Unforgettable Fire

Dec 8 1984
Detroit, MI, US / Fox Theatre
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The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire
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U2 Fox Theatre Pics
I finally found these.....terrible condition but this was my 2nd U2 show....what a night.
This concert is forever in my memory!
I was 15 when I saw my first U2 concert at the Fox Theatre in Detroit in 1984. When U2 took the stage the excitement was unbelievable. During the first song someone from the audience threw a frisbee at Larry Mullen, luckily it deflected off of his tom toms and missed hitting him in the head! Around the second song someone tossed a bouquet of flowers at Bono (a dozen roses I think) and it hit him square in the face, but he didn't miss a beat. It was a crazy start to a memorable concert. I had third row seats and was directly in front of the Edge and witnessed his incredible guitar playing for the first time. There was a short wall (3 1/2 feet high)between the stage and audience to protect the orchestra pit which had a temporary floor over it. Security guards stood between the wall and the stage which created a barrier of sorts. Bono mentioned his concern during the show because people were trying to push the wall down (which was impossible to do). One of my favorite songs was October with the Edge on keyboards, and then segueing into New Years Day. The Electric Co., Pride and The Unforgettable Fire were highlights too. The Waterboys were the opening band. I would go on to see U2 again in 1985 on the next American leg of the tour at Joe Louis arena which was also a great show. But this concert was the only time I saw them in a smaller venue.
The envy of friends, young and old
I was at the Fox that night, an it was unforgettable, in more ways than I have time to explain here! It was my first time to the Fox Theater, an old, fabulously ornate, 5k seat venue, with a balcony that bounced (rather frighteningly!) with the dancing crowd. U2 wrapped us around their proverbial fingers, Bono was up and down the aisles waving a white flag, and had us all singing our hearts out along with him. I May have been geeky enough to write down a list of songs I heard, after the fact, but I would have to do some digging to find out if I still have that list! lol! I Do remember they did my favorite of theirs, Wire, and as I recall, a fair bit of War. I am the envy of friends and acquaintances, young and old, because, though some have seen U2, most have not seen them in such a small, pre-Super-Group setting, I feel Very lucky to have had the experience. I Very much look forward to seeing them in 2010, Just bought tickets!
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