Unforgettable Fire

Dec 16 1984
Los Angeles, CA, US / Long Beach Arena
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The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire
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The Start of Something Great
My wife, then fiancé, was a huge U2 fan from the start. She got me listening to U2 while I was touring with a Christian new wave band. I was intrigued by the first 3 U2 records but had gone through a time of listening to super-polished, highly produced pop and was struggling with the raw sound. Then, only weeks away from our wedding I took her to see U2 in Long Beach. She practically fainted when the band came on stage. It didn't take more than a song to totally turn me into a total fan. This show made me a lifelong fan and was the catalyst that turned my musical tastes and my guitar playing back toward music with meaning and passion. I even found the show more worshipful and uplifting than any worship concert I'd ever been to. Oh, and after 30 years of marriage, we still see U2 whenever we can! I think that first show remains a part of who we are today. Thanks U2 for many years for inspiration and joy!
My first impression
I had known of U2 from Irish cousins, and had been listening to U2 for a couple years, but this was my first rock concert ever. I was about 15th row back, and had my Irish flag waving, it was brilliant! Love at first sight!
My First One
My sister got us 5th row Center seats, I could almost reach out & touch Bono! It was like a religious experience. When Bono told the audience to be quiet you could hear a pin drop in the arena. When he asked us to sing we sung at the top of our hearts. It seemed different back then. The Boys usually ended their show with the song "40". I remember that when everyone was leaving the arena, everyone was still singing "40" in the parking lot. I will never forget that. I wish the would end their show with "40" again, I know all us "old timers" would enjoy that!
Elke Patton
I can't believe I was there!
I just got my driver's license and I drove from Phoenix to Long Beach to see the show. Had really bad seats...up in the rafters, but managed to work my way past the security to the front row! (Ah the wiles of a 16 year old girl!) Remember standing on the chairs...being so close to the bad...and the bright red lights of the stage. Then I drove back home. CRAZY... And I turned out all right!
My second show
I saw them at the Hollywood Palladium with about 1,000 other brave souls on their first US tour in '81. Seeing them then at a large arena was going to be a letdown, I thought. But it actually wasn't. I do remember getting out of bed with a 103 temperature and the flu to attend the show. I laid down on the back seat of the car all the way from La Canada-Flintridge to Long Beach, jumped up and down for three hours feeling just fine during the show, and then crashing and laying down again in the car all the way home!
The Concert was HOT!
I was a Junior in HS.....time has gone by so quickly. It was our official first concert..we were all 16yrs old...Mary, Rhonda, Valerie and I had such a memorable nite. We were all excited to drive to Long Beach and see this band we had heard so much about. We had all the albums and now we got to experience an awesome concert! I have seen so many since then.....all very good but not special like that first one! I can remember going to school the next day with our COOL T shirts....OMG EVERYONE was sooo jelous. We were the only 4 girls in the whole school that had parents that let them attend. THANKS so much to my Mom and Dad for that!!!!
I was there!
My first U2 show. It was a very different show then, just the band on stage, but they had (and have) such a connection with the people and a great energy. Nothing elaborate, the highlight on stage was a giant banner of MLK unveiled during "Pride." Near the end, Bono said, "We'll see you next year." And I knew I'd be back to see them. Many times.
My First U2 Show!!
I can't believe it's been 25 years since my first U2 show! I have to credit my friend Maureen Mullaly for introducing me to this "cool Christian band from Ireland" when I was 17. We were college students at San Diego State University at the time of this Unforgettable Fire tour and drove up to Long Beach in the middle of the week (on a school night!) to go to the show. We didn't even have tickets - but took a chance of finding something - and ended up getting a great last-minute deal at the box office with amazing seats! The song that stood out to me then as the best of the night - and still does today was Bad. Bono introduced the song with the story of his friend - and it became clear to me then that this band would write some of the best, meaningful , soulful music ever!
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