Mar 14 1983
London, GB / Hammersmith Odeon
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U2 @ Hammersmith Odeon, London, GB, Marc
This show was my first time seeing U2. The venue was excellent. I was in the left balcony and had a great view. I didn’t grow to love the War album until years later, but I liked most of the tracks in ‘83. I was, however, massively in love with both Boy and October. I relished the performances of those albums’ songs, especially. I saw future U2 shows, in ‘85, ‘96, three 360 Degree shows, and three more concerts in the ‘10s…every one of the shows, from ‘85 on, were phenomenal. The 1983 show took place during a transitional time for U2 (IMO), and it was electric and exciting, but the band were even better from ‘85 onward. I wish I had a photo to share, but I had a crummy camera in ‘83, and didn’t bother with photos. I look forward to the next U2 shows, and I am hoping they might tour focusing on their 90’s output, Achtung Baby!, Zooropa, and POP. Those albums sound better than ever to me, and that is saying a lot. Tremendous music.
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