Mar 21 1998
Johannesburg, ZA / Johannesburg Stadium
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Best concert ever!
I hav loved U2 ever since I can remember and was extremely excited to say the least when I got tickets for this concert way back when!! We only had general standing area tickets but arrived soooo early that we were on the fence of the walkway separating us from the golden circle. I thought at the time that I had died and gone to heaven when the band came walking down this path just in front of us, if my arms had been a few inches longer I would have been able to touch them! I spent the entire concert in a state of euphoria and rapture alternating between joy and tears of joy. What a rollercoaster ride of a show and I am soooo looking forward to seeing them again, this time in Cape Town and with my hubbie on his birthday!!
Jozi '98 SA style
mine is a bit of a long story but bear with me! as pretty much a lifelong U2 fan i peed myself a little in '91/'92 when Alex Jay came on 5fm and said U2 would be touring South Africa!! I was ready to sell my car for tickets if it was required and my best mate next to me felt the same way! at the end of his show however he burst out laughing saying it was an April fool's joke! fast forward to '97. i get a phone call at work (on a Saturday) from the same mate telling me U2 tickets were going on sale that Monday. my intial reaction was ja whatever dude! Come Monday morning i arrived at work and did my thing when i suddenly remembered his phone call. i excused myself and walked down to the Computicket in The Tramshed in Pretoria. here i found 3 very sleepy dudes at the ticket office. asking them what was up they mentioned U2 tickets. at this point i really did pee in my pants a little. so picture me running around Pretoria CBD early on a Monday mornign trying to find an ATM with enough cash to buy tickets. by the time i got back to Computicket i must have been 9th or 10th in the queue. at this point a dude selling train rides tot he stadium rocks up and informs us that at the other Computicket outlets across town hundreds of people had been waiting overnight for tickets! here's me arriving at work and taking a leisurely stroll to buy my GOLDEN CIRCLE tickets! the only snag was my daily limit on drawing money from ATM's...on the day JHB stadium was humming!!! by the time the boys started there thing we were all ready and boy what a show!!! seeing the best band (doing my Clarkson voice) "In the WORLD" in my then home town!!! AWESOME. i will never forget Bono saying that it was Adam's birthday and they asked him where he would like to go, he answered "the most beautiful place in the world", so we brought him to South Africa!! this time round i will be in Cape Town for the show. i dont think you guys realise what's waiting for you!! we are ready and this will be the highlight of your tour! and that's a fact! see you in a little more than a month!!! rest well, you're gonna need it!
I love concerts, almost as much as I love U2. I've seen most of the bands that have visited SA. I was totally unprepred for the surreal, unreal and altogether emotional experience of seeing U2 live on the 21st March 1998. 4 years into our true democratic and liberated country, watching the band play "One", seeing the graphics of our freedom unfolding on the screen and feeling the power in the song had me in tears. I left the stadium speechless, moved and happy to be alive. I CAN'T WAIT FOR 2011. Welcome back U2!
So we went to get refreshments. And slowly, the Mission Impossible theme started to gain momentum. I turned to my mate and said, 'here we go'. We sprinted down the Johannesburg Stadium steps to our spot in the crowd and that was it. 13 years ago, U2 rocked us from start to end. Now, I can't wait for the 360 Tour to land in Soweto. All I have to do is figure out which tickets I want, and grab them tomorrow when the pre-sale opens. Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry, we're waiting on you, JOZI STYLE!
From Slaapstad with Love
I will never forget U2 comming to play im "my" hometown. I bought my goldencircle ticket on the first day they went on sale as U do, and yes guys there is staging in SA you didn't have to fly it all over the world. Needless to say the show was out of this world! I was ready for the party and party we did. I will never forget looking up at the stage and straight ahead Adam Clayton was standing holding his guitar wearing one of his freakish outfits and.... it suddenly dawned on me that I was wearing almost the identical outfit just reversed colours (and Im not sure thats a compliment either way!) When Bono sang One i will NEVER forget groups of people around me holding each other in tears....just crying. Unbelivable! the power of One. And then the band casually steps out of a lemon. brilliant! U2 Forever! Kief show dudes. Come again and ill be there.Peace!
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