Mar 29 1982
San Francisco, US / Civic Centre
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U2 is the opening act in San Francisco 3
They were the support act for J. Geils Band -remember "FREEZE-FRAME"?- and I knew who they were because I had the OCTOBER album and loved all the British sound. This was my first OFFICIAL date with my future husband #1 and he and I hung around with a very PUNK and British sounds crowd in the early 80s in Berkeley, CA. Interestingly, this is the ONLY time I have ever seen U2 and now I get to see them again in 2010 with my current British husband #2. Life coming full circle. These 2 shows were huge for J. Geils so U2 had a great big audience in 1982. I knew every song and they were soooo young. I also worked in a record store at the time so we played all the cool new British invasion. They were almost like seeing a really kick-ass bar band or high school band because of their behavior onstage. Bono invited his little kid sister (somebody in U2's sister) onstage to sing along and they ran out of material and said so and started replaying the entire set list AGAIN! The audience was WILD for them and wouldn't let them off the stage. They were too much of an Irish good time!! Foreshadow of things to come. I was really impressed with their attitudes. How different the Oakland, CA 360 Tour will be in scale! Also, been to Dublin, IRE and it's kick-ass!
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