U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Oct 11 2023
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli the PSM

'Achtung, y'all!'

Night six in Vegas and here's what went down.

It might have been a humdrum, mid-week evening elsewhere, but not inside Sphere in Las Vegas for the sixth U2:UV show, where Wednesday had more than a bit of 'grand madness' in it.

The band shook up their setlist again during the second act — switching out 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For', 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)', and 'MLK' and adding back in 'All I Want Is You', 'Desire', 'Angel of Harlem', and 'Love Rescue Me'.

There were also a few new lyrical snippets sprinkled throughout the 22-song set, including Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic', (dedicated to Larry Mullen Jr.), Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone', 'Invisible Sun' and 'Can't Stand Losing You' by the Police, and U2's own 'Moment of Surrender' leading into 'Where The Streets Have No Name'.

The evening came to a close with lyrics from The Beatles' 'Blackbird' — 'You were only waiting for that moment to arrive' - as the final strains of 'Beautiful Day' played.

What Bono Said

'Look where we go to work — the place is a wonder. Grand madness…that's what we need from art, sometimes.'

'We've learned so much from your country — blues, gospel, shit we knew nothing about.'

'The only thing Adam Clayton cannot do is laugh and play bass.'

'My name is St. Peter. Welcome to heaven!...You're beautiful. All God's creatures, beautiful! Look atcha! Beautiful!'

In the Press

'U2 are due as much credit, if not more, for taking the plunge as for their triumphant tour de force…. In a week where we saw the worst of what humanity is capable of, there's comfort in the transcendent power of music and the wondrous new cathedrals that celebrate the fusion of raw emotion, technical mastery and limitless imagination.' — Marion McKeone in The Business Post (Ireland)

'U2 at The Sphere will melt your brain… the power of one of the world's biggest bands using the world's most high-tech music venue to its highest capacity to blow minds. And blow minds it did.' — 98.5 FM (Boston)

On the Socials

'U2 just won at best concert ever. I don't know how anybody is going to better this.' —@EddieBiddle on X

'Unexpected @u2 joy tonight. Each night is unique and it'll take a while to process this one. First time GA with my bestie! @spherevegas is “not an Elvis chapel — it's an Elvis cathedral and we are in flirtatious form!” — @elysia1 on Instagram

'Feeling very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to the states and see the incredible U2 at The Sphere in Vegas. To echo Bono's sentiment at the end of the show, we need to look after all the beautiful animals on our planet so it can indeed be a 'Beautiful Day'.'— Professor Noel Fitzpatrick on Facebook

'Yes, Bono, that was Las Vegas on a WEDNESDAY NIGHT! @U2 #SphereVegas' — @JulieLB on X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'That reveal during “With Or Without You” is one of the most stunning journeys through the spherical tunnel and continues to leave the audience in awe night after night. Es Devlin's contribution to this show is magnificent'. — Sherry

'I'm here I'm here I'm here!!!! And I'm loving my GA neighbors. So happy!' —AmandaJoy

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.



U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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Me and my brother's first ever U2 show
First U2 show. Achtung Baby. Las Vegas. All of those means we HAD to dress up! Even though I'm late in posting this, it's still hard to believe we got to see this band live. This was such a surreal experience. We hope to do it again.
Met my Best Friend/Ride or Die in Vegas for this show :)
Cannot wait to return in Feb’24
It has been a month since I saw U2 three times at The Sphere. I took this photo of Bono and it is my fave photo because it really captures what was possible with that screen. Truly surreal and a must-see. U2 was AMAZING. Of course they are that without the production. But the combo is mindblowing. Going back for two more shows in February..Thanks U2, for always pushing the boundaries of what is possible!
U2 at the Vegas Sphere!
Incredibly unique show and venue! Loved it ❤️
Oct 8 Show
The Sphere is certainly magical. The acoustics were great. Mind blowing visuals. This fan of 42 years was in awe!
Never going to top this!
I don't know how any band could ever top this performance. Sphere is an incredible place to see the world greatest band. I hope they extend their time there, I wanna go again and again. Thanks U2 and The Sphere for a night I will never forget.
The Fly in "Vegas" Mode
October 11th Show
Absolute heaven
This had to be one of the most amazing shows I have ever attended!!! Great show great friends great venue!!!
Still coming down…
This show was like coming up for oxygen after holding your breath. I went a week ago and I am still floating in the reverb. The amazing visuals paired with the glorious sound quality redefines the concert experience. I am forever grateful for the experience of being there and being able to see it firsthand. Thank you, gentlemen.
Double Oh!
I was a tad skeptical a large LED screen could fill in for the band’s typically large and elaborate tour stages, but I was amazed by it. It was truly stunning. But it wouldn’t be as stunning if the content wasn’t so gorgeous and we’ll produced (although, no spoilers, my wife couldn’t watch the Love Is Blindness visuals, I was cool with it, but get it). And the sound was amazingly clear. It was also nice to see a show with the band together in such close proximity for the whole night. On previous tours they seemed to get spread out a bit much. I was GA center at the back with a great view, not sure how it was upstairs.
Heaven on earth
My brain went into overload processing everything visually. Words can’t describe what I experienced.
Oct 11 show: I died and went to heaven
Omg no words… just blown away from the first second of the Lemon remix which built up the anticipation even more… LOVED the addition of visuals on Oct 11. Ultraviolet… so beautiful. WOWY is truly an amazing piece of art and should win awards. I loved the subtle climate change messaging in the visuals. The ACOUSTIC set was unreal!!! So good and touching. Bono is the best front man in the world. His voice is great and Edge, Adam, Bram really rocked it. This was show #3 for me. I had seats for Oct7, GA for Oct 8. The show was GREAT from seats in section 305 but for me GA beats everything and it did that for me on Oct 8,11. If this residency is extended I want to return. And for me the regular GA Venetian pkg was worth it… I don’t like Las Vegas and next time only want to come for the show and some good food.
Add more of the band member shots to the
There are long stretches of the Sphere show where you can never see the actual band unless you are standing in GA or in VIP close seating. Most of us are far away from the small stage and the guys are tiny onstage. The visuals are cool but we feel disconnected from the live band. Literally every concert you go to has near constant closeup of the band so you can vibe their energy. Sphere visuals go long stretches without featuring the band members. Huge miscalculation by the production dept.
From Italy to Paradise!!!!!
Amazin gig guys! OMG! My first one was Torino 2001 and saw U2 an all upcoming tour since that year! For this one we travel from Milan to Vegas only for 3 days just to see this: UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank you all!!! Thanks U2!!!!
U2 Changing History Again
I was at the June 1983 concert at Red Rocks and was very privileged to see U2 change the landscape of music and music videos. What a concert! Can't wait to see U2 change music history again on the 25th of Oct!
One Love
It's a beautiful day...from our engagement to wrapping it with the greatest band of all time! Mauro and Jamie! #u2uvsphere
October 8, 1961. my birthday!
WOW! Best U2 show Ive seen. Just amazing. On the floor 12 feet from stage. Before last song Bono said "And Mr Frank, Happy Birthday" Not sure how he knew or if he was talking to me but made it extra fun! Aloha Frank Hagan
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