Joshua Tree

Jul 8 1987
Brussels, BE / Vorst Nationaal
with In Tua Nua
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17years old and first U2live show
I can vividly remember that glorious concert:sitting outside the venue from the early morning and singing u2 songs all day long, getting nervous when the soundcheck noises reach you,queuing at the gates,running to get frontstage and then finally the fabulous intro from "streets". The rest was a fantastic experience never te be erased from my memory.Can't wait to see them for the 12th time in Paris this summer
U2 in Brussel My first u2 show
What a night, what a show for 8.000 people. Very intimate show indoor. Highlights:Streets. Running to stand still, Bad and With or Without You. Amazing guitar solo from the Edge at the end of WOWY. After 23 years we will see them again in Brussels with 4 out of 5 persons, who were there in Vort National. Unfortunately our best friend Henk died 6 years ago. I do hope that U2 will then play Streets again(in memory of Henk(his favorite u2 song). I do hope that the show in Brussels will be as good as 23 years ago.
my first indoor U2 concert
8 july 1987. U2 came to vorst nationaal in Brussels. They had been performing already 5 years in a row on the Torhout & Werchter festivals but this would be the first time i would se them live on stage. The concert started with where the streets have no name. Wich is still one of the best songs to start i think. The atmosfere was great, i still remember the long intro of "still haven't found" where edge only picked and bono talked. A fantastic concert, i have seen many other shows since then but as it was the firts one for a audience of only 8000 ppl it is stil the most special one. The day after the newspapers mentioned that in the surrounding of the building a micro earthquake took place during the concert. 360° in Amsterdam recently was so far the best show ever. In about 40 minutes i will be able to purchase the tickets for the show in brussels next year. U2 4ever.
My first show
This was my first ever U2 show and lots more to follow! It was excellent, I shouted and was thrilled. Only about 5000 people were there, so nice and cosy. One week later I was in Madrid where about 90.000 people watched the show.What a difference. Frankii
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