Apr 25 1983
College Park, US / Ritchie Coliseum
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Sunday afternoon show
This was my first U2 show (and what a first)! I was a diehard fan; Boy and October were out, and then War hit MTV and the airwaves. This show was a lead up to the Red Rocks show; I love to watch the Red Rocks DVD and remember the Norfolk show. Bono was electric; he climbed the scaffolding around the stage and carried the white flag (as in the War video for New Years Day). We were stunned...shock and awe! I have followed the band live to this day...saw them most recently in Charlottesville VA in Oct 2009 and again in Las Vegas in Oct 2009; just received my tickets in the mail for Seattle in June 2010. Hope to see them in Europe in Summer 2010. Bono and I are approx. the same age; as we have both grown older he's always been a part of my life story as well. All starting back to April 25, 1983.... Cheers!
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