‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 21 2022
Dublin, D, IE / 3Olympia Theatre
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Beautiful day
Fantastic night
Absolutely Sublime!
This show is a phenomenal achievement! After all these years Bono has shown more colours to his pallet than us fans knew existed. Part comedy, part tragedy, with a whole load of resilience and triump of spirit mixed in! I can only hope an official release will follow. For anyone needing reminding of why / how they fell in love with U2 and Bono, this is your one stop shop! Bono's voice took centre stage laid bare over sparse and at times beautifully haunting arrangements, and yet has never sounded as powerful. I hope U2 explore this sparse and musically raw route going forward! The time is now! Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry and the wider family and crew. You too have given us a great life in times when we needed it most!
Bono and his one man show. What a Fanta
What a great evening. Funny and sad and perfectly over the top. Just Bono being his entertaining self from start to finish. Lovely new interpretations of some old U2 classics as well, with cello and harp. As for the greeting “anything strange or startling”. I remember my own dad using that phrase many times as well. Similar vintage old Dublin I imagine. Thanks for a brilliant evening in Dublin.
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