Unforgettable Fire

Dec 7 1984
Toronto, ON, US / Massey Hall
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The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire
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Massey Hall the first of mine
I had been a diehard U2 fan since 1981 when a friend of mine came back from the UK and said he saw this band in a club. He invited me to his house that day to listen to his album Boy. I was 21 years old and couldn't believe what i was hearing. I left his house went to the record store and bought Boy and October and played them over and over again and became obsessed I suppose. I finally managed to get scalpers tickets for the Massey Hall show and was blown away and have seen at least 1 stop every tour since (except Pop Mart as I was financially not able to make it). My second show was 3 months later at Maple Leaf Gardens. My wife and mine first song at our wedding was All I want is you! I was able to take our 18 year old son to three tours so far including the opening show of the 30 anniversary tour of Joshua Tree at BC Place in BC. My son actually wore my T-Shirt from the original tour, fit him perfectly. Everyone wanted to know where he got it.
A lifetime's impression ...
December 7, 1984 has become a yearly anniversary for me. It was on that cold, December night that I was taken to my very first rock concert by a generous older brother. What 19 year old brother would want his 13 year old sister hanging around for a night when he's got 2nd row floor seats in a relatively tiny (2,000 seat) concert hall for the 'next' biggest band in the world? Mine did and I'm forever in his debt. U2 took the stage with 11 o-clock Tic Toc that I remember clearly. What else? If an official set list remains from that night I've not seen it, but I remember 'Wire' for that amazing opening and unintelligible lyrics. I remember Bono throwing one of the (many) girls who made it into the stage over his shoulder and sitting another down on an amp stand for a personal audience during another song. Electric Co.? Yes, I think so. Pride? Most definitely as this was the mini tour for Unforgettable Fire. I still have my 45 " single which I hoped I might get signed if we happened to meet them. And lastly, ‘40’, the chorus of which we continued to sing long after they had left the stage. U2 at Massey Hall.; unforgettable ... 29 years later ;-)
Aline A
Massey Hall
I remember being 9 or 10 years old and seeing an ad for this show somewhere and thinking it would be awesome if I could go with my brothers who I credit for getting me into the band in the first place. I guess I was too young to attend though!
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