Joshua Tree

Apr 12 1987
Las Vegas, US / Thomas and mack Arena
with Lone Justice
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My 1st U2 Show
well, to be honest, it was so long ago that i don't remember many of the details. that being said, there are some definite memories from it. 1. Lone Justice were the opening act, and Las Vegas loathed them. I'd never heard booing before at a show, and to this day i've only seen a few. As for what i thought? I wasn't a fan, but then i wasn't there for them was i? 2. at one point the band called on people from the audience to come on up and play a song (which ended up being People Get Ready). this is a fairly well-documented occurrence from this tour, but i remember it clearly because as a drummer, i'd wished i had gone up! i was far too young to be any good, and i wasn't close enough to the stage to be any serious threat, so it's not necessarily a regret or anything. later that week, i'd heard the guy that came up to play guitar was a local teen from local punk band Abeyance. i thought that was cool and probable as i'd met him a couple of years earlier and U2 were in fact his fave band. That being said, i wouldn't swear it was him :) 3. the band did a photo shoot with Time Magazine that night, with the audience as the back-drop. WE were told it was for the cover! Later, when the magazine came out, it wasn't used and i'd wondered if i'd just remembered wrong, though you can see the event in the doc 'Outside It's America' As i've said, i don't remember much else, but it must have been ok at least, as i'm still a fan! This show was the first of many Las Vegas shows (for me), and somehow there is always something special about them. I've also seen ZooTV, PopMart & 360 in Las Vegas, and they've all been wonderful experiences! ZooTV (got to meet Bono & The Edge backstage) PopMart (trainwreck tour opener, that really wasn't all that bad as legend suggests) 360 (magical. simply magical) ToeZoo
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