Unforgettable Fire

Philadelphia, PA, US / Tower Theater
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05 February, 2020
Life changer!
My first U2 show with my friend Spade. Now I'm at 70 shows. Life changer! Mike O'Donnell West Chester, PA
10 March, 2010
Tower Theatre Dec. 1984
I remember driving to the Tower theatre with my friend Linda via Market Street; praying We would make it there alive. A band called The Alarm opened the show. The lead singer had a similar Mullet haircut like Bono. He sounded a little like Bono but not as good. I only knew both these bands from watching MTV late at night with VJ Mark Goodman; formally of Wmmr in Phila. I enjoyed MTV in the early 80's when they played only music videos. There was such excitement when U2 came on stage. There was nothing fancy on stage just the band and their instruments. It was like seeing a great band in your High School Gym. The first two songs were powerful; then Bono lost his voice on the third song. His mouth was moving but nothing was coming out. The audience chimmed in and sand the words for him. His voice finnally came around a song or two later. He thanked the "City of Brotherly Love" for helping him through. I later found out on the radio from Dj's; WMMR John DeBella or Pierre Robert that Bono had just finished recording "Do They Know It's Christmas" ? video and record the day before. It was a great show. It was so cool to see a great band in such a small venue. I knew that they were headed to the Big Times after seeing them. I've been hooked ever since. Can't wait to see them this summer. They are probably the best live band i ever seen; Pink Floyd a close second. Colleen Vierling Voorhees, NJ
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