Unforgettable Fire

Dec 5 1984
Washington, DC, US / Constitution Hall
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The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire
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redfield scott
First concert ever
Not only was this my first U2 concert, it was my first concert ever. I remember Bono saying "This is a very respectable place so you can't dance in the isles so you'll have to dance in your seats"!
Hooked and Wired
The sound was awesome, seats weren't used back then, but standing in the sixth row, stage right; the passion in a musical performance by all guys was incredible. I was hooked for good... wired
My First One
I can still remember driving to the concert- actually my friend's father driving us since it was snowing a bit. It's been a long time- but I can still feel the warmness of the crowd and venue. What I would give to see them in such a venue again! Would love to see any picturesif anyone has them... this was the night that my love affair started with these Irish boys!
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