‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 12 2022
San Francisco, CA, US / Orpheum Theatre
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Amazing Night
Drove from LA and we were rewarded for our effort. Always imagined hanging out with the band drinking Guinness and listening to their stories, That’s how it felt. Simply amazing. Definitely one of the highlights of my life.
Bono your show at the orpheum theatre in San Francisco was amazingly spectacular any part of U2 never disappoint infact there was a couple in back of me crying when the show ended!!! My friend n I went to a bar you love across from the bookstore you showed up at that day but you didn't show up on well!!! Hope to see you all together for Vegas minus Larry of course. Please be reasonable with your ticket prices I'm on a very fixed income n I can't miss this!!! Love you guys!!!
Artistry, poetry, integrity and mischief
All I can say what a powerful and candid show it was. It truly took my breath away as Bono made us laugh, cry and kept us all engaged at The Orpheum Theatre. His voice is as powerful and beautiful as ever, and when Bono sang Torna a Surriento in Italian, he moved me to tears. Thank you Bono for bearing your soul and sharing your heart with us over all these years. What a wonderful soul it is.
Great Night!
We attended the San Francisco stop of the Bono's book tour and it was a great night. He told stories (I assume are in the book) which revealed very personal memories, and he was funny, witty, introspective, and very much an entertainer. He also sang accompanied by amazing musicians with just a cello, keyboard, and percussion, and he used the sparse stage very effectively. I only wish I could experience it again.
Bono Surrender San Francisco
Last night was one of the top experiences in my life. It was funny, sad, poetic, Bono sang and sounded amazing! He talked about his life - how his wife saved his life, how his mom died when he was 14, how his father was towards him, his band mates and how they started and what it’s been like. He told about his heart problem and his open heart surgery in 2016, and so much more. He sang songs in ways they would never do in concert - he only had a woman playing the cello and another playing the harp and keyboards - so you can imagine what it sounded like. It was brilliant! It was a small theater - so it was like a private concert. It was unreal! An amazing experience I will cherish.
What a delight
My husband and I didn’t know what to expect, but were happily rewarded. Bono stripped bare for all to see! New interpretations of classic songs, bare bones staging, and brutal honesty combined to give both of us a deeper appreciation of the man, and the band we’ve loved since the early ‘80’s. Check it out, if you get the chance.
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