The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Dec 4 2019
Tokyo, JP / Saitama Super Arena


'Konbanwa' said Bono, trying out a little Japanese ('Good evening') and taking a breath at the end of New Year's Day. The Saitama Super Arena erupted with joy in response, setting the tone for another special show.
'Thank you for your patience, thank you for waiting around ...
There's no good reason for why we haven't been  back with you more… we feel we have a deep  connection with Japan.
This song is from an album called The Unforgettable  Fire. It began its life with some anti-war drawings  done by Japanese children, to remind us all what fear looks like and the primacy of peace. 
This song is about letting go of some things while holding on even tighter to others… it's  called Bad.'

The band first played here in 1983, when they visited that exhibition The Unforgettable Fire, which became the title of their fourth studio album, a year later. 
Tonight Bad once again metamorphosed into Bowie's 'Heroes', becoming 'a prayer in the dark for peace in this region and around the world. 
Can we give thanks for the peace makers? The unsung heroes. The women and men who day after day wage peace not war, the stars we never see 
Can we take a moment, a prayer, in the dark to  think about these unsung heroes ?
Let's bring them into this moment...'

First night back in Tokyo since 2006  was also memorable for the launch of U2X RADIO, as the band walked back onstage for 'Elevation' - and ere broadcast into Howard Stern's show in the US.

'…going  live to New York from Tokyo
Let them hear you sing 
First transmission 
Let them hear ya 
Are you ready to get elevated
ready to get radiated
Howard Stern, Can ya hear us 
Why so… Sirius XM?'

'This green, white and orange, this would be the Irish flag, as painted by the great Dutchman Anton Corbijn, who is here tonight! … from the very beginning he has tried to say visually what we're trying to do with our sound… Larry, how would you describe Anton Corbijn?


'the funkiest photographer I have ever met'

'a Dutch Master'

'I have spent most of my life trying NOT to hang out with people as TALL as Anton Corbijn!'

'Bonoman' for German U2 fan site @U2Tour wrote : 
'Recently, the first U2 concert ended in the Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo. For (9) o'clock local time the band had announced a short live stream on Facebook with "some news from the band", which provided in advance for neat speculation.  A few hours before the beginning of the concert, the band started wild speculation among the fans with this announcement… Already at (1) o'clock local time had formed long queues in front of the merchandise stalls; the waiting people were led in groups in the sales area, in which the articles were partly presented in detail by the salesmen. No trace of hustle and bustle, everything ran very smoothly and orderly, courtesy of queuing in Japan is apparently not a cliché, but pleasant reality… After 25 songs, the first of two U2 concerts in Tokyo ended. Our on-site crew reported a fantastic atmosphere with a lyrically accurate audience, which went along with each song, but overall was a bit more restrained. In other words, the audience celebrated, but the Japanese mentality was noticeable from time to time - which should not be considered negative. The atmosphere in the hall was very intimate…'

@Glicco : はぁぁぁあああ?ユーツーてこんなかっこいいの!?!?想像を軽く越えてきたわ!!!これで2万とか完全にバーゲンセールやん!! 感謝しかないわ!来日してくれてありがとう!!
(translated via google translate ) : Haaaaaa It 's so cool! ? ! ? I've lightly exceeded my imagination! ! ! … I can only thank you! Thank you for coming to Japan! !

@Duke_of_Gondor : 13年ぶりのU2最高すぎて泣いた。やはり俺にとって、現役バンドではメタリカと双璧をなすくらい好きなんだと再確認。 ボノ、今が一番ボーカルが上手いのではないか。きっと枯れていると思っていたから、あまりにうれしい誤算だった。
(translated via google translate) : Cryed because U2 was the best after 13 years. Again, I reaffirmed that I like the active band as much as Metallica. Bono, isn't my best vocal now? I was sure it was dead, so it was a very miscalculation.

There are rumours an actual Earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter Scale hit the Saitama area the moment Larry began belting out the opening beat to Sunday Bloody Sunday tonight… coincidence? (source : @U2Start) 

Here's the complete set list  and if you were at second show at the Kallang SG tonight, tell us all about it. 

Add your own review and photos below. 



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    Bad in Mumbai - Give Peace A Chance...
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    Thank you for giving us a great life wit
    Thank you for coming back to Japan. Thank you for bringing the Joshua Tree Tour to Japan. I have been your fan for 32 years. When I've got stuck in a moment, your music always get me out of it. Thank you for giving us a great life with U2!!!
    I'm from California and planning on gett
    I was fortunate enough to see two shows in Dublin on the last tour and would love another chance at seeing the greatest band in the world! Can't wait to meet new U2 fans there!
    Potential Travel Buddy
    Who will be coming from the USA? I may be doing this trip solo and would love to meet up with some U2 Family!
    One love One blood One life From Hong Kong
    I have been waiting for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing you in December. Good health.
    Always had path crossing and never had chance to them live. Dream comes true when you strongly believe in realizing it. I am waiting for this moment and share it w/ Japanese people but i am sure, with people coming from across the globe. Music has no frontier.
    Tokyo A Dream!!
    Booked and waiting to get tickets!!
    Welcome boys!!
    I can't believe that 13years passed away from Vertigo tour in Japan. I clearly remember these days as yesterday. U2, you have united us as one in the week. You have changed my life in a good way. This 13years are very important for me because of you. Thank you for coming to Japan again. I can see you only after 160 days! Awesome!!!
    Dream comes true.
    I'm a fan from China and working &living in Japan now. When I was a little girl, I just dreamed that I can go to watch U2's live some day.U2's music give me too much courage and power.I've dreamed it for over ten years. But I know it's impossible in China cause a lot of reasons.Maybe there'll be a chance in Japan I thought, l chosen to work in Japan some years ago.And when I heard the news yesterday I just cried. I'll be 30 years old when the live is held.I've dreamed so long and the dream finally come s true.Thank you guys! I can't wait to see you!
    I'm so excited.
    When I was a teenager, I was shocked by your wonderful music and I have grown together ever since. I went to all the concerts in Japan. And 13 years ago, I also went to a concert. I was able to meet by chance in Roppongi. Dreamy time. I look forward to seeing you again in Japan.
    See you there!
    I have joined Zoo TV and POPMART in Tokyo Dome and Vertigo in Saitama Super Arena. As U2 have skipped Japan with a few tours, I am so happy to see them with The Joshua Tree Tour. But, to be honest, ie or ei are also expected so much in here!
    I will be there
    I am from South Italy .Even Tokyo is very far and very expensive ,I'll be at Saitama Super Arena.I've been following Bono and U2 for 30 years.I've never had the pleasure to meet them closely but only far on the stage singing.I hope my dream will come true in Tokyo...I really want to meet Bono
    Righting an egregious historical wrong
    Thanks, U2 for allowing me to right an egregious historical wrong! I had gotten some excellent tickets to the Vertigo tour in Saitama through the fan club and, after bigging up the band relentlessly, made a date with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, she had to work overtime at a new job and couldn't make it! I had to go without, rather than with, her. (Bit of an emotional moment during THAT song...) Ouch! So now, twelve years later, my WIFE is able to come! (She married me despite her disappointment,,,) I will admit, though, that we have committed some hi-fidelity infidelity since then with other bands but, ever since the Unforgettable Fire tour with Lone Justice in Ottawa, Canada, at the Ottawa Civic Centre in the mid-80s--still one of the most moving concert experiences of my life but strangely missing from the tour page (did you guys forget us?)--my heart has belonged to U2. And so, with that, I can assure Mr. or Ms. u2nunes that, should you propose, I have no doubt your loved one will say: "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" (but maybe in Spanish....) Perhaps the boys will dedicate 'One' to you just to make sure....
    Japanese fan's meeting french ones
    Hi guys i ve dreaming of tokyo for years and this will be my first time... Hope we ll find some japanese friends to meet there... Ans peobably to give some helpfull information to manage our first trip to japan
    Marriage Propose in U2 Japonese Concert
    U2 is something that has been part of my life for more than 30 years ... I always travel to foreing countries to stay in the front line in it's shows (last year, USA and Germany twice)... Months ago, I decided to have holidays in Japan next december and, during the trip, propose my girlfriend in marriage ... But, than, yesterday I was surprised with the announcement of the Asian tour. And just on the right days that I booked to stay in Tokyo are the concert dates. So, by now, I have no doubt: I will ask her to marry during the concert of the biggest band in the world!!! Thanks for this unthinkable opportunity!!! God bless U2, the tour and all the fans...
    It’s a beautiful day!
    Big thanks for coming & bringing the tour to Japan! I have first seen U2 concerts in 2006 in Japan, and another ones in Australia in 2010. It’s still like a dream that the tour has been announced today, I will be joining into the rock’n roll show in NZ and Japan with my uncle same as last time, see you there! : )
    I have been waitting for 13 years,thank
    Thabk you for coming back to JAPAN. I've been waitting for 13 yeras. HARUHIKO
    I have been waitting for 13 years,thank
    Thank you for coming to JAPAN again. I've been waiting for 13 years,thankyou. haru
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