No Line On The Horizon

The Couch


16 November, 2013
I understand
Finally I can understand ALL they're saying! Love from Italy :-)
08 July, 2011
Kinda chaplinesque.
15 June, 2010
The best 360 concert I ever seen in my 32 years of my life U2 always put a spectacular shows. Sexy U2 rules the world! How are you doing sexy Bono VOX please say something so we can hear your sexy voice that you are doing well. I love you Bono. Kelly Draper
26 May, 2010
bono's wealth
Dear Bono: We hope that you recover quickly and return to this natural, peaceful state. In 2001, May 31, my daughter joined you on stage for BAD in Buffalo, NY. She's now 21 years old and returning from her studies at American University in Cairo and on the dean's list both semesters. While her welcome home gift was your show in Toronto, next yaar she will graduate from AUC so seeing you will to celebrate the end of her undergraduate studies will be the best gift we can share together. Thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the mates.
27 April, 2010
the best!!!!!
I LOVE YOU BONO!!!!! you always doing the best. i love his nature state.
16 March, 2010
Ms. Realmawake
Its incredible. The Prince looks very relaxed and almost meditating. What an enchanting Prince "Bono" is. I love to see him in his natural state. Realmawake.
04 February, 2010
Test Score
Looks like an exam of some sort... Bono forgot his notes... ; ).
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