Oct 2 1989
Brisbane, AU / Entertainment Center
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Bono Lookalike Story
My very first U2 gig, was amazing!! But I've an even better story that I've been telling for years but never published it till now. I'll cut it short. I befriended a Bono lookalike competition winner from Dooley's Irish Bar in the Valley the night before. He was the absolute spit of Bono with the wig and all the Joshua Tree era clobber on I'm not kidding you. I never knew his name except I called him Bono. We decided we'd go around Brisbane City looking for U2's hotel. Made up a story that he was actually Bono, that he was drunk and lost his key, and could someone escort him to his room. Went to 3 different hotels till we found them at the then named Sheraton. Before that all the other hotels believed it was really Bono but said he wasn't staying there. We went up to the check in desk at the Sheraton like we did at the other hotels and low and behold one of the managers believed us and said "yes sir I'll help you to your room, come with me". I said my goodbyes and the manager brought him to the lift... I was absolutely gobsmacked! Here was this guy who I'd never met before till that night heading for Bono's room! I left him and went and sat down in the foyer. 5 minutes later they came back down and the manager and another staff member bundled him into a taxi. I never ever saw him again after that. It all happened too quick. I didn't even know his name except I was calling him Bono all night. Anyway the next night at the concert we're half way through the gig, don't know what song, but Bono starts talking about this geezer who knocked on his door in the middle of the night!! Says he opened his door half asleep looking at this guy who was the spitting image of him and saying WTF! He said he wasn't happy about being woken up but saw the funny side of it. I couldn't believe my ears!! I was telling everyone around me that I was there! I never actually knew till Bono told the story whether he had actually made it to his room or not. And there was Bono confirming it the next night... unbelievable!! True story I absolutely kid you not
Bono sang to us!
Another fabulous memory was meeting the band. A small group of us had waited for hours outside the Entertainment Centre in the afternoon listening to soundcheck and rehearsals. After they finished Edge came out...OMG we couldn't believe it. I was 24 and was trying so hard to get the 'younger' :-) people to not scream as I was scared he would leave. But he was wonderful and gracious. Talked, signed autographs, posed for photos. That night after the show we were back there again and the whole band came out. Again, so obliging. The next day during soundcheck we were there again, and this time Bono came out! It was about 3 pm or so. Again, just a small group of us. Someone had a guitar and he sat down and told us he had just written a song for Willie Nelson and wanted to play it for us to see what we thought....then he sat down and played "Slow Dancing" !!!!!! Everyone was so quiet and so mesmerised in what they were seeing. I will never forget it! Feel so privileged to be one of the first people ever to hear that song. Truly special moment. Afterwards Bono, talked to us, posed for photos and signed autographs. He was a true and utter gentleman. One of my best memories ever.
First time....and the crush!
Just reading the comment many memories. I was 24 and it was my first U2 concert and I was beyond excited! I had queued up for 3 nights in the Queen St mall months earlier to get my tickets and was about 8 or so rows from the front. All rows of unbolted seating on the floor (what were they thinking!! ). When the band started the crowd behind all rushed forward down the aisles. Security didn't know what to do. I was so excited hearing the opening of 'Streets' I didn't realise at first I was so close to getting my legs completely crushed between the rows of seats as they all pushed forward. To save myself I got up on the did others...then security was telling us to get down. I'm like "I have nowhere to stand". Eventually it sorted out and later on I saw security carrying out rows and rows of completely mangled, broken and twisted seating. Amazing! And the show was amazing! But those opening bars of Streets....will never forget how excited I was. Have just seen my 14th and 15th concerts in Brisbane at Suncorp on Dec 8 and 9 for the 360 tour, and I can say without a doubt that the Dec 8 show is easily up there with the best I have seen. So excited...I think my first Lovetown show is the only time I have been more excited. LOVE the band! LOVE the concert and music. Time of my life!!
Blown Away
I have just seen my 8th U2 concert in Brisbane and thought I should look back to where it all started. The Lovetown tour was unbelievable, BB King was amazing and when they sang "When love comes to town together" wow there are no words. I went to all three Brisbane Lovetown concerts and loved them all. The first night was thrilling and when The Edge played the first cord of Streets those of us who were seated in what is now the general admission standing area all bolted to the stage and stood all over the seats. The shear mass of people and our weight collapsed the seating from under us, which resulted in my finding out 4 days later that I had torn liguments in my knee,still very worth it. The security for the second night was tight they tried really hard to keep us controlled but to no avail. The third night was when the boys took the experience to another level, being the last night in Brisbane, there are simply no words to describe their brilliance. My biggest highlight was going back to the Sheraton Hotel where they were staying and waiting for them to arrive after the show. They were always very generous with their time, never seemed to be in a hurry. On the second night Bono had nearly lost his voice and Edge spoke to us all, he was very unsympathetic for Bono and enjoyed the spot light for a change. I remember him to be very funny and witty. Along with my favourite songs of the tour and the feeling of being so close to them. I loved hanging out with the other U2 fans and swapping stories and experiences and sharing musical magic for 3 unforgettable nights in 1989. U2 not just a band but a way of life. (That last bits copyright protected!)
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