Unforgettable Fire

Sep 23 1984
Perth, WA, AU / Entertainment Centre
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Perth 23 September 1984
The show harked back more to the War Tour than it did The Unforgettable Fire. Indeed, the new album was yet to be released, so the only new tracks to feature in the show were 'Pride' (a current Top 10 hit) and 'Wire'. It was during 'Pride' when Bono stopped the band to call out some folks who were engaged in some fighting at the front of the stage. "There's no fighting at a U2 concert EVER!", were his words. Without missing a hitch, the band launched back into Pride. Other highlights were Edge singing 'Seconds', one of the last performances of 'I Threw A Brick Through A Window', 'Gloria' (the show opener) and 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' (replete with white flag a la Live at Red Rocks). The big singalong of '40' closed the show, as was the custom at the time.
Unforgettable Concert
MarkH, it was the Lovetown tour in 1989 when Bono got a young guy out of the crowd to play guitar on People Get Ready during the first concert (Sept 21) and a girl on the third night (Sept 23). Check out my photo from the 21st as proof! The Unforgettable Fire tour was great too but I didn't have a camera that night.
Perth 1984
Thanks for the memories Drew2, you have reminded me how special this night was. I took my then girlfriend who is now my wife. I agree the best track was Sunday and I also remember Bono stopping to break up the fight, I think he told them that Sunday was a "love song". I had forgotten about that moment at the end of the show when the crowd just kept singing 40, amazing!! You (or someone else) might be able to help my failing memory and solve a long term question I have. Did Bono get someone in the crowd up on stage to play guitar? I know I saw this happen at a concert but can't remember if it was actually this U2 gig. Also, unfortunately no photo's. No little compact digital camers back then. I haven't been to a U2 concert since the 1984 show but am looking forward to taking my 14yo daughter to 360degree at Subiaco oval.
Perth 2004
I can still remember this night vividly. The best track was Sunday Bloody Sunday, some numpties were fighting and Bono stopped. Highlights, the whole concert, no lowlights... Most memorable moment was 40, that kept going long after they left the stage... Sorry no photo's...
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