Achtung Baby (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

31 October, 20117
  1. Zoo StationLyrics
  2. Even Better Than The Real ThingLyrics
  3. OneLyrics
  4. Until The End Of The WorldLyrics
  5. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild HorsesLyrics
  6. So CruelLyrics
  7. The FlyLyrics
  8. Mysterious WaysLyrics
  9. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The WorldLyrics
  10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)Lyrics
  11. AcrobatLyrics
  12. Love Is BlindnessLyrics
  1. Lady With The Spinning Head (UV1)Lyrics
  2. Blow Your House Down
  3. SaloméLyrics
  4. Even Better Than The Real Thing (single version)Lyrics
  5. Satellite Of LoveLyrics
  6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Remix)Lyrics
  7. Paint It BlackLyrics
  8. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Fish Out Of Water Remix)Lyrics
  9. Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix)Lyrics
  10. Night And Day (Steel String Remix)Lyrics
  11. The Lounge Fly MixLyrics
  12. Fortunate SonLyrics
  13. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk/Korova 1*Lyrics
  14. Where Did It All Go Wrong?Lyrics

In 1992, Bono described Achtung Baby as 'the sound of four men chopping down The Joshua Tree' while Jon Pareles of the New York Times wrote that 'stripped-down and defying its old formulas, U2 has given itself a fighting chance for the 1990's'. The album won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance and became one of the most significant records of the nineties and of U2’s career. In 2011, twenty years on, a special anniversary edition of Achtung Baby was released, along with the documentary From The Sky Down directed by Davis Guggenheim. Recorded over six months at Hansa Studio in Berlin and Windmill Lane in Dublin, Achtung Baby was U2’s seventh studio album. Produced by long time U2 collaborators, Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno with Steve Lillywhite, Achtung Baby featured five big singles in The Fly, Mysterious Ways, One, Even Better Than The Real Thing and Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. For the twentieth anniversary re-release the archives unearthed a raft of unreleased material; video, remixes, b-sides and documentary footage along with a full album of demo and early versions of the final 1991 tracklisting. Five physical editions including vinyl, CD, DVD and digital options were made available. Ahead of the release, the band returned to Hansa Studio in Berlin to discuss the making of Achtung Baby with Academy Award winning director Davis Guggenheim. His film, From The Sky Down, was selected to open the Toronto International Film Festival and was released on DVD to co-incide with the anniversary edition of the album. Q Magazine in the UK released 'AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered', an entire CD of acts reimagining Achtung Baby including Nine Inch Nails covering Zoo Station, Damien Rice performing One, Patti Smith taking on Until The End Of The World and The Killers making over Ultraviolet (Light My Way).

Released Date:
31 October, 2011
Produced By:
Steve LillyWhite, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno
Flood, Robbie Adams
Universal Island Records under licence to Mercury Records
Recorded At:
Hansa Studios
Achtung Baby (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) NEWS
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' I had to tear up the rule book I’d been using for six years and start again. It was like I’d woken up in another place, a good place, a happy place.'
Flood, Engineer

'Making Achtung Baby is the reason we're still here now.'

'U2 has defied the gravitational pull towards destruction, this band has endured and thrived. The movie ... asks the question why.'
Davis Guggenheim, Director From The Sky Down.

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Every Artist is a Cannibal
Achtung Baby so easily ensnares its unsuspecting listeners that it is sometimes hard to remember that it was, in a very real sense, the album that allowed U2 to survive to this very day. From Larry's ballistically distorted drums at the beginning of "Zoo Station" to Bono's haunting howl throughout "Love is Blindness", Achtung Baby is a very un-U2 record, and yet at the same time it may just be the most open-hearted, honestly sincere album they have ever created. Achtung Baby reflects a band on the verge of breaking apart, of tortured artists watching the world fall apart around them. And yet, after all these years, the album still sounds as new and earth-shattering as it did 20 years ago when it was first released. The songs on this album could constitute a "greatest hits" record in and of themselves, and its hard to state anything about them individually that hasn't already been hammered out a thousand times already. Perhaps the most interesting and incredible thing about the re-release is its ability to show the entire creative process that went into creating both Achtung Baby and the often-overlooked Zooropa. Gems include "Blow Your House Down" and "Down All The Days" (which was later reworked to create the signature U2 song "Numb"), which, up until this point, have not received official releases. It would also be sinful not to also mention the "Baby" Achtung Baby disc as well as the countless remixes, many of which come from the now infamously rare U2 remix album "Melon". While not the easiest U2 album to digest, Achtung Baby should never be overlooked; it is arguably their greatest album, and a crucial one to understand U2 as a whole.
U2 the best of all time
The original album is now one of the best remastered u2 much better you guys are the best of today
Fear of A Woman - She moves...
First of all, U22 kicks ass! But I'd have to say the Kindergarten version of Achtung Baby is it for me. This album will always remind me of going off to film school at the Rhode Island School of Design. U2's discovery of the medium with Zoo TV coincides with my own discovery of the medium, a very exciting time in my life! In my degree project at RISD, one of the main characters wants to build a Monument to Television on The Mall in Washington DC between the Washington Monument and the the U.S. State Capitol Building, which was very much inspired by Zoo TV, a concert I saw 6 times on that tour. It's really amazing to hear these works-in-progress with The Kindergarten version. For U2, this time period represents drastic change and to hear early versions of these songs in the midst of this change is a special gift that will be cherished forever, and extremely welcomed. I would love to hear early demos of all of their albums! The rawness of these songs brings pure joy to me, from the added lines in the chorus of "Zoo Station" to the crisp acoustic guitar in 'One" to the stellar arrangement of "Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" to "So Cruel' - 'I can't have ya, cause you're not there' to "Mysterious Ways" - 'Fear of A Woman' to the down and dirty "Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World". For me, hands down, U2's best re-issue!!! Thank you!!!
Achtung Baby (I’m ready)
Where do you start when talking about a work of music that, still after twenty years, is universally approved as being both influential and emotionally impactful? It’s amazing how many great songs came out of “Achtung Baby.” It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite songs from “Achtung Baby” but after the 360 tour; “Ultra Violet (Light My Way) has quickly ascended into the discussion of top songs from the album. One of the amazing extras from the deluxe reissue is the bonus disc. The songs that were b-sides and songs that didn’t make the cut twenty years ago give insight into how the album was shaped. You can hear hints of what would make the album in the track “Lady With the Spinning Head (UV1).” After watching “From the Sky Down” I appreciate how much of a risk U2 took in pushing their sound to be different from what got them to being know as the biggest rock band on the planet. They certainly succeeded in making a great album and becoming an even bigger band. This album really illustrates why U2 continues to be a force in music. They never settle for what’s easy, they push themselves and their audience to explore what makes a rock band. “Achtung Baby” from start to finish is an amazing ride.
Is Actung Baby really 20 years old?
Is Actung Baby really 20 years old? I remember the first time it as released and the excitment it generated. The first single "The Fly" was debuted on "The Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show" on 2FM as I made my way to school. A series of three concerts containing the content of the Album was played in Berlin and broadcast to 2FM on the 29th, 30th and New Years Eve in 1991. It was such an excitin time. The Berlin Wall had come down and the atmosphere was exciting, rebellious, new. There was hope amid the confusion as communism became a thing of the past in this German city. These feelings are mirrored in Actung Baby. A very important album in the career and relationships within U2 Actung Baby became a classic. It is an album about relationships and the darker side of life. But as always with U2 hope wins out. Each song on the album has reached iconic status. On the Anniversary Edition the Bsides sound as good as ever. The album itself sounds a little jaded after 20 years airplay as muzac in hotels and restaurants. Actung Baby remains a classic album and will forever remind me of my late adolescence and how great I thought these songs when I first heard them. It reminds you of what make U2, U2.
From Nashville to Berlin...
This reissue brings me back 20 years ago, when I got home and my dad gave me some goodies received from the label (cd, poster collection, keyring). I was a new U2 fan, since Rattle and Hum, so the first sounds coming from my stereo were confusing. What the hell is wrong with my cd player... or my speakers are dying, Bono's voice sound metallic, the drum kick saturates, what's wrong with it??? After being really disappointed with that record I decided to keep trying and give it another chance. And a few listens on my walkman (yeah it's from another century kids...) I was hooked. 20 years later, most of the people who said "this is really bad, I prefer the old U2" cannot be more wrong about this album. This reissue brings out a lot of excellent add-ons to an already mythical record. The baby versions are a good example of how good a song can be but what needs to be done to achieve excellence and it proves that the band knows when a song is perfect. Everything from that period is well documented on the various deluxe editions (the Zoo TV/Zooropa tours) and the new doc shows how a band can be close to explode and how they manage to move forward and bring the best out of the band. This is my favorite album because it was a hard fight to like it and I'm so glad I did it. 20 years on and it still sounds fresh and so relevant, that's quite a challenge and not a lot of bands have that kind of record in their discographies. Long live Achtung baby and remember that the speakers are fine, the cd's not scratched, it's just the sound of a band reinventing his music
Sweet Achtung Baby
Twenty years after and it's like the band have just finished jamming together in the Hansa Ton studios in the Eastern Berlin. It's as if 20 seconds have passed, The Edge had repeatedly sound-checked his guitar at monstrous volume, Larry had come with the hammer from the attic and Adam laid that manly - smooth groove with the cigarette on the tip of his lips. As for Bono well the cigarettes have done it well for him on this album turning everything into an aggressive discussion about the simple things of life that people complicate so much every day. U2 have had patience for the inspiration to arrive and thus resulted an album bigger than them...that definitely defied time. They choose to use the trabant, a symbol of being humble in the presence of music, to feature on the album cover. As for me, looking back now...16 years out of my almost 24 have been lost more than less but Achtung Baby sends me into that trance of rebirth. Every time I'm asking myself if the cassette slash disc slash cd or whatever is broken or is that U2 playing? It got me over the hardest parts of school that now are still as hard as ever if not got me through my college degree ! Making Achtung Baby is driving the Trabant on an abrupt mountain road at night with low light coming out of the headlights, you have a man walking in front of the car guiding you with a flashlight and the car STILL doesn't break down and the journey is beautiful, sometimes scary, extremely risky but you're still doing it..We're still doing it! Each and one of us are continuing to make their own Achtung Baby. In Addition: Happy Birthday Larry Mullen Jr. ! By pain_18_ -31.10.2011
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