U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Nov 1 2023
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli the PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #15

'Wednesday is the new Friday...' 

'Angel of Harlem' took the place of 'When Love Comes To Town' tonight while there were plenty of new snippets including Simple Minds' 'New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)',  Harry Styles' 'Sign of the Times' and Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' as well as a lengthy spin through Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic'. There was also a moment for two U2 song snippets, 'Landlady', and 'Gloria', which closed the show as Bono bid the audience goodnight: 'You're beautiful'.

What Bono Said

'We like to think that the sphere is kind of the shape of Brian [Eno]'s brain — the perfect marriage of art and science….We're not betting men, but we would make a bet on the marriage of art and science that is the Sphere'.

'I think U2 are involved in a committed relationship with our audience. Our lives are bound together….Other bands, they like you… but we LOVE ya. Look how you love us back, look at the life you've given us, it's wondrous. Thank you for the life you've given us and the freedom...'

Shout Outs

To B.B. King, while introducing 'Angel of Harlem', to the late, great Joe Strummer, 'in our heart and on our minds', during 'Elevation'.

To Bob Dylan, while introducing 'Love Rescue Me', a song 'we wrote and recorded with [him] as opposed to robbing it'.

To Brian Eno, 'who is playing his first shows in 10 years this last week or so…we owe him so much'.

On the Socials

'U2 FOREVER Hard to even explain how amazing this concert is' — @PalmerReport on X

'THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BANANAS!' — @BuffaloBobSlots on YouTube

'Esto es una maldita maravilla!@SphereVegas #U2 (English translation: This is a damn marvel!)' — @gvlo2008 on X

'WOWY. A religious experience. #U2UVSphere' — @InstantKarma510 on X

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.

Photo credit: Rich Fury


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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This indoor arena is the FUTURE for music concerts and who know=s what else. I feel that the Sphere REINTRODUCED me to U2. I cannot wait o see what other artist are brave enough to follow U2 next year. Awesome concert Awesome time!!!!!
Nov 1 2023
I saw U2 in the Phoenix Park in August 1983 and at least once on every tour since in 1985, 1987, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2015, 2017,2018 and now Vegas, 2 feet from the stage on Nov 1 2023. The graphics were awesome but the band and the set were the stars for me. I had the Edge in front of me unobstructed for 2 1/2 hours. I'm lost for words. Thank you.
I come all the way from Brazil just to see the concert for one night. I’ve been an U2 fan the launch of Acthung Baby in the 90’s. It was a fantastic experience!!!
Foi incrível ver u2 inaugurar este palco meu irmão bono é o maior
My 100th U2 gig
What a special night! My first U2 gig was 17 April 1992! Now 30 years later hearing this album live Is a dream realized! Two Hearts ? Seconds ? Absolutely amazing! Epic set list change!
Honestly a once in a lifetime experience
Four days later I am still buzzing from seeing the Sphere show. I honestly feel like I have seen something that for generations will be talked about, a genuine once in a lifetime event. I have seen U2 play regularly throughout my life, the first time was when you were promoting Pride. The second was ZooTv and I got to see the first time you ever played without the original 4, when Adam had the party-flu.. cough. A couple of other times ensued and whilst I always admired the fact the band had stayed relevant, my interest sort of left me somewhat. Not so much interest in the band, but interest in going to 'big' shows at stadiums. Shitty sound, the crush getting in and out, and if you wanted to sit down, it means looking at the band through binoculars. When I read about the Sphere, given I have made my career within the film / video world, it really seemed to me that no matter who was going to play there first, it was going to be worth going to. U2 I admit seemed like the perfect choice. As excited as I was to see the show, nothing could prepare me for what I saw and heard - because there has never been anything like it before, no even remotely close. Every aspect of the show was jaw droopingly good. Something I was particularly impressed with was how the band did not get lost amongst the spectacle of it all. More than any show before, I noticed the performance or rather how good the performance of the band was. Even amongst all those incredible visuals... the band really was always at the forefront. I got no idea if any of the band reads these comments, but I want to sincerely say thank you. You have provided a soundtrack to my life and now you have given me something I will take forever with me - A true once in a lifetime experience.
Rob S
The Sphere is advertised on its visuals but it’s the sound that defines it. U2 are the all time great live band, this venue presents them at their best. Most importantly they still sound awesome and can generate the intimacy in their songs that connects with everyone. 2 hours i will never forget.
Wednesday November 1, 2023
My second sphere show
U2:UV 11/1
I can’t even begin to describe the U2:UV concert at the Sphere. As Bono said, the Sphere is the coming together of Art and Science. Pictures don’t do it justice. It was a total sensory experience. Words and pictures can’t describe it. I’ve reads hundreds of posts and looked at many photos on this site - it doesn’t scratch the surface of what it’s like to be here. If you’ve thought about going to see U2:UV - make it happen. It is a once in a lifetime adventure. Sound: 146,000 speakers - we have never heard a better performance from any musicians at any venue. The band was excellent. Bono’s voice was incredible. Adam, Edge and Bram each sounded awesome. They were very engaged with each other and with the audience. Visuals: Stunning, amazing quality but second to the band. The screen was immense and really accented the music without overwhelming it. It was totally immersive. The deconstruction of Las Vegas was intense. Emotion: I’ve followed U2 since 1983 and saw them in 1984 and 1985 for the first time. Like most in this group their music evokes memories and feelings of different periods of my life. Seeing them live is a privilege. While the entire concert was unbelievable, ending Beautiful Day with a snippet of Gloria took me back to listening to Under a Blood Red Sky and doing my best 16 year old imitation of Bono. Sphere is a technological marvel - and many bands and musicians will be able to take advantage of this cathedral to music. Just go! Achtung Baby! #u2uvsphere
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