The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Nov 19 2019
Adelaide, AU / Adelaide Oval
with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Tripping Through Your Wires in Adelaide
Hottest night so far with the fifth show of #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019.


A balmy evening after a sweltering day and one great show at the Oval in Adelaide tonight. Once again lots of love going out to the heroic women and men working to keep Australia safe in the face of unprecedented fires.  

Earlier in the day, taking off from Melbourne for Adelaide, the band met with a hundred or so firefighters, posting their thanks online: 'To all the firefighters working so hard across Australia - we salute you.' 

Also tonight, as the screen turned green, white and orange for the start of Trip Through Your Wires, we learned from Larry that the Irish did not invent country music (apparently it was an Australian, name of Keith Urban) and from Adam that the Irish did invent the ejector seat (James Martin from Country Down) and from Edge that they also invented the helicopter (Louis Brennan in 1884)… and from Bono…  that they didn't invent the harmonica.


Nathan  Davies in the Adelaide Advertiser. 
'This was, despite the giant tele, a restrained show. No pyrotechnics, not extended solos, not even much banter – all things that bands who've been around for more than 40 years often use to disguise the fact that they might not sound as good as they used to. The music did the talking.  U2 is a band that has found itself the target of cynical barbs thrown by jaded critics and the cool crowd. Bono's outspoken activism, the Apple Music stunt that saw an undeletable record installed on people's phones and other incidents over the years have all seen plenty of shade aimed their way.At their core, however, they're four guys who figured out how to create a truly unique sound and wrote some incredible songs, and that's something worth celebrating….'

'Macphisto' for 'U2gigs
Today, U2 performed in Adelaide for the first time since 16 November 2006. U2 have not been regular visitors to the city of churches: not only is this show almost 13 years to the day since their last visit, but that show was 13 years to the day precisely since the one before that, on 16 November 1993. I Will Follow remained in the setlist after its tour debut in Melbourne. Bad, however, was dropped from the set today. Out of the 55 shows played to date across the Joshua Tree Tours of 2017 and 2019, this show is just the seventh to not feature Bad. The only tour on which U2 have performed Bad in Adelaide remains Lovetown, when it appeared at both gigs on 27 and 28 Ocrtober 1989. Instead of using Bad to thank Australia's firefighters for their recent heroic efforts, Bono gave them a shout-out in Pride. Running to Stand Still was slightly extended today, ending with a few hallelujahs not unlike the ZooTV version. The outro of Beautiful Day again featured a shout-out to Beehrouz Boochani. In I Still Haven't Found, Bono followed his usual call of "take us to church!" with a mention of Adelaide's nickname of "the city of churches" (it is worth noting here that the nickname first emerged in reference to the diversity of faiths practiced in Adelaide, not the number of sacred buildings). Before Trip Through Your Wires, Bono did his lengthiest chat with the band yet, reprising the theme of Irish inventions that he first raised in Brisbane. All band members featured in this conversation, with Larry talking at length about flavoured potato chips.'

On Facebook :
Chris Sedgmen : 'Fantastic concert, my 14 yr old daughter thought it was brilliant . That screen is something else, amazing!!'

Jenny Esots : 'U2 was in full flight. Amazing graphics and epic rendition of their Joshua Tree album. My highlight was One Tree Hill with the dynamite I Will Follow still packing a punch after all these years'. 

On Instagram :
amandavashelton : 'No words...just bloody awesome..Red Zone rocked..and you guys are the greatest. I couldn't stop smiling and watching in awe..thank you so much x'

martin.nn : 'Best show yet on the tour, can't wait to Sydney in two days watch for the Swedish flag'

On Twitter :
@U2FAN22 : 'What a show. Thought the band was having a lot of fun tonight in Adelaide'

@atu2 : "That was interesting" - Bono during the intro. Let's just say Edge hit an "interesting" note while playing the intro. 
23. Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way 

‘Take us to church now… City of Churches… C.mon!' (ISHFWILF)

‘How many of us think that our country is God's Country? Surely this comes close…. thank you for making us guests of the nation… thanks for having us!

‘Bgans', (commenting on the @U2 instagram of a Larry thumbs up to Adelaide) : I look at that picture and see a mug of tea... He's in his office. And appears to be having so much fun there.'

Here's the complete set list and if you were at the Adelaide Oval tonight, tell us all about it. 

Add your own review and photos below.




    Bad in Mumbai - Give Peace A Chance...
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    Adelaide U2
    May 2021 Reminiscing in COVID-19 times about my last concert. Hard to believe. Thankfully it was a brilliant show and the memories are still with me.
    Greatest Show in Adelaide
    U2, Thanks for inviting us into your family. The atmosphere was amazing. Everything about the concert worked. You guys still sound on top of your game. Still singing the songs from the show. The sound was crystal clear from where we were standing in GA. Everyone standing around us were blown away by the songs.. Thankyou
    A Fantastic Show
    Saw them for the first time in 1985 in small basketball stadium called Appollo stadium, and since then I always said that is the best concert I ever saw but what I saw on Tuesday night has come very close to it just a great atmosphere great storytellers just a great show
    Amazing Unforgettable Show
    Tears of joy, lots of singing and dancing, there is a reason that U2 are still the greatest band on the planet, performing their greatest album as well as songs throughout their stellar musical.journey, this will be a show not easily forgotten, thank you Bono, Adam, Larry & The Edge
    Closing song
    Seeing as the band are playing a lot of the classic back catalogue along with the Joshua Tree album, i think it would be a fitting finish to close the concert down with a little bit of "40" to hear a crowd, once more belt out continuous lines of "how long to sing this song"
    Fingers Crossed
    Travelled to Dublin to watch the show 2 years ago when I had a kidney infection but missed out when I went down with Sepsis, (still have the unused tickets). Couldn't believe it when I heard they were touring the Joshua Tree on the other side of the world, so looking forward to watching the show in Sydney this time and fingers crossed I don't fall ill again.
    Best Show on Earth
    Two years ago I went on my Pilgrimage to Dublin Ireland to fulfill my ambition to see U2 play The Joshua Tree in its entity, supported with my childhood hero Noel Gallagher. Never would I have thought we would have the privilege of having this show (including Noel) brought to Australia. So now it to has come, it’s a just mind blowing. As I travelled to the other side of the world to see it last time, what’s going across to Melbourne for a second dose of this masterpiece. Once this is done bring on Achtung Baby 30 year anniversary tour. Just make sure Australia is on the bill, don’t leave us hanging.
    Can’t wait
    Have been to every Australian concert and it’s been a long long wait.
    First time
    hopefully is this my second concert in Australia
    What a trip!
    I was fortunate enough to see The Joshua Tree Tour literally on the other side of the world, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Can't believe it's now finally coming to my home town!
    can't wait
    I've been waiting a very very long time to hear this news. I've been singing the album ever since I heard the news
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