Birmingham, GB / Odeon Theatre



11 June, 2015
Sarah & Ruth
My Sister and I were at this concert. Although we knew U2 (our friend Mick was mad about them) we hadn't seen them before and it was pure fluke that we did. A friend of ours had tickets - she couldn't go - so we had her tickets - BOOM!....... and the rest is a very happy history. We have been devoted ever since. Still have my ticket stub too!! I would love to see them in a small venue like that again, but ultimately just happy they are still here making really good music. Looking forward to London.
26 September, 2014
Wont forget this Gig....
Bam!!...Out of Control opens the gig and crowd all standing in the stalls (an all seated venue), just go mad pogo-ing in unison...What an introduction to the best live band ive seen in the 30 years since then. Great memory..Thanks Lads.
03 March, 2012
First show...
My first U2 show !! Now, 30 years later, all growed up now (me and the band too i guess !) seen them many times since, still the best live show around....Still have my ticket stub that i kept as a souvenir of a great night (cost = 3 pounds 50p those were the days !) - I think War was just out (?) I know they played much of the set from that album if I recall correctly
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