Unforgettable Fire

Dec 15 1984
San Francisco, CA, US / Civic Auditorium
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The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire
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Bad, Live...
White lights only, if memory serves me. I didn’t see any fights for the first time, at a rock concert in the greater S.F. area. It was for the first time, for an spiritual experience at a “rock concert”. Born and raised in the church but this was my first encounter with god in the world with music at a Rock-Concert. For the first time, I see that U2 are seekers of the one truth. I have the U2 flight cases with me now, that someone from U2 donated ( I’m pretty sure it was Paul, AKA Bono) to Bill Hybels at Willow Creek. I’ve seen the interview with Bono and Bill Hybels at Bono’s house in Ireland The spot lights that were donated to Allen Creek Community Church from Hubel’s Church have been shining on us for over a decade, while I sing God’s songs to GOD…
First concert ever
I first discovered U2 with "Boy" (specifically "I Will Follow") and didn't realize the impact they would have on my life. This show was the first U2 concert (and first concert ever) for me and it was a magical experience. It was a rare opportunity to see them in an intimate setting with about 5,000 people. Truly amazing. 41 shows later, I'm still excited about seeing them live as I was back then.
My 1st U2 Show
This was my 1st of 6 U2 shows. The Waterboys opened for them. I remember "Bad" was awesome but nothing changed there over the years. "Sort of home coming". The usual early stuff. This was a small hall, I didn't know it at the time but my life would change from that point on. Thought it would be cool to write about this with the re issue of "Unforgettable fire". "May all your dream's be realized".
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