The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Mumbai, IN / DY Patil Stadium
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25 September, 2019
The Joshua Tree Trilogy
The Joshua Tree Trilogy will be complete. London 2017, Berlin 2017 and Mumbai 2019. I'll see you again, When the stars fall from the sky, And the moon has turned red, Over One Tree Hill ... Thank you again U2. Vik - London Prestige.
24 September, 2019
U2 in India..dream come true!!! booked i
U2 in India..dream come true!!! booked in pre-sales...lets rock Mumbai!!
24 September, 2019
Anthems & Rockstars
Sometime you can’t make it on your own, On the streets that are baptized with no name, From the cradle to the grave all I want is you, Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me & I’ll take the blame, I may walk on under the influence of miracle drug, Staring at the sun and Jesus will carry my shame, All because of (U2) there is this beautiful day under the Joshua tree, Under the blood red sky your magnificence set me free, Gloria, you’re an angel of Harlem that I desire, You’re the sweetest thing that purified this unforgettable fire, There are numberless that I am missing here that went down my spine, But one heart, one hope, one love, one song… And it’s the same song that brought me to divine… With or without you, I can’t live… With or without you… I loose my sign! Read more:
23 September, 2019
8 Minutes to Presale
Tick tock....
20 September, 2019
India, India, India, India, India
“India, India, India, India, India I'm American, ha ha ha India...” - The Psychedelic Furs Captain American Soul wishes he could witness this epic show.
17 September, 2019
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