The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Minneapolis, MN, US / US Bank Stadium
with Beck 29

Wide Awake In Minneapolis

When & Where

Friday, September 8th 2017, US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis; the 35rd show of the #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 

Set List
'I wanna take shelter, from the hurricane, where the streets have no name'
It was a high-spirited night Friday in the Twin Cities, where the band and the audience exchanged a kind of contagious (and defiant) joy from the first drum beats of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', through the 'The Joshua Tree' album,  to 'One', which closed the six-song encore with a few lines of Prince's 'Purple Rain.' Bono dedicated the show to 'the memory eternal of Prince Rogers Nelson',  Minneapolis' favorite son who passed away in April 2016. There were echoes of the Purple One's musical legacy elsewhere in the third act, with snippets of 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' in the encore opener 'Beautiful Day' and 'Let's Go Crazy' in 'Vertigo.' And for those of you keeping score at home: 'Happy Birthday' made its fifth appearance on The Joshua Tree 2017 tour, when the band serenaded longtime collaborator, show designer and creative director Willie Williams.

Social Posts
@U2Nurse: 'Thrilled to see a diverse age range here at #U2JoshuaTreeTour2017MN. Oldsters hipsters families and kids. Whew...I love this band. They remind me to feel, even tho sometimes it's a lot.'

@larsleafblad: '10 years old when this album came out. 10 year old like joy coming out listening to this concert. #u2minneapolis #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'With or Without You'
'Through the storm, we reach the shore/You gave it all but I want more/And I'm waiting for you'
@michelle_my_belle22: 'Show me someone who doesn't think of their first love when they hear this song, and I'll show you a liar. #U2 #thejoshuatree2017 #withorwithoutyou #Minneapolis'

Whenever Heidi and Andy Chamberlain hear 'WOWY' in the years to come, they'll be thinking of their wedding day and how Bono congratulated them in a shout-out from the stage in front of 50,000 people.
'I was congratulating the Chamberlains because today in the GA queue Heidi and Andrew got married right here. And interestingly—I thought it was pretty cool—Andrew took Heidi's name: Chamberlain. Oh yeah.'

'I didn't think today could be any better and then, of course, Bono finds a way to take it over the top,' the newly-minted Mr. Chamberlain (formerly known as Andrew Johnson) said when we tracked the happy couple down after the show late Friday. 'I was just as surprised to get a shout out at the same concert as Prince!' added the bride. The Chamberlains, both realtors in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, got engaged last Christmas. When they began discussing wedding plans, the conversation gravitated toward U2, said Heidi, 43, a lifelong fan who has seen each tour since 1992. 'Every time I see them, it feels like I'm in church—it's so spiritual,' she said. 'Wouldn't it be cool to have the concert as our wedding night?' 

Heidi and Andy decided they would marry in the church of U2 when the band next played Minnesota. 'We thought we'd have to wait five years for the next tour,” Heidi said. But then the dates for the second North American leg of the Joshua Tree Tour were announced in June and Minneapolis was on the list. 'Andy said, 'We're getting married in three months, aren't we?' They asked their friend to officiate, and quickly pulled together plans for a simple, music-drenched ceremony that would conclude just before GA ticket holders were to begin queuing for the show Friday afternoon. The nuptials opened with 'When Love Comes To Town' and included 'In A Little While,' 'Hallelujah Here She Comes,' 'Ordinary Love,' 'Satellite of Love,' 'Every Breaking Wave,' 'Yahweh,' '40', and the band's new single (Bono's love song about his missus) 'You're The Best Thing About Me.' 

As soon as they were lawfully wed, the Chamberlains joined the GA line and celebrated by sharing dozens of (wedding) cake-flavored Oreo cookies with their queue. News of the 'GA wedding' began to spread through the venue; photos were posted on Twitter, and eventually word reached he lead vocalist himself. A few hours later, Bono's shout-out from the stage caught the newlyweds by surprise. 'I heard him say 'Take us to church. The church of the Chamberlains—newly minted.  (during 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For') and I thought it was just a coincidence,' Andy, 37, said. 'And then when he confirmed that he was talking about us it blew me away….It was the most amazing night of our lives!' 

And that, music fans, is how you get U2 to play your wedding reception. 

What (else) did Bono Say?
Bono dedicated 'One Tree Hill' to Gavin Friday's mother, Annie Hanvey, who passed away Friday in Ireland, saying: 'Tonight we carry in our hearts our friend and comrade Gavin Friday, one of the creative visionaries behind these tours we do. Gavin has just said goodbye for the last time to his mother, Annie Hanvey. Annie was a neighbour of ours growing up, and as well as being our neighbour she was always an heroic character, encouraging our best mate Gavin to be all the people he wanted to be.'

Before the band launched into 'Ultraviolet', Bono talked about how 'incredible women' was a theme now. 'Our partners, our daughters, our mothers, our elected representatives on both sides. Women. We want more women in the political process, is that not right? Men are fucking things up.' Two local Minnesota 'she-roes' were featured Friday among the 'luminous icons' of the HERSTORY installation: Former Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, and Mary Jo Copeland, founder of Sharing and Caring Hands, an organization that works amongst Minneapolis' impoverished communities. 

In his introduction to 'One,' Bono echoed something he'd told Jimmy Fallon the night before when the band performed on 'The Tonight Show': 'This country is not just a country, it's an idea. That's why the whole world has a stake in this idea working out. We love the idea of America. It's still being born this idea…. Allow us to kiss your ass this evening, to say thank you this evening. Thank you, America. …There is nothing you can't do. When you work together. 
As one.'

Review on 
Nejnej09: Amazing. What an amazing performance! Absolutely love this band and everything they stand for and it was an outstanding performance. When they finished the Joshua tree and came back out and did not just a couple of songs but 5 more (note- all you people that left at that point, you really missed out)'

Were you at the show at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis? Tell us all about it. Add your own review and photos below. 

Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017


04 October, 2017
Great to hear Exit again live after 30 y
This show made an even dozen times seeing U2 over the decades, the first being 11/3/87 at the old St. Paul Civic Arena. They have never disappointed me live. Fantastic night from GA.
19 September, 2017
Minneapolis - Joshua Tree - September 8,
Nice work once again gentlemen. 12th U2 concert. 5th show in GA. Thank you for making our new stadium something special. You always make our city feel like we are friends. We appreciate your personal attributes you include in the show every time you visit. This unbelievable relationship began 35 years ago at Uncle Sams. Minneapolis loves you. Thank you for Ultra Violet Light, Bad and One Tree Hill. Hearing my 3 favorite songs in one night, LIVE, was unbelievable. Please return soon. Please stop to say hello to all of us in GA next time. See you again:)
10 September, 2017
Grateful dead fan is now a U2 Fan
Oh my god. It just gets better every time I see this band. I brought my friend with me this time. He could not believe the intensity of the first 6 song. We want to go again!! Thanks guys for a grateful experience is MN. Until next time....Brian. (life long fan)
10 September, 2017
An Experience I Needed
Of course I was immediately blasted with the energy and crispness of New Year’s Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday at the beginning of the show (although I think I would have added I Will Follow to start the arc of the story). But it was the ‘Road’ visual sequence combined with Where the Streets Have No Name that brought me into a meditative awe and awakening joy. This was more than a walk down memory lane with a beloved set of songs. This was a collective reckoning for the band and the fans alike—looking back with what wisdom we have now obtained to discern whether boisterous (and maybe preachy) optimism has, with age, ushered us into a deeper hope for the world or a jaded cynicism. U2 and we joined in a firm repudiation of the despair that has seemed to rule the airwaves lately. These songs. These principles. The God or whatever unconstrained force that gives them their soul. Not faded. Not overcome by the crap. Truly we can be one. One with each other and one with Spirit. There are not too many rock concerts that can give you that.
10 September, 2017
30 years!...
I have tried for 30 years to get to this moment.... thank you Bono, Adam, Larry, & Clayton!!! You made it worthwhile!!! Awesome show to my first U2 concert!!!
09 September, 2017
Awesome concert
Great music, even better people. Joshua Tree is my favorite U2 album of all time and it's great that they played all the songs in order. Thanks for adding Minneapolis to your US tour! (And the great Prince tribute in the end) For all REAL U2 fans - you know that social justice and good causes are always part of their music and concerts. Thanks for promoting the Red Cross and paying tribute to women in leadership/ women pioneers.
09 September, 2017
Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam- Theres is no amount of words I can say to express how much I appreciate all of your songs. Everything from the singles to the deep cuts. I laugh, I cry, I rejoice and many other feelings come to mind when I listen to ur music. I know you guys probably won't see this but I just wanted to try. Me and my best friend Erin attended your concert in Minneapolis last night and felt like we were the only 20 something year olds there!! Keep on rocking! We love you so much! And thank you for everything you guys do!! -Katie Kelm Bemidji, MN
09 September, 2017
Goodbye for now... until the next tour!
My last of five shows this summer - Santa Clara, Chicago x2, Dublin, and my hometown, Minneapolis. Each concert was special in its own way. The band is always amazing, the graphics and production values phenomenal. The sound in US Bank Stadium, well not the best, but probably as good as you could make it in that space. I have discovered that what really makes a U2 concert special is the audience and the people you are with. I'm happy to have shared the Minneapolis concert with my sister and a good friend. Until next time!
09 September, 2017
The most phenomenal review ever
Do yourself a favor and read this review of the Minneapolis show. It is the most exquisitely-written review of U2 that I've ever read (Rolling Stone included).
09 September, 2017
Happy birthday, Willie
Happy Birthday to Willie!
09 September, 2017
mpls sept 8/2017
Thought it was a 3rd of the 360 tour I saw it in the rain and loved it this concert was bad the runway should of been centerd the echo in the building was bad should of had more video of the band on the big screen and leave out the politicle bull shit your pd very well for your music just get out there and play.
09 September, 2017
Wife, in-laws & I loved the show last night! Thanks U2 ❤️
09 September, 2017
What an amazing performance! Absolutely love this band and everything they stand for and it was an outstanding performance. When they finished the Joshua tree and came back out and did not just a couple of songs but 5 more (note- all you people that left at that point, you really missed out)
08 September, 2017
Perfect wedding night
Thank you, Bono for giving us a shout out at the show. Our wedding was so special and you made our wedding night something I could never have imagined. U2 concerts have been my church since 1992 so there was no other place I would want to get married. U2 fans are loved by U2. U2 proved that tonight. Thank you for playing at our wedding Beck, Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam.
08 September, 2017
Epic Rock
A joy to take my wife and in-laws to see the best. We had a grand evening. Thanks gentlemen! And all the staff who keep you rolling!!
08 September, 2017
2 more weeks
Can't wait to see you when you come to San Diego! Have a great show tonight!
08 September, 2017
My 30 year wait has come down to the actual day of see these guys!!! Been trying for 30 years to land these tickets!!! I hear it gonna be a great show for being my 1st one!!!
07 September, 2017
Thanks for last time (in the rain), Look
My best concert experience ever, was in the Minneapolis rain for the U2 360 tour, very excited for the encore in the new dome tomorrow! Looking forward to the old and hopefully some of the new songs as well. Hope they try out the Blackout.
07 September, 2017
The original Joshua Tree concert in Iowa was the only concert I ever camped outside overnight to buy paper tickets at the music store. Others were buying extras to scalp but I just bought the one. Great great concert in Iowa City. How about an Iowa revival but in Des Moines this time?
05 September, 2017
So EXTREMELY sad I will miss you guys in
I have entered Hazelden Betty Ford treatment center for alcohol addiction. I was trying to hold out until right after the concert, but knew this was more important. I saw you in Chicago this year, so I was happy to see you guys then. Can't wait for you to come back to MN again! Wishing you guys an amazing show. All my love to you Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry!
31 August, 2017
It’s been 33 years...
I thought i saw a great show at the Aragon Ballroom in in Dec ‘84. I can’t wait for this show.
30 August, 2017
Finally after all these years I get to see one of my all time favorite groups.U2 has been on my bucket list for years and now thanks to the generosity of my beautiful wife I will get my wish.For a guy of 59 and from a little town in North Dakota it is going to be a special day!
15 August, 2017
Sadly this will be the 3rd and final con
I would love to go to more of the concerts, but I can't afford to go to as many of them as other people have been....I have no idea how they can afford to go to so many of them.......It is my dream to get a backstage pass one day for it...
12 June, 2017
Then ... and Now
Looking forward to the now. The then turned me into a fan forever.
11 June, 2017
Joshua Tree 2017
After 30+ Shows Over 30+ Years Without a Doubt the Best Sound System EVER!
09 June, 2017
30 Year wait
Finally!!! After 30 years I have finally succeeded in getting tix to my fav band playing my fav album from "back in the day" when I was 17! This milestone is a B-Day gift to myself!! Thanks U2... Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam!!!
09 June, 2017
Excited for the concert I missed with my
My sister and I signed up as fans and are looking forward to pre-sale. Last time the Joshua Tree tour was in Minneapolis, I declined the ticket she bought for me due to an accounting final! I will NOT miss my chance this time around!
07 June, 2017
30 Bday gift and anniversary
This will be the best 30th BDAY and anniversary gift, hope you sing miracle drug is my husband and I song, and streets have no name is a song that changed my life, I'm from Mexico City, so i'm crossing borders to see you guys. Thanks for the music
07 June, 2017
Thank you!
Thanks for adding us - CAN'T WAIT! ❤️
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