Feb 29 1992
Lakeland, FL, US / Lakeland Civic Center Arena
with The Pixies
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my first time :)
I was in college in St. Pete FL - spent all night on the sidewalk outside a mall to get tickets. Were lucky enough to get some since the people behind us were the last before it sold out. We ended up front row but on the side end of the stage. No matter...it was AMAZING :) You never forget your first U2 show.
I also remember being at probably the best EVENT i ever wittnessed. I was in chicago and tampa 4 360. Very good shows tampa was a better setting and the crowd totally blew chitwn away. BUT on that feb. day electricity actually blew thru the crowd in n out of everyone of us. The new stage and tv monitors all over the fly look bono had the cars hung up. I had awesome seats. I stood in line at a local music store way in back sure i wasnt going and when thay handed out the numbers to 200 people i got the # 1 good thing caue only 3 people got tickets sold out in 90 seconds. I have seen a hundred of shows a dozen for u2 and me n my wife still say that EVENT will NEVER b matched though 360 came as close as that fateful day in feb. keep trying lads. I love you lads.
First Night of Zoo TV
The Opening gig, in Lakeland Civic Center on February 29, 1992 was the greatest concert of my life. Me and a group of friends waited 12 hours to get tickets at a local music store/ticketmaster location. Out of three hundred people waiting in line I was one of six people to get the four ticket maximum. The concert sold out in 3 minutes. Arriving before the concert, we watched as cars carrying the U2 members arrived. When Bono got out of the car he walked about 100 yards to our small crowd (50-75 people) He stoped a few feet from the security line and made a wild twisting Elvis move that made the crowd go crazy. He then straight faced walked back to the arena. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Before that I was only a fan, since then I have been a fanatic. The concert opening was awesome. Zoostation and the new ZooTv screens were awesome. It all blew everyone's mind. Nobody had known what exactly to expect. It was a wise choice to start out with 8 songs from Actung Baby, as it rreally made everybody, even the older fans get into the new songs. Thoughout the second half of the concert, I was just praying they would play one more song. As soon as it was over I was ready for more. In closing, the concert had this electricity that I had never experienced before. And those of you who were there that guy with the sign saying "I still haven't found what I'm looking for- U2 Tickets" he got in, he sat right behind me. *****
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