Joshua Tree

Dublin, IE / Croke Park
with Light A Big Fire, The Dubliners, The Pogues, Lou Reed 1
Party Girl Live Joshua Tree Tour


brid martyn
09 May, 2010
My first U2 concert.Hitched from Galway with my friend Teresa. We were 18 and paid £12.50 for tickets.We were just blown away by U2. They opened with "Where the streets...I will Follow,Gloria, Bad, New years day.What a night. Bono talked about "COMING HOME TO DUBLIN". Light a big fire,The Dubliners,ThePogues,Lou Reed all played support .We managed to get tickets for the Sunday night and done it all over again. We were up at the front of the stage and Teresa lost her shoes in the crowd and at the end she managed to find two odd shoes to get her home.Oh what memories.
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