Joshua Tree

Nov 3 1987
St. Paul, US / Civic Center
with The BoDeans
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My first U2 concert
After missing U2 on the Unforgettable Fire tour my best friend and I made sure we saw them for Joshua Tree. Fantastic show that cemented my love for this band. While I've seen U2 many, many times since, my best friend hadn't seen U2 since that first show in '87...until 30 years later when we watched them play Joshua Tree in 2017
Show of a life time!!!
Just getting out of high school my self and 3 friends get this last minute idea..."Lets go to the U2 concert!" Well, little did we know that this show was one of the most fought over for tickets.....So we start calling our local ticketmaster outlit after 2 hours on hold...we finally get an operator that is frantically taking orders for tickets..... after searching her computer for 4 tickets that are seated together, we are told we have obstructed view tickets left. What were we going to say?? NO!! We said SOLD!!!! So for the price of $40.00 each we waited for 3 days for the tickets to come in the mail....and seeing how the concert was in just 5 days!!! The tickets came and we were off to the show! Come to find out they were the best seats in the house!!! W were on the side of the stage with in arms reach of the band!!!! AWSOME! We were blown away with the show and still to this day I am sitting on my 97 Joshua Tree Tour book and my black Joshua Tree tour shirt!!!
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