Unforgettable Fire

Sep 24 1984
Perth, WA, AU / Entertainment Centre
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First U2 concert I went to. Remember the announcer telling people they had to go back to their seats because so many people had descended down to the area around the lounge. Then Bono stopping the show because some two blokes were fighting. Then the crowd singing 40 after the lights had come up, all the way out of the Entertainment Centre out onto Wellington St. Hooked ever since.
Unforgettable (with a bit of help!)
First U2 gig I ever saw. As I look back now at the set list and remind myself of the songs they played that night I can't help but gasp at how awesome those songs were live. Standing on the outside of the Lounge amongst a crowd of fans (with the lucky ones inside) was always a highlight at the Ent Cent. I strongly remember Edge playing piano on October, Sunday Bloody Sunday and Gloria as well as most of the others, but I did have to have a sneak-peak at the setlist to help my failing memory. The last things I remember are the band popping champagne corks to celebrate the final show of their Australian tour, and the audience singing the lyrics to "40" well after the show had finished. No photos from me at this show but the same could not be said five years later.....!!
All time best gig ever...
Still has to be the best concert I've ever been to - I've never forgotten the high and by today's standards, 8000 people would be a sneeze compared to the 360 tour. I remember being so close to the stage I could almost touch Bono - bet that won't ever happen again!
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