Sep 29 1989
Sydney, NSW, AU / Entertainment Center
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First concert
Well this is where my love of live bands started, was 15 yrs old,never seen a band before, and had just got into U2 via Josh and R and H. Had pretty good seats to the side of the stage, and was hooked with live music from then on. Highlights?? Probably when Bono and Larry swapped places for a rendition of Stand By Me if i recall. Have seen the band over a dozen odd times and this is still the one I hold as the benchmark. Both nites at Wembly last year, sorry 09, were pretty damn good too..
Short Memories
Our brains were so addled with drink we rarely remember to write the next day, and if we do remember later (ie now), the memories are fairly sketchy. I'll try to remember but 20 years is bloody long time ago (did we even have the interwebs then?)
Is that another drummer?
Lets see ... '89 i was 29 in a band, broke, married, 1 kid & one on the way. I convinced my then 14 yr old brother that he had to get into U2 & the time to do it was now. I used my rent money & he broke into his piggy bank. We bought standby tickets & sat stage left, halfway up & behind front of stage. Weddings, Parties, Anything supported ... brilliant. I was apologising to my brother about the seats when U2 came on, the P.A. cranked up & the show began. Well I gotta tell ya it was amazing. There aint nothing like getting the onstage / foldback sound rather than front of house. You hear everything including stage chatter ... & hey what was that a 2nd drummer sitting in the dark behind Larry ... I thought very cool better than backup tapes ... sad no money for T-Shirt but great memories
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