Jun 11 1983
Austin, TX, US / The Meadows
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Malibu Grand Prix - first time drivers
I was a student at the University of Texas in Austin, working at Malibu Grand Prix off I-35 in the summers. We had these mini-grand prix cars you raced against the clock, pretty powerful little things (not go-carts), and you had to have a license to drive them. The boys came by to race the cars prior to their show out at the Meadows, and it was my fortunate job to show them the ins and outs of how to buckle in, drive, and go for fast laps around the track. They all drove so slowly around the track despite my urging to give it more gas around the track, guess they didn't want to risk breaking a leg before the show ;-). They forget their Malibu licenses with us in the pit area, so I chased them down in the parking lot to return them in case they wanted to race again sometime. Sure wish I'd just held onto them, would have been great memorabilia, but they did give me passes to the show for my trouble.
First U2 concert!
I lived 175 miles from the venue. I could get no one to go with me. I drove there by myself. It was amazing.
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