May 11 1983
New York City, NY, US / Palladium
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tina lyons
yet again - the end of a "career"
Since the security guys in New Haven the previous night had given me such a hard time as Bono was trying to pull me up to dance, I think he made certain I would not have the same problem in New York. At this point, I was well-known by the band as a real ham on stage. I was a student at Columbia at this point, and a large portion of the audience here was from CU. After we did our customary twisting, I was brought back to the wings, where the wife of Paul McGuinness helped me re-hook my bra, which had come undone in the crowd. I watched as the band gathered in a prayer circle between encores. My friends went back up to Morningside Heights, where I was an instant legend, while I got invited to the after-show. Bono introduced me to some Canadian journalists as "part of our act" (!) and I hung out with the Butler brothers (Psychedelic Furs). Thus ended my "career" as "part of the act" - I ran into the band in L.A. in 1986, but didn't see them live again until the PopMart opener in Vegas. (if you don't count the "Streets Have No Name" rooftop mini-gig. :)
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