Joshua Tree

Jul 10 1987
Rotterdam, NL / Feynoord Stadium
with In Tua Nua, The Pretenders
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Falling in love with you
My first U2 concert made me fall in love and the feeling stayed forever. After many gigs and 30 years later I will be there again with the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in Barcelona!!!
My 1st U2 concert
Like many others I remember this concert as: plain stage, 4 guys and an awesome concert. I sooo got into it that I paid 80 guilders (about 40 Euro) for one of the security girls(!) t-shirts as I didn't want to buy the regular one and look the same as anyone. Great memory, and the first of many U2 concerts I have seen after. Now I am going to take (hopefully, if we can get tickets) my two children to Auckland, New Zealand in November.
First U2 Concert
This was my first U2 concert and first things makes the most impressions, at least to me. We arrived on thursday at the kuip. Heared the soundcheck, that was the sign for us to climb the fence but after 50 meters in the stadium some big guys made us change our mind. After the soundcheck Bono and the guys came out of their car to sign my Wide awake in America T-shirt. Still got it! After a night of party in front of the stadium with 1.000 other fans, our patience was rewarded. Adam started to play: where the streets haven no name. It was one big adrenaline rush. Now 23 years later i still love U2 and in september: Paris! the dream still goes on Ronald
My First U2 concert Joshua Tree Tour
I try to see U2 during the Unforgettable Tour Ahoy Rotterdam Holland, but just standing in line, the concert was sold out! So I tried again and I get tickets for The Joshua Tree Concert on 10 july 1987 at the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam Holland. I have a lot of gooog memories of the concert. It was overwhelming, made just a great expression. No video walls or high tech stuff. Just U2 and you can feel the force....!
Growing up with U2 music!
My first stadium concert of the best band in the world. Now, 23 years an many concerts later, it is still the best memory of growing up as a teenager with the music of this Irish legend. Thanx for that U2!!
martin van der veen
First stadium show
After my first U2-concert in front of an audience of 800 at the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden (The Netherlands) they played 6 years later their first stadium-show at the Feyenoord Stadium De Kuip in Rotterdam, The Netherlands for 50.000 outrageous fans. I knew I was right in 1981 when I said to my friends that I had seen the best live-act ever.
Joshua Tree Rotterdam
My 2nd concert ever and 1st of U2. It was great... remember this guy (Mario??) who got on stage to play guitar. Also a guy who walked on stage just to shake Bono's hand.. It was a great night!!
joshua tree tour
First show live ever Great basic show only rock & roll just 17 years old Best time Ever
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