Jun 8 1983
Kansas city, KS, US / Memorial Hall
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First U2 Show
This was my first U2 show, I was 8 rows back - we all stood on metal folding chairs the whole show. Bono shimmied up a pole to the balcony and sang holding the white flag with his arm around a fan. Only bummer was, The Alarm was supposed to open but had a bus problem so a local band opened. Amazing.
I asked Bono about his faith
First U2 concert. I was already a huge fan since Boy. I'd driven from another state to see them. 3500 seats. 2:30 a.m. I went around to the back looking for my lost friend (who had gone off wth a girl I later found out). Crowd has pretty much left by then. Band hangin out waiting to roll. Asked Bono for an autograph, which lead to me asking about his faith ("are you guys Christian?"). "That's a great question, why don't we sit down and chat about it." (he looked pretty tired) Bono sat with me on a street curb for about 10 minutes letting me respectfully drill him with my probing questions. Couldn't believe how gracious he was. A moment I'll never forget.
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