Pop and Popmart Tour

Discotheque - Pop


08 October, 2018
The entire album is a true gem, not many got the irony or how witty it is.
08 November, 2017
Mnogo,mnogo jaka stivar.
10 May, 2014
The Best Album?
Yes it is for me. Like A rough diamond. Beautiful and unprocessed. Yet....to be discovered. This is my No 1 Album of U2
20 January, 2014
I am proud to say I love Pop
I wasn't very fond of this album but when I listen to it over and over again I loved it especially Mofo and Discothèque
06 April, 2012
I'm Not ashamed To Say....
I am not ashamed to say that I love the album Pop and the Popmart tour. The album is full of amazing tunes. Please..If God Will Send His Angels..Love Is Blindness...Staring At The Sun...Gone...The Last Night On Earth...and of course Mofo...and discoteque. Its not just an experiment in techno and dance tunes...although they shine as well....
23 August, 2011
Bono\'s brother
Someone once told me a long time ago that this was bono\'s twin brother and I believed them for awhile..
26 April, 2011
Epic video...
...and epic song, but the album doesn't sound like what U2 would do, not complaining just pointing out
15 January, 2011
What an era !
Its like a time capsule - very cool.
17 March, 2010
I'm rediscovering POP
POP was not a favorite album of mine but as life goes, it is totally speaking to me right now. I am loving POP. If you haven't listened to it in a while, give it a chance.
15 March, 2010
This was my 2. time seeing U2 in Denmark, WAUW what a show, took a friend to the show, she was speachless after, but to this day she has never had such a great experiance to a concert.
14 February, 2010
Bom sha... Bom sha... DISCOTHEQUE
The energy of this song can be only compared with the energy of the video... reaaally good song, with many memories for me :)
13 February, 2010
how are these people?
Who are these people?
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