Joshua Tree

Oct 25 1987
St. Louis, US / St Louis Arena
with The BoDeans
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My First Show
I moved to the US from Scotland on October 3rd and was 15, alone & scared. I had lost my ticket to the Murrayfield show in Edinburgh (found it after the show d’uh!) and so this was my first time seeing the band I had fallen so deeply in love with at 13 with the release of Unforgettable Fire. The show was a blistering set. Bono jumped into the spotlight for Streets wearing a STL Cardinals hat and Jacket (it was game 7 of the World Series against the Twins) the crowd went bananas at that. So many great memories of that show. I went on to see you guys on every tour since and I’m waiting for a ZooTV rebroadcast for show #20 for me. A new album would work just fine too. You and The Smiths have written the soundtrack to my life. And quit digging yourselves about Pop and Popmart - both were spectacular, Pop remains one of my favorite U2 records! And of the 3 shows I saw that tour the St Louis one where Bono met MacPhisto again was haunting theatre. XOXO
I'll ALWAYS remember this night
For many reasons, this show will go down in history for me. My date wasn't interested in trying to get closer to the stage so he nicely said "Just go - I'll be here when you're done having your fun". So I left my seat and snuck down to meander about before The BoDeans, the opening band, began to play. Being the brave soul that I am, I simply walked up to the entrance to Backstage and with a fake Irish accent told Security "I was with the band" (Oh, please!) IT WORKED! Backstage, people were casually going about their business, when I noticed The Edge and Adam Clayton watching the World Series - The Cardinals against the Twins - and it was the seventh game (that was historical in its own right for a variety of reasons, too). Anyway - I decided to step right up and watch the game with them! We stood there, Adam on my left, The Edge on my right, holding a beer. Of course I acted casual - I didn't make a scene asking for autographs, etc. Then The Edge said "I really don't understand this game." So I asked "Would you like me to explain it to you?" He said "Yeah, sure." So I gave him a brief run down on how the game is played and won and the importance of certain players, etc. Then we continued to watch the game (they being able to enjoy it more - so we even cheered together for The Cardinals) as I heard The BoDeans going on stage to play. Then Bono and Larry walk in through a back door about 30 feet away from me. Not wanting to look overzealous, and seeing that they were heading somewhere, I just chilled and watched the game some more. Then a bit later, either Adam or The Edge said they had to get ready, thanked me for explaining the game and for joining them. I thought "Amazing!" then went back to my seat and enjoyed every bit of the concert. Fabulous!
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