May 25 1983
Vancouver, BC, CA / Queen Elizabeth Theatre
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Seated next to the door in the front row
Just after Bono disappeared from the stage during Electric Co, the door opens and a crew member brings out a microphone. Soon Bono appears and continues to sing from the edge of the balcony. He then tries to lower himself into the main floor crowd below, but as soon as he gets over the edge he realizes he has made a mistake. I will never forget the look of recognition/surprise/concern and "help" in his eyes. I joined with the crew member and others?, grabbed Bono's arm, and we pulled him back over the rail, and the show continued. Was an amazing moment, and part of an incredible show. That was the first of the many times I have seen U2 in Vancouver, the next was their triumphant return in 1987 to BC place for the Joshua Tree tour, and I will be there for the opener on May 11th 30 years later. More great memories as part of the U2 community.
This could have been the end of U2!
I'm surprised i'm the first one to mention this hear, but at this fantastic show (which I am proud to say "I was there!") Bono nearly could have seriously injured or even killed himself! During the middle of the show Bono, clearly bonding with the charged up Vancouver audience, proceeded to disappear during a song and then surprised a whole bunch of fans up in the balcony at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! Rather than return the way he came, i guess Bono thought he could easily climb down from the ledge of the balcony and onto the main floor to go back the to stage! To the horror of everyone in the Theatre we all didn't want Bono to do this! From my vantage point 5th row on the floor it looked like fans swiftly pulled Bono back up from falling below. I do believe Bono has talked about this incident that thankfully had a happy ending but that sure was a foolish close call! Ahhhh, blame it on youth!
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