Songs Of Innocence

13 October, 201415
  1. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)Lyrics
  2. Every Breaking WaveLyrics
  3. California (There is no End to Love)Lyrics
  4. Song for SomeoneLyrics
  5. Iris (Hold Me Close)Lyrics
  6. VolcanoLyrics
  7. Raised By WolvesLyrics
  8. Cedarwood RoadLyrics
  9. Sleep Like a Baby TonightLyrics
  10. This is Where You Can Reach Me NowLyrics
  11. The TroublesLyrics
  1. Lucifer’s HandsLyrics
  2. The Crystal BallroomLyrics
  3. Acoustic Sessions
  4. The Troubles (Alternative Version)Lyrics
  5. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)Lyrics

Songs Of Innocence

The first studio album from the band since 2009, Songs Of Innocence was released on CD & Vinyl on October 13th 2014, just over a month after the groundbreaking digital release when Apple delivered the album free to more than half a billion people with iTunes accounts.

The striking cover art of the physical releases, a photo by Glen Luchford, features Larry Mullen Jr protecting his 18 year old son. The image resonated with the band's iconic 1980 debut album Boy and, three years later, the War album. Both featured the face of a child, Peter Rowen, the younger brother of Guggi, Bono's childhood friend growing up on Cedarwood Road.

'We've always been about community in U2, about family and friends,' explained Bono. 'Songs Of Innocence is the most intimate album we've ever made. With this record we were looking for the raw, naked and personal, to strip everything back.'

The idea of the unique relationship between a parent and child, the image of a father and son, came from the band. The shoot with Larry and his son was initially an experiment but everyone loved it as a visual metaphor for the record. If you know the album, added Bono, you'll see the themes in the visual language, how 'holding on to your own innocence is a lot harder than holding on to someone else's.'

The eleven tracks on Songs Of Innocence, a kind of musical autobiography, chart U2's earliest influences from 70s rock and punk to early 80s electronica and soul... and reveal how music changed everything. As Bono sings in the lead song, 'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)', 'I woke up when the miracle occurred/ Heard a song that made some sense out of the world...'

Exploring themes of home and family, relationships and discovery, detailed liner notes fill out the picture with resonant stories, like one of the first gigs the teenage band got into. 'The 4 members of U2 went to see the Ramones playing in the state cinema in Dublin without thinking about how we were going to get in. we had no tickets and no money. My best friend Guggi had a ticket and he snuck us through a side exit he pried open. The world stopped long enough for us to get on it. Even though we only saw half the show, it became one of the great nights of our life....'

Songs of Innocence is released in three physical formats and digital.

Deluxe, 2 CD Format which comes with 2 x 16 page booklets, the 11 track album on CD1 plus additional tracks on CD2 including a 6-song acoustic session along with Lucifer's Hands, The Crystal Ballroom, The Troubles (Alternative Version) and Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake).

2 LP 180gram White Vinyl Format featuring the 11 track album on sides 1, 2 & 3 with bonus track The Crystal Ballroom 12" Mix on side 4.

Single CD Format with a 24-page booklet along with the 11 track album.

Released Date:
13 October, 2014
Produced By:
Danger Mouse, Paul Epworth, Ryan Tedder, Declan Gaffney and Flood
Declan Gaffney
Island Records
Recorded At:
Electric Lady Studios, The Church Studios, Shangri-La, Strathmore House, Pull Studios, Assault and Battery, The Woodshed

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'We've always been about community in U2, about family and friends,' explains Bono. 'Songs Of Innocence is the most intimate album we've ever made. With this record we were looking for the raw, naked and personal, to strip everything back.'

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This one really meant something
My friend and I have been going to the gigs since we were knee-high. We've been through the highs and lows. From Boys to Men. Went to the O2 in London Town. Once 17, now 47. It's been a journey, hasn't it boys? Thank you for the music. Nick, North London
Happy Birthday Songs Of Innocence!
Your turned ONE yesterday, and the boys have taken most of you out on the road and dressed you up and shown us some of their most personal, spiritual, and beautiful work to date. The best is yet to come... Looking forward to your twin's birth Song Of Experience... "Please don't belong, please don't be very long, please don't be long for I may be asleep..."
Me and wife have followed u2 from mcgonigles to the dandelion - remember 'the blades' - to Manchester to Sheffield - going to Madison Square Garden to see them for our 40th wedding anniversary - cant wait - our song is 'One' - I'm sure there will be tears my personal song is 'Bad'.
Andrew Crofts
Loving the album. Liked it first play (always love U2 albums but sometimes they take a while to grow for me). Raised by Wolves is amongst the best the boys have EVER released, and I've followed them from early on (not quite at the beginning; I was a mere boy!) Got tickets for two London gigs, and haven't missed a European tour since 1987. A genuine part of my life and long may the band thrive. Please everyone... pay your taxes... always a fan.
Alternative Lyrics
I enjoy the second disc versions of "The Troubles" and "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight" even more than the originals, which I also enjoy. Each of the acoustic songs electrify even unplugged.
Bono Zoo Tv
Art work made from Zoo Tv photos and handmade paper.
Can't wait....
I will be in tears when I hear EVERY BREAKING WAVE is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Won't be the first time U2 brought me to tears...
Son gs of...
Beautiful sound. SSSSSOOOOOUUUUULLLLL!!!!!
Every breaking wave
This song reminds me the time to rest and review the kind of past that was tought but now is a lesson to follow.
The Crystal Ballroom.. for 2nd Single
Disc 2, Track 2, Single 2.... Also appears on the Vinyl Edition. Many possible singles thou, Volcano, EBW, California, The Troubles. My vote is TCB
ERUPTS! Please play this live!
Alex Canale
7" singles?
Great album! Beautiful songs! Any chance 7" singles?
This is where you can reach me now!
Love the whole album, but the song that caught my eye on first listen was This Is Where you Can Reach Me Now, and is still my favorite song on the album. I am just surprised not more people are ranting about it. Songs I like but have issues going holy crap that is amazing is Cedarwood Road, and California. I really like being more informed by the band like we have since NLOTH, but I wish Bono would not talk about release information until things are actually ready to be released, and stop feeding the media any excuse to talk about U2's viability. Even if they are not viable to the masses, they will always be viable to loyal fans like myself. Great music with meaningful lyrics is what U2 offers that very little if none can today. Can I say I dislike the music industry, and blame them for the way we listen to music today, bring back the big bands, get rid of all the one hit wonders. Love you guys (U2) thank you for filling my life with your sound, and I hope there are many more albums to come! Hope Songs of Experience comes to past and compliments Songs of Innocence like Zooropa did Achtung. "I have a head full of Traffic"
Cedarwood Road is some like ... Fly... F
All the songs on the first and second album is something I've been waiting a long time ... The album took on the power to finally shoot with 4 times the power of starting from the Miracle and ending with a sensational alternative versions Sleep Like A Baby Tonight. Nod in your direction. Screw the people who you do not understand and offend
Lucifer's Hands
One of the best songs i've ever heard!!!
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