‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 4 2022
Boston, MA, US / Orpheum Theatre
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Well done
I am a life long U2 since Boy tour days in Boston w BCN introducing me to this new sound of youthful angst. This show was a nice intimate look into Bono and what made him and drives him. Worth seeing even if not a huge fan. The themes of tension and loss w father and mother , the love of his life, his wife and the making of lifetime of friendships are something anyone’s can relate to-
Moment of Surrender
Bono is one of the great orators of our time. he brings you on a musical journey (Larry's words) that he has travelled on so far. Outstanding storytelling, intermingle with songs and interactions between people (all parts played by Bono) and you can't but help to feel you are right next to him through his triumphs, heartaches and revelations. The magic of Bono/U2 is their ability to let you be part of their experiences, in essence you share it with them and others. Bono has many talents and is superb at using them in this arena. After seeing this performance, and I am not sure performance is the right word, because Bono makes you think he is speaking to you about his life in his parlor; you are a friend or better yet a long-lost cousin. One of the best shows I have ever been to, and I have been to a few over the decades (25+). If you get a chance to see this show I highly recommend it.
Very special show!
Like SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY, Bono did a wonderful job of narrating highlights from his new autobiography and illustrating them with both songs and projected drawings. He's been a hero of mine for 40 years, so I was thrilled to have seen the "Bono Show" in Boston on only the second night of a very limited tour. I brought my wife of 25 years to the show without telling her where we were going (a little mischief of my own). Needless to say, she was delighted! 35 years ago, when we were dating, I had taken her to see original The Joshua Tree tour, too. The music of Bono and U2 have been part of the soundtrack of our lives ever since. No phones or photos were allowed inside the venue, so here's one from the outside...
Thank you, Bono, Thank you Maestro
Beautiful night to never forget. Love, tears, encouragement. Laughters, all in one, one spirit. Couldn’t imagine my life with your songs, with your words of wisdom that came staticky from the heart and mesmerize our souls. Humbling experience tonight, so glad we flew to be here in Boston tonight with you. What an honor, what a joy. Grazie Mile Maestro. Can’t wait to see you again.
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