All That You Can't Leave Behind

Walk On (All That You Can't Leave Behind)


14 July, 2011
by the way... I hope one of these days they play if God will send his angels live in chicago in the future... One can always hope...
14 July, 2011
Thanks for this video
having been a runaway when i was younger, this video really moved me. I spent about 4 yrs as a runaway in nyc. I am now in my mid30s, but this video makes me well up in tears every time i see it. I bought the 18 video dvd so i can watch it when i need a cathartic release. I am only now processing what has happened but i find this song to be a healing one. As well as if God will send his angels,(where do we go?) which meant the world to me when i first left nyc and returned back to Chicago. The reason why i am a grateful fan. Subrosa. -anna
16 August, 2010
So nice !!!
Love to hear and hear it again !! freedom !!!!!!
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