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I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For (The Joshua Tree)
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Such a classic, great video
Just the interaction with the everyday people on the sidewalk. The lil kid in the beginning, the woman who gets a big kiss. Bono laying on a hood of a old Nissan Z. Where ever they are today, you know they will never forget that. not a massive crowd...If it was 2011, that would be another story. The days when you could drive on Freemont Street.
the one that made me a fan
for me, it all started when I watched the movie 'Blown Away' (starring Jeff Bridges & Tommy Lee Jones) in 1994. I was eight years old. There was this scene in which you could hear the bridge between the second and third verse of the song. Those simple few chords Edge plays and Bono starts up for the third verse singing like if his life is at stake. I was sold. Although I was eight and from the Netherlands, I knew I just heard something that would change my life. Tom
Still great
Still a great song after all these years...Love U2
My Favorite
My favorite U2 song ever. I can not stop listening to it. It moves me to tears...still. Thank you for writing this.
i moved to vegas a year ago and it's so crazy to see bono and the gang playing where i've walked so many times. if only i had been there back then!!
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