity to tell him how brilliant the show is. One of the highlights for me is actually a performance of his, rather than the band's: his cover of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" that plays over an animated comic that tells the story of U2's Faustian bargain with Macphisto. I wrote my undergraduate thesis 18 years ago on an overlap between William Blake's "The Book of Urizen" and a 10-issue series of a popular comic book. To see U2 and Gavin pulling together Blake's poetry and the graphic novel format and this masterpiece of an album is all so cool and layered and intriguing. The show is already very emotionally charged, and then Bono dedicated "13 (There Is a Light)" to the students of Santa Fe High School, the site of the latest mass school shooting in the U.S. He spoke very earnestly about what happened just the day before the show'.

What did Bono Say?
"I'm here, I'm in Omaha, Nebraska. We love it here, we have friends here… the show's kind of magic, it's kind of special"  (YTBTAM intro).

If You Had To Pick One Song
'And if the terrors of the night
come creeping into your days 
And the world comes, stealing children from your room
Guard your innocence 
From hallucination 
and know that darkness always gathers around the light…'
At the close of tonight's show a special dedication following the school shooting in Texas. 'The next song is a lullaby which we dedicate to the kids of Santa Fe high and we sing it as a prayer of safety for all your children tonight…'

If you were at the show post your review and add your photos below.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Baptized by Bono
    Enjoyed my second show of the tour
    Nothing to stop this being the best day
    Thank you U2 for stopping in Omaha for the U2eiTour! I found out on my birthday week that you were adding a show in Omaha so that was the start of a wonderful eXPERIENCE! My friend and I were lucky enough to have met Mr. Joe O'Herlihy before the show! What a kind soul to oblige us with photos with him! What a genius behind the sound of our beloved band! So grateful!! My friend and I along with a number of other fans waiting in line hoping the band would sign our items experienced Bono driving by waving and a big smile on his face that was totally worth the wait! Maybe next time I will be able to have my "Blackout' letter signed by the band! :-) The concert was fabulous and U2 always gives 110% of their talent, heart and soul! They are the best!! Thank you so much again for coming to Omaha!! You have a lot of friends here!
    Omaha 2018
    Thank you for coming back to Nebraska
    Great Show, Great Friends, Great Family
    What a great night ! Got to reconnect with fellow U2 Fans before the Show. A great Buddy who road tripped with me for the first time in Kansas City in 1987. Took my daughters to their first show. And then Gloria ! My Favorite Track. Visually and Aurally stunning show from beginning to end. The Smiles on my two young adult daughters was worth every cent after the show. Thank You Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam for a lifetime of musical memories for me, my wife and my family ! Omaha 2018 !
    Greatest fans in the world
    This is the first time I've ever been able to go on the road and follow pretty much the entirety of the tour. As excited as I thought I was for the whole experience of hearing and seeing the concerts, equally impressive and worthy of recognition are your die hard fans who leave their jobs, families and lives behind to hit the road with you in order to follow your tours, your music and your messages. They sing your songs and live your anthem. I had no idea until this tour. The dedication and commitment of these people who do it year after year and tour after tour is inspiring. They do it not just to see the concerts but to contribute to the U2 family of fans to make sure people have tickets , let the band know about a kid's birthday, queue up a general admission line that is run respectfully and amazingly well organized and, of course, form the relationships and friendships that can only be compared to siblings who get along without fighting. You know, the kind of stuff that every mother dreams of. As a band, a Brand, an organization or even industry that U2 has morphed into, that ought to make you proud. You've inspired a sense of community and unity and through your music and messages, your fans really are One. Omaha illustrated that by bringing out the best of the locals and attracting the most loyal of followers. Thank you for setting the example .
    Impromptu Road Trip
    After attending opening night in Tulsa, I’ve been obsessed with getting to experience another night of the tour. I saw that GA seats were available and we hit the road for a 7.5 hr roadtrip to Omaha! And this time I saw Bono arrive to the arena ahead of the show and was also able to get a closer than I’ve ever been to the stage last night - what an unbelievable experience! Thanks for putting on amazing shows night after night! Loved it!
    Biggest U2 fan in Omaha
    Great show in Omaha. By far the greatest rock band of all time. Very special moment.
    The Grace
    My daughter is Grace graduating from high school in two weeks, and she asked to see U2 on this tour because she loves the new album, particularly "Get Out of Your Own Way". This was her second U2 concert and my tenth. We got general admission tickets and arbitrarily picked a spot on the security rail about halfway down the runway. As the concert started with the lights down, Bono started singing "Love Is All We Have Left" (my album favorite) and as the lights come up, we realized he's standing *right in front of us*. It was the concert moment of a lifetime! Unforgettable show, and I'm so thrilled that Grace got the best graduation present imaginable. Thanks U2!
    EL PASO ♥️‘n U2 in Omaha
    what a great 4 days on the road with u2 2 in vegas 2 in LA! and i forgive the forum for the parking nightmare music over rules all
    I saw U2 the last time they hit Omaha. That was a show I'll never forget! I'll be there again, heart thumping, eyes glued to the stage, at one with the music. These guys are true rock stars--the kind that sets your soul on fire in a good way!
    Denver, please!
    I first saw U2 at Mile High Stadium during the Zoo TV tour. It was my first rock concert (I was 12 years old). Up until last year, I have seen U2 on every tour. I was sad that there was no Joshua Tree anniversary concert here, but I understood that it was a small tour. This time, though, it's a big tour for a new studio album release. I'm sure there are thousands of U2 fans in Colorado like me who don't have time or money to fly or drive to other cities for concerts. I seriously don't understand why we are being skipped two tours in a row. Please tell me something is in the works! Maybe on the way from LA to Omaha?
    Looking forward to concert
    Last time I saw them live was at Mannheim in 1997. Outdoor venue on a formula race track and steady heavy drizzle almost entire show. But they came out and played full set.
    use google CHROME!
    U2 !
    Awesome that they have added an Omaha show! I saw the Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour in Houston and Kansas City and I'm so glad I don't have to travel this time around.
    I'm so happy U2 will be coming back to Omaha! This made my day!! Thank you!
    There is a God.
    I could not be happier to hear that they added this show.
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